Tuesday, October 30, 2007

School Concert

Yesterday was our (me & my son) school concert, it was so successful (the hq ppl said). In the morning at about 8am my colleague fetch to school and off we went (the whole school teachers) to Civik Hall for the decoration with another 2 school teachers. We took about 1and a half hours to finish the decoration and we went for lunch.

Reached home at about 12.30pm, had some rest and start to make some tuna sandwiches for the teachers snack at hall there. The days before the concert my youngest sister promise to help me do make up for my class student and she reached at my home at 2.35pm.

My sis fetched us to school at about 2.50pm, some teachers and students were already there. I brought my sis to my class and wait a while some students came. Luckily I had 2 parents helped me to change the kids and I need to tie the long hair girls. 1 of the girl refused to change, I need to pursue her and she keeps on crying and at the end she wanted her mummy to follow with her to the hall. Her mother changed her and done the entire make up. She brought her daughter back to change herself and sent her to the hall by herself.

Depart from the school at 5pm sharp, reached at the hall I busy touch up their make up. You know the kids, they keep on rubbing off the make up and there had a photo section for the kids. Not only that, after one b one taking all the photo they had another photo section for the class photo..oh my god!!I need to touch up the kids again. Some more the principal said the kids no need bring along with their tumbler so I need to feed them 1 by 1 (they provide mineral water in the cup, you know how soft was the cup? Just a press all the water came out and wet the floor and how the kids sit?).

Keep on ask them keep quite, feed them water and food. I tell you, that whole day from 3 pm till 9.3pm I not even can sit down so until now I still feel my whole body pain. Hope next year 3 & 4 years old didn’t take part so we can help the 5 & 6 years old teachers to control the class.

Back to the concert, it starts sharp at 7.30pm. Once the principal and the children finished their opening speech the concert was start. The first item was our school 6 years old class with ‘Muhibbah Dances’, following by the 3 years old. Then from Andalas they had ‘Manchurian Dance’. (we whole school take part but the other school just 6 years old take part). After that is our school another 4 years old class, they perform ‘Chicken Little Dance’ (the costume not look like chicken little cause we think of they can wear out next time). Next will be from PRMM they perform ‘Rain’, and after that will be my class they perform japaness dance.

Once my class finished their preferment will be my son turn. Their class performs ‘Joget Pahang’ I was so happy that he can dance very well on that day. Every time I saw him practice at school or the rehearsal day he still cannot dance properly (usually he dreaming there). Good job son!!

Later is from Andals too with Hawaian dance then is our school another 5 years old class with Jeneffer Lopez ‘Let’s Get Loud’. After that continues with Andalas too, with 3 items from 6 years old. (they had 6 class of 6 years old : 3 morning session and 3 afternoon session).
The concert end with all the teachers and children on the stage sang the ‘Negaragu, Q-dees, Fliptec@Q & En-Gedi with Love song. The children will release class by class to the parents. Back home at about 10.30pm and we go had a dinner behind my house. It was another busy and tired day.

At last thanks for daddy help that he took so many photo for the whole concert. My girls didnt followed cause my in law brought them to templer for pray.

Below the slide is for my school classes that take part.Some other classes no chance to take so just part of it.

This one is my son class.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Fun in the Swimming Pool

Today was my duty for my school open day, so need to bring all of them to school with me. 1+2dad was outstation today and my mother in law busy with her work, so I have no choice but need to bring them along.

1 of my collage fetched us go and we reach at school about 10 am. We help other teacher do some preparation for the school concert on coming Monday. Most of the things we had done, and already call some parents (those housewives) for help.

I let Carol tried on my class costume, and took some photo for her. It was a Japanese Dance costume and we dun have this kind of dress for them so took these opportunity let her have a try. She looks so cute and pretty with the kimono. I’m not quite happy about the colour that the tailor made. She not even let us has a look about the fabric sample and go bought all the material. My school principle also makes noise about it and next year will defiantly change to the other tailor.

Later at the evening I let my kids play in the swimming pool, another fun day in the pool. At 3pm, my other collage brought along 2 nieces to play with my son in the pool, and my 2 daughter take nap in the daycare room. They play until 4.30pm my daughter had wakeup and I let both of them join with all the big kor kor. They play until 5.30 and I change them to get ready went home.

I’m so happy that my son learned (actually they just play water) 3 years of swimming and at least now he can kick water with the board, I think soon or later he will know the technique how to swim without the board.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Printer Cartridge

Did you having a hard time to find the correct cartridge when your printer, copier or fax machine running out of ink? This is the best cartridge finder website that helps you find the right printer cartridge so that you no need scratch your head to run up and down just to get a cartridge.

They will help you find out which products you need and link you through to some potential suppliers. You can browse with most of the product brands through the web.

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Last time I haven’t married I think of having twins quite fun, specially if the 1st pregnancy can get 1 boy and 1 girl so I can ‘close shop’ early. Now when I already had twins daughters, it make me feel like are they really like another person look like her that live in this world? I’m scare 1 day they will ask me why they look alike but their brother or most of the people no. How I’m goanna answer? Is it just telling her that the god gave?

