Saturday, July 26, 2008 1st Anniversary

Backdated post : 1st Anniversary!!

Early this month we had attended a special gathering that in the Hatamas shopping complex. We 1st went to this shopping complex and 1st time gather with so many parents and kids (over 100 people).

My kids very happy and excited because it located in Kids Zone so that the elder kids can play somemore it had present exchange. Until today my kids still asking me when they can attend this kind of party again. I think this month i get alot of 'red boom', so they can go again to join other kids to play.

Next week was my best friend 3rd baby(daughter) 1st birthday, going to attend her birthday. The time had past so fast, if not she invited me to go i forgot her baby just 1 year old ( i thought it was 2 already..hehe).

The following week will need to attend 2 party in a day, it was my father birthday and the other is 1 of my class student celebrate his birthday at KCF.

Short story, the picture will tell all the story...there you go...