Thursday, December 04, 2008

National Science Centre

Yesterday 1+2dad didn't work so we decided to bring the kids go National Science Centre at Sri Hatamas there. We reached there about 11.45pm and we only paid RM 12.00 for 2 adult per entry fees and the kids under 7 years old are free of charge.

We stay there until 2pm and bought some souvenir from the shop there. So many hands on are not function and we think wont go there for the 2nd times. We prefer go to Petrol Science at KLCC. The best part and the kids like the most is the dinosaur puzzle and the spider web that they can climb on it.

Now is the photos sessions.

On Tuesday i also try to make some sushi, it come out nice but the rice is too wet. I will take note that next time i'll put less water to boil the rice.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!!

Today is my 32th birthday, wow so old already! Last time when i was 19 years old wanted to be 21 years old fast (cause can go in to casino mar), but now i wanted it to slow down.

When look back i think my life is succesful cause i already have my children, my lovely hubby and my courier. Life is like that, what else we want right?

Just like every year, not much celebrate will go out for dinner with my hubby and kids. Next month on this date (12th Dec) will be our 9th anniversary, will have another celebration.

Btw, Happy Birthday to Sasha too (she is same date with me).

Monday, October 27, 2008

Annual Concert 2008

On 16th October 2008 is my school annual concert, all of my kids are taking part. That morning i went to help to decorate the hall. At 3pm my younger sister fetch us to school, she came to help my class to makeup.

Later at 5pm we get ready to go to Civik Hall but that day was raining. Luckily we had a nice parent that help us with the big umbrealla to sent all the kids go up to school bus.

This year not that tired because 3 years old didnt take part so that teacher helps alot. My son graduated this year i'm so touching when saw him take the certificate. The concert end at about 10.15pm, we had our dinner with other 2 teachers at SS2.

This is our concert stage.

Carol with pink dress and Carrie with blue dress.

They dance Mexican dance.

Carter in his dance.

Carter in the graduation ceremony.

Carter with his clasmate. He was in the 1st right hand side at 2nd row.

Carter graduation video clip.

Carol & Carrie dance mexican hat dance.

Carter and his classmate in the concert.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I'm Back!!

Such a long holiday for me, i'am back to my blog. Here is some update for myself and my family. 2 more weeks will be my kids school concert so i and my kids will be very buzy and exciting. After the concert i'll post up their photos.

This 2 month i had make some cookies and egg tars for my family. They love it and it very easy to make especially the tars it taste like the portugies egg tar so delicious.

This 2 month i work as a art & craft teacher at my friends center so i had make some sample for the craft.

This i make for my kids when last tearm school holiday with the ham cutter and animal stick that i order from Japan.

I had started to let Carol & Carrie read the Mandarin reading book, they can pick up very fast. But i think they not really understand what it mean. They not even border what we talk in cantonise and mandarin, not like our son he is very buzybody and want to know what we chat and join our conversation too. They dun even want to speak Mandarin with my In Law. Hopefully next year they start learning Mandarin wont get any problem.

3 more month my son will going to standard 1, wow!!Time had past so fast, still remember when the time he born but now he going to primary school. Next year my girls turn to register the primary school (5 years old), they are growing so fast. Now i hope the time can stop at now so i still can play with them at this age.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

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Saturday, July 26, 2008 1st Anniversary

Backdated post : 1st Anniversary!!

Early this month we had attended a special gathering that in the Hatamas shopping complex. We 1st went to this shopping complex and 1st time gather with so many parents and kids (over 100 people).

My kids very happy and excited because it located in Kids Zone so that the elder kids can play somemore it had present exchange. Until today my kids still asking me when they can attend this kind of party again. I think this month i get alot of 'red boom', so they can go again to join other kids to play.

Next week was my best friend 3rd baby(daughter) 1st birthday, going to attend her birthday. The time had past so fast, if not she invited me to go i forgot her baby just 1 year old ( i thought it was 2 already..hehe).

The following week will need to attend 2 party in a day, it was my father birthday and the other is 1 of my class student celebrate his birthday at KCF.

Short story, the picture will tell all the story...there you go...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

Today is 1+2dad 32 years old birthday. Yesterday nite i was tried to make a steam layer cake for him as his birthday cake turn out too hard (this is the 1st time i make steam cake, i should make cheese cake but he said he not so like cheese so thought to make another type of cake for him..haiz.)

So tonite we went to bought a chocalate cake for him and we sang a birthday song for him.

"Happy Birthday my Darling Hubby!!!"

National Zoo

Last month school holiday we brought our kids to our National Zoo (Zoo Negara). The aquarium was so dissapointed, not many fish inside you not event can see a small shark. Mostly the fish was from the river, not that special.

It was weekday so not many visitor went to zoo. We reached there about 9 something and walk around to see the monkey and waiting for the multi animal show on 11am. My girls were so exciting but my son not. He said that place so smelly and wanted to go home, of couse we wont allowed. Later part he said he stomuchache and wanted 1+2dad carry him.

Almost 1 hour 1+2dad carried him, the girls walk with me and they very enjoy the trip. We took many photos and they wanted to go again because they miss out the pony ride when we reach there (they have break until 2.30pm we cant wait that long).

We went to zoo so many times and this is the first time we saw tiger swimming. Before that my son asking us whether the tiger can swimming, it seem understand what we talking about the tiger went down to the pool and swimming 1 round to show us. We quickly snap the photo.

We went home at about 1.30pm and had our lunch nearby our house. They get some souvenirs from there too.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Little update

16th May 2008 - Teacher's Day

Today i got many present from my student. Some was from ex-student and some was from my class student. I also made a card to the school teachers on behalf of my kids.

This teacher's day card i made for the school teachers on behalf of my kids.
This one i made for my daughters class teacher(small with envelope).

All this present were from my student, they are so lovely.

This box of chocolate from my student that her mum just back from oversea.

This present was from the same student as above.

A rose from my ex-student..such a lovely flower that so long didnt received..sob sob.

This roller ball pen (Parker) was from my new student. (just join in this month).

This teddy bear was from my last year student(mandarin teacher for few months).

My last year class student, she also gave me a box of cookies but my kids finished it.

This was from my this year class student.

1 was from ex-student and the doggie 1 was from my class student (principle's daughter).

17th May 2008

Today is my school sport's day, my kids and all the parents and children were so enjoy. This year we had performents for the whole school but 1+2dad managed to get my daughters photos but movie clip for my son class performent. They like to go sport's day so much and told us they wanted to go again.

This year 1+2dad first time went to sport's day, last year he didnt went because he just finished his operation so he miss it. He was very busy taking photos for our kids.

My daughters class performent.

Caro & Carrie played with thier trophy.

They are very happy to get the trophy, especially this is their first time get it.

Carter also very happy to get trophy, he said he had 3 trophy and wanted to get somemore.

They were so happy to get the trophy.

Backdated post.

Below are some of my son birthday photos that he celebrate at school.

Happy 6th birthday.

He with his boys classmate.

He with his girls classmate.