Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas Day shopping

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Yesterday after our breakfast we reach at 1 Utama at about 11.30am, not so jam not too many ppl. We very easy get parking lot (cause we park at prefer parking at New Wing lv 3 just pay extra RM 1), no need wait and search for parking lot.

Bring them go feed the fish, they like it very much. While we feeding the fish, Sheryl and her boyfriend behind us and they bring 2 Christmas present for my kids. My son very happy and hold his present all the way when we walk around the shopping center. This is his first time get Christmas present from other ppl and he wish come true from the tag. Thanks a lot Sheryl , my son give you a big hug and kiss 'muaks'.

We chat a while with them and take some photos with them to full fill Sheryl Christmas wish that I tag her b4. Later both of them go for their Japanese buffet lunch.

We walk around, later about 1pm plus my son said wanna go home open his present. After reach home, when I help my daughters took out their shoes my son open his present and shout to his father call him to look at what he get. He open his sister present too, later on he play his sister puzzle that Sheryl gave to them.

Below is some of the photos took that day.

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Carter like to feed the fish so much.

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Now is Carol turn to feed the fish, Carrie feed too but very hard to take photo because we scare them will jump into the pool.

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Carol smile so cute.

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Very nice tree decoration.

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They take photo together with the present that Sheryl gave.

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pic 1 : Carrie saw her sister took photo with lay down positon she also want.
pic 2 : Carol lay down on my leg like want to manja me.(this pic took first)

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Carter cant wait to open and play his train.

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Carter playing his train, he very excited when he open his present.

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This is Sheryl gave the gals present, a big floor puzzle.

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After arrange look like this, it suit my son play so the gals just learn the pic.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

I want work

Just now I accompany my son sleep, we have a chat as usual.

Son : Why you always call boy boy go sleep har?? Boy boy want work work (he means arrange and play his toys in the afternoon).
1+2mom : You must sleep because you so tired, if not you sure make so much noise.

Son : Boy boy want work work to get so many many money. Boy boy got so many many money can buy toys. *open his hand big big show me many*
1+2mom : *roll eyes* who pay you money??

Son : Aiya, boy boy work work got money lar.
1+2mom : *laugh* how you got money?? Who pay you the money??

Son : Kor kor jie jie bring so many pocket got so many ‘syiling’ give boy boy then boy boy got so many many money lor.
1+2mom : Who kor kor jie jie bring money for you?

Son : Gotlar.
1+2mom : *sign*

Son : *point to me and his mei mei* mommy 1,2,3 oioi (sleep), boy boy, daddy, mar mar(grandmum) and yeh yeh (grandpap) got work work.
1+2mom : okok. You dun make noise ok?? Mei mei want oioi.

Son : Boy boy go out first with daddy. Mommy oioi with mei mei, after mei mei oioi mommy go wash cloth then we go ‘yam cha’.

Later, he go out stay and play near his daddy then call me bring him go ‘yam cha’ (mamak) after his sisters slept. Because of school holiday he sleeps late at about 11pm to 12am, so he always call us bring him go ‘yam cha’ with us. I think at least twice a week, we just can bring him until he start school then no more but except on weekday he can follow us to ‘yam cha’..hehe..very big sport light.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

What you wish on Christmas Tag

This another tag come back to me, it tag by Maria.
But this is something new, because this time my kids are the one who kena tag.

Here are the tag rules:
· State the Great Person that tagged you
· List Who you want your Santa Claus to be (the bearer of the gift)
· State the Gift you wish to get
· Then invite a few Friends to join the tag, and inform them by dropping a comment in their blog.
Hmmm…What my son wish leh?

The Great Person: Sheryl jie jie

The Santa Claus that will deliver the gift: Sheryl jie jie

The Gift:Carter want a train, that day we go shopping that we saw it at the shop.

How about my daughters?

The Great Person: Auntie Maria.

The Santa Claus that will deliver the gift: My daddy n mummy

The Gift:Carol and Carrie want a Mr Bean teddy bear choclate cake for their birthday. Something like this :

Pass it to Whom, I hope her wish would come true:

Monday, December 19, 2005

Son complain

Yesterday on the way back from 1+2dad grandpa birthday dinner, in the car :

Son : mommy, why you didn’t sleep with boy boy har?
1+2mom : you mean yesterday nite?

