Friday, June 29, 2007

Nice drawing by Carter

Those who saw my son drawing last time sure know how was he draw his mommy and daddy. If havent see b4 you can go here.

Yesterday while i doing my school work he ask me to give him paper and colour pencils so i take to him. I know he like to write and drawing while he saw me doing work and he nothing to do.

After a while he come and show me this :

He told me this is mommy and daddy, i'm so surprise and happy he can draw us very clear and nice. Then i ask him draw somemore to show me.

This pic after he add on some other drawing and show me. Can you see the 2 long sticks?? He told me is banana people and the 2 little big head it was an apple people. The best part i like the most were the gal eyes, it look so pretty.


mumsgather said...

Haha. These are lovely. The girl ones do have pretty eyes and a different type of hairstyle. So cute. And they're all holding hands. How sweet. :)

Sasha said...

very nice!!! anyway ....banana ppl? heheh thats funny

1+2mom said...

yea, i feel worm when saw him draw the pic with hand hold hand.

you didnt saw the 'banana in pyjamas' mer, so famous in Disney channel. If not you will know it one day when your son start watch those cartoon.

jazzmint said...

very nice pics