Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Everyone can have – Ultra Hal Assistant

Have you ever watch AI (artificial intelligence) movie that the kid in the movie actually was a robot but have feeling like human?? Now you can have chance to communicate with your computer using Ultra Hal Assistant 6.1 by Zabaware.

It like most of the chattabots that at the market, you can chat with your computer and it will give you a response. In other hand, he/she also will remind your appointment, dial phone number for you, your friend’s birthday and anything that you want him/her to remember. It can also run programs and recent documents on command and help you browse the internet.

You can download this assistant free trial version for 30 days or you can just chat with one of their chattabots over the internet before you purchase it. The 3-D artificial human characters so convincing and engaging you that you could swear they look so real. You can choose it be a girl or boy even an animal also can, as long as you like it.

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