Son : I want sleep with mommy.
1+2mom : aiya, nvmlar daddy also can sleep with you mar. *I know his complain me about yesterday I didn’t accompany him to sleep*

Son : I dunwan daddy, I want mommy.
1+2mom : samelar.

Son : you become mommy, why you dunwan sleep with boy boy har?? Kai li (Carrie) mei mei wakeup cry she want mommy. You always play computer, dunwan sleep with boy boy.
1+2mom : *roll eyes* where got?? Mommy yesterday only used computer (read blog) , where got always didn’t sleep with boy boy??

Son : I want mommy sleep with boy boy, I dunwan daddy sleep with boy boy. Daddy go play computer.
1+2mom : *hit 1+2dad just in front of me while he is driving* wei, you teach your son say like that to me ar?

1+2dad : *laugh* where got?? I didn’t teach him.
1+2mom : wei, he seem complain me like I didn’t done my job (as mother) ler.

1+2dad : *still laugh* I know, but I really didn’t teach him..hahaha.
1+2mom : you still laugh. *hit him again*

Poor me, why he complains me like that. I just 1 day didn’t accompany him sleep only, and 1+2dad very long didn’t accompany him he though to sleep with him that nite so can let me read some blog and surf net..haiz, be mother very kelian liao now let son complain some more *shake head*.

Sunday, December 18, 2005



串联方式: 请先列出邀请你的圣诞老人是谁,然后写出你想要的礼物,再列出你邀请的朋友,数量不拘,再到你邀请的朋友blog留言,通知他们一声。



被我邀请的朋友是 :

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Some Photos taken at 1 U

This are some photos taken on Monday we went to 1 Utama.

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Carol cute smile.

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Carol(right) & Carrie(left) sweet smile.

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This photo taken under a christmas tree.

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This photo taken nearby the fish pool.

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They play on the floor.

Our Family gai gai Day

Yesterday is me and 1+2dad 8th register anniversay, so we decided to bring along the kids go gai gai on the morning. (It also because of
Selangor public holiday, should be no so many ppl..we guess).

1+2dad decided to bring us go Mid Valley (he hear me complain so
long didn’t go there) to have our breakfast, we reached there about 11am.
Before reach to the car park it start traffic jam, but still can go in. In side
the car park, we find the parking space about half an hour still didn’t
get it. Some more it jam inside too, saw lot of car also finding the
parking space.

We all boring inside the car and decided to go back to 1 Utama, we need more then half an hour to go out from the car park. Both of us so
annoying and we prefer no to come to Mid Valley anymore till the new car park is ready or we come by KTM.

We reached at 1 Utama about 12.30 pm, straight can get the parking space. We had our breakfast cum lunch at Mc Donald. After that we go feed the fish at new wing. Before we go there 1+2dad go Pet shop buy some fish food, later can let the kids feed the fish. They like to feed fish, especially my son. He always said want to feed fish when we go 1 Utama shopping. Actually, near the fish pool got 1 counter to sell a pack of RM 2 fish food but it just on Saturday and Sunday.

After feed the fish, we just go around walk walk then about 2.15 pm we went home. Because is the time the kids napping, so we go back earlier. Actually is late, usually we reached 1 Utama at 11am then go home at 1.30 pm.

Very happy saw them run around, but the Mid Valley part make us not much mood.Very scare to go there anymore, because of that we seldom go Mid Valley (I think more then half a year).

p/s : will post the photos later because 1+2dad using the other pc now, cant edit the photos.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Celebration on Anniversary

For our anniversary because fall on Monday and 1+2dad dun have any annual leave to take so we just have our supper at nearby mamak that night. Haha..Shiaulin you are right, we having our romantic food at mamak.

1+2dad promise to bring us to KLCC park tomorrow, so tomorrow still can celebrate our register anniversary to replace our wedding anniversary.

Go gai gai with Sheryl

On this Tuesday, Sheryl was on leave so we suggest bring along my kids to go 1 Utama shopping. Sheryl agreed to reach my home at about 9.30am but my kids still in their sweet sweet dream, so I call her that she can reach abit late and maybe need to wait about few min.

