Sunday, January 21, 2007

Happy Anniversary to my blog!!

This is the 2nd anniversary to my blog. Didnt know i can manage to write till now, but this lately was buzy with my kids and my son homework.

Now everynite b4 sleep i'll let my son read his school reading book so do my gals. I let them read my son previous reading book when he went to school at 3 years old, so i start with them b4 they enroll to it.

Carol already reach 2nd book, she learned fast and have a good memory but Carrie cant. She abit slow but still manage to read with me. My son till today he already reached book 11, will start his book 12 next week. (Q-dees had reading book for them to read everyday, they need to read individually infront of teacher. They had total 24 books and hope can finished b4 goes to standard 1).

When my son do his homework at home, i let my gals do colouring too. Now they can colour very nice (better then my son), also can hold the pencil properly. Later will post up some of their colouring work.

" Happy 2nd Anniversary to my Happy Family blog!!!"

Friday, January 05, 2007

Happy Birthday my gals!!!

wow!!3 years old already!!The times had past so fast, 3 years ago they still like a teddy bear size now they very talkative and jumping up and down. Those hard time already past, now takecare them have alots of fun and supperise.

I had get my job at my son kiddy, so i can get half price for his school fees. Maybe after Chinese New Year i will enroll my gals to his school too. Let them have fun there, somemore they like to go school so much.

Today we not really celebrate their birthday but just bought a ice-cream cake for them. Sang a birthday song and blow the candle, this part they love it so much. Especially my son, he is the 1st person to blow the candle.

"Happy Birthday My Dear !!!!"