Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Online Games

These few days(at nite), my son and I play with this online game. It was fun but need to scratch the head and kill most of the brain cell to get the higher place. It worth when you see the cute ending. If you done wrong, it still got some other scene come out. This is the low lv (Grow ver.1), suitable for the small kids to play.

Starting with this, choose 1 of the box to click.

This is the correct ending, the bar below will goes to max.

If you want to go higher lv(Grow ver.2,3,RPG & cute), you can click on the side bar on your left then you can get to that lv.

This one got 2 ending, the good and the evil. It also cute, but I just scroll down and copy the other player answer. It very hard, but it was very cute. Dunno how they can do it, if me I think I couldn’t get till the end.

Starting with this pic, you can click on any char on the pic. But which one 1st and it will effect the final result.

This is the good ending, if you want evil ending you can click on the black ball when the angel let you choose the gold ball or balck ball.


Alicia said...

hehe the game is cute.. i tried it.. and the song is nice lol

CutiePrincessMummy said...

Dunno when my princesses will able to play online games w mummy... :-)

1+2mom said...

go try other ver. it so much fun and cute.

My gals also can play the online game, why not let her try??If you want the site that suitable for your gal you can e-mail me.Teach her to use mouse, so that most of the game she can play.

huisia said...

those games are quite interesting!

Jacss said...

though i don't quite like it, i wish i have d time to play d online games with my boys.....but managing my blog is already eating up much of my time at night...sob sob sob !!!

MY Life Zone said...

i think my son end up is playing the games with the father... as the father is *crazy* in computer games... ops.. i just recently dropping by here thru CutiePrincessMummy blog... "Nice to Meet you"

1+2mom said...

yes, my kids like it so much.

same here, but cause i part time mum so still manage to play some online game with them. Try let them play about 15 min b4 go sleep, they sure love it.

my life zone,
Welcome to my blog, do drop by often :)
haha..same here, but 1+2dad already had his own online game so end up i play with my kids (we have 2 pc,they using my pc).