She reached my home at about 9.45 am, Carter just finished his milk and luckily the gals wakeup early at about 9am. I call her to wait me at down stair so I can shower the kids and myself. After about half an hour, I pack all the things and off we go.

We reached 1 Utama about 10.35am, it seem less ppl because of weekday. I like to go shopping that less ppl, no rush no jam. We walk around, my son start want me bring him go playground at old wing. (on Sunday I go check the price, need to arrange 1 day to bring the kids go but my son make a lot of noise that why we didn’t bring him go that day??) So, I oledi know this kid very smart because before we went out he ware his sock that the playground need then I must bring him go lor.

The playground at 2nd floor old wing call “ KidzSports & Gym” and the charges for that day (school, public holiday and weekend) are Carter (after 2 years old) – Rm 23.00 and the Twins – Rm 9.99/person. We stay there about 1 hour plus then we go back my house nearby to have our lunch.

We having vegetarian lunch, after that we went back to my home to let the gals sleep (because about 2.15pm, had pass their napping time). Sheryl surfs the net and I let the gals sleep. After that I had a nice chat with her while my son play beside us. At about 3.45pm my son start annoying that he want to nap but he very cleaver said : “ mummy, you talk with jie jie lar, I go sleep with mei mei.” He is very lovely and thoughtful boy.

Then Sheryl went to fetch her boyfriend back from work, than I accompany my kids to sleep. We had a nice and wonderful day.

When 1+2dad came back from work, my son told him that we go playground with a jie jie today. Then 1+2dad told him will bring him go another day, my son said dunwan just want jie jie, mummy and mei mei go only. 1+2dad said to me next time you bring lar I dunwan to follow and go ask that jie jie go together..haha he very jealous.

My kids act very good, nice to that jie jie (because 1st time meet, and sit her car to shopping). The whole trip they hold Sheryl and my hand, wont run by themselves. Sheryl said my kids let her feel that they are so adorable and not naughty at all. She so shocked that my son suddenly fills a cup of water for her without any adult to tell him do so.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Our Anniversary

Wow!! 1 more day is our 6th wedding anniversary, 1+2dad asked me where i want to go and eat wor. I still dunno yet, will dicuse it tomorow.

6th anniversary wor like married so long liao, and old liao. Look at the kids seem i very old, especially the twins cause they will turn 2 years old next month.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Photos too

Last sunday we been to Ikiano for window shopping but still bought some books for them b4 we go home. Though to take some nice photos when i saw advertisment in the newspaper got Disney Princess fair there, but need to buy for RM100 or RM150 product then can take photos with the cindellera car and the disney castle. If one need RM 100 then i got 3 ler then how much i need to spend?? Wow!! Then we just take some photo that no need pay any money lor..hehe. Near the Popular book shop there got one nice view that can take a nice photos.

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Carol & Carrie like view so much.

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They act cute.

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Carter ask us some coins to put into it.

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This and the photo below taken at outside pet shop.

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Video below show Carrie know to count some number but actually she just follow what her brother always said.

Some 3C Photos

Finally i got the photoshop in the computer, so this are some photos that i promise to show you all after we go swim at Sunway Lagoon last month.

Below is a funny conversation when we back from swimming next day.

Carter : " mummy, i want to go sunday to the moon again."
1+2mom : " huh?? what you said, can tell mummy again?" *sign..wonder what he talk about*

Carter : " i said sunday to the moon ar, we go swimming last time."
1+2mom : " oh!!! is Sunway Lagoon not sunday to the moon, boy."

Carter : " is sunday to the moon lar, i want go again. "
1+2mom : " Sunway Lagoon, cannot always go there..need more more money ler. Daddy no money wor, next time."

Carter : " i want, i want."
1+2mom : " ok,ok.. mummy blow the swimming pool for you to play ok?"

Carter : " yes."
1+2mom : *sweating*

Now, once a while he still ask the same question to me or to 1+2dad. We also give the same answer to him, but maybe will bring him KLCC next week.

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Carrie sexy back view.

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Carol love swimming so much.