Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Yesterday start my training for the 3rd and 4th term lesson. 1st day was the English, Art & craft and Music. It quite interesting and enjoy the entire lesson, but because of air-con room in and out I was getting headache at the end. I feel better after went back taking the ‘panadol’ and have a nap.

Today we having Math and Science, it was very very very boring and sleepy. The lecturer keep on referring to the booklet and follow all the teacher guide so we all feel that was so boring and sleepy. Luckily today can went back early, so I can have a rest early too. Tomorrow have training for Bahasa and Gym, I heard the Gym lesson is so enjoy and interesting.

The pics below are the back dated post. My son school sport day on 5th May, all the students must take part. My son class also takes part on the performance on the opening. At first he said dunwan to go sport day, after the sport day is over. He told me he wants another sport’s day, and he wants to play the games again. He said it was fun today and got trophy too.

This is my gals went to my school for the 1st term school holiday party. It was nearly Chinese New Year, so i let them wear 'cheongsam'. .are they cute?? Behind is my school swimming pool.


Grace said...

wow your school so big le, got swimming pool, shok. your twin princess soooo cute :)

Alicia said...

hehe long time never visit ur blog... glad to see that u guys are doing well :P as can't really keep in touch thru game liao.. said...

i haven't see u gal wear'cheongsam'come 2 my house!!who buy 4 them?? is so cute n nice n beautiful!!!

1+2mom said...

thankz,hehe..that swimming pool just for the kids only.

yea, KO will close down end of this month.But you still can visit us and our update here ;)

aiya, that cheap 'cheongsam' very 'lauya' just wear 1 time 'koyak' already, how they wear to let you see?? I bought for them, very stingy mummy bought it at Gaint so just can wear 1 time..haha.

jazzmint said...

wahh they look so cute!!!

CutiePrincessMummy said...

aiyoh, cute twinsisters! :-)

Jacss said...

yeah yeah, i see two of d same face......cute & sweet until melt!!!
btw, i've been to the school & saw the swimming pool but i dare not allow my boys to attend the swimming lesson in their school!!
prefer to teach them myself, dun trust others.....hehe!!

Sasha said...

eh which sch jek? got swimming pool wan.

mama bok said...

Very, very cute.. and pretty too..!

1+2mom said...

jazzmint,cutieprincessmummy,mama bok,
haha..thank you very much.

i dunno how to swim wor so how to teach ler?? Thought next time want them to teach or safe me went i need them..haha.

now most of the kiddy got swimming pool, my son school is q-dees.

blur_mommy said...

Aww....they are so cute!!! So sweet-looking!! : )

1+2mom said...

thank you and welcome to my blog :)