Just now watched a Taiwan show that an elder twins sister blame mother why she gave birth the other sister that look like her and she hate her twin’s sister very much. At the end, we found out that the mother chooses love between them and always makes compare between them so that the other twins feel hurt and hate her.

I hope this wont happened to me. I always ask what happened when incident happened, if both of them wrong I’ll punish together as well as my son. Now the kor kor will call me when both of the sister done wrong and ask me to punish them. If I didn’t do it, I scare my son will punish himself by beating his sister hand (actually he follow what we did..aiks).

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hotel in UK, Blackpool

As previously post that I had mention my elder sister is going to UK and I found out that Blackpool had a fun Theme Parks that she will like it the most. Just now she phones me that she was so interested about that place and need some information about it.

I help her surf the net and found out that just next to the theme park it had a Blackpool Hotel that providing a 4 star family accommodation & luxury accommodation which is the best 4 star hotel in Blackpool. This unique hotel consists of 157 designed bedrooms that suitable for both business and leisure. This Big Blue Hotel had great theme park view so that guests can experience the fun and excitement of staying in.

My sister sure will like this kind of hotel, she like the relax feel and nice view stay when she go travel.

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Under the light

Do you ever see our Mycard and credit card under the florescent light? That day we went to Petrosains the guy there asks us to try some experiment with the light. At first, he asks us whether we are Malaysian and did we have our Mycard. I’m so scared he will want my card to do something, later he ask us go in that ‘lorong’ that have florescent light to have a try.

It so funny when we try on our Mycard, it really show something that some of us may never know and ever see before. Next to our photo it has another photo beside us. Other that Mycard, different type of credit card it has different type of effect. Like Visa it shows out the bird logo, and Master & American Express it only shows the keywords.

UK trip

My elder sister is going to visit her best friend at UK next month. I wanted to introduce her 1 exciting places that suitable for her.

That day I come across this website that the UK also has some kind of theme parks like our Genting Heighland that suitable for the whole family to hang there. With the ride wrist bands you can have unlimited ride in the park. Now they are having a best deal if you booking online in October it just cost £20.

Yea, until here I haven’t tell you what is that place? It name Pleasure Beach, Blackpool. This theme park was the UK’s oldest theme park and also 1 of the UK’s biggest tourist attractions. They are having over 125 rides and shows.

This Theme Parks have many kind of ride that suitable for all age like for those adrenalin seekers, The Pepsi Max Big One ride can turn your world upside down, and some other rides like Infusion, Big Dipper are also a world famous and attract of 6 million visitors each year. Beaver Creek Children’s Theme Park is special dedicated themed safe haven for young children and their families.

It has so much fun in that park, I’m sure my sister won’t regret after she come back from there.

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Rehearsal & Swimming

This morning our school went to Civic Hall for next week concert rehearsal. We depart from school at about 8.45am with 2 buses and when we reached there the other 2 school also just reached.

When it my class turn (4 years old), some of them panic till forgot to change place. Hope that day they will shake more and wont forgot the step. I scared them will cry or panic when saw so many people down the stage. We back to school at about 12.00pm, and it was rainy day luckily the parents helps us to send the children from the bus into the school. It was a tiring day to handle the children (15 of them), was a big responsibility to look after them at outside.

Just now we brought the kids to 1+2dad uncle condo. swimming. At first, Carol very scared because last 2 weeks she drops into water and already had nightmare about it. This time I follow beside her with the pool ring (last time forgot to bring), she shaking and giggle there. She cry for hug her and holding her but I refuse to do it and just hold her hand (bad mommy, but need to give her back some confident to swim).

Later, 1+2dad uncle brought some snack and they eat in the water. Carol feels brave abit and start walking around the pool. Later she can takeoff the pool and walk by herself. Good girl and be brave girl.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket My class students when in the bus.

My sexy daughters with their sexy post.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Home Sofa

Chinese New Year is coming soon, our old set of sofa need to change already. It had been years with us since we married and it’s time to change. We looking around the furniture shop but still yet we haven’t seen any until we come across this website that show us many type of sofas.

We decided to get the leather sofas to match our coffee table that had bought last time. When we click around the website we saw this slate dining table and addicted about it. We will ask my mother in law about our dining table is time to change.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Tag : We Enjoy Shopping

Receive this tag when blog hop to annie-Q blog. It abit late, but still need to finish this homework. I not really like shopping but have to bring the kids go walk walk so usually we go shopping center.

~ Start copy ~

It’s very simple. When you receive this tag, copy the whole list and add your own shopping tip to the bottom and pass it on.

1. Wear comfy clothing when you’re shopping. You don’t wanna fuss with too many laces and buttons when you’re trying clothes on. http://rinnah-marketplace.blogspot.com

2. When buying pants or jeans, try to try them on with a pair of heels so you know its the right length. If you don’t and wear it with heels later, you might find that it hangs at an awkward length. http://www.all-aboutshopping.com

3. Don’t just buy a designer brand because everyone has it or just to show it off. The best way of dressing is how to make a 50 bucks outfit looks like it worths more than 500 bucks. My Fashion World

4. Don’t wait until sales if you really like that particular piece of dress or shoes, as your size could be sold out sooner than you realized. Just buy if you really like it, cause there is nothing much we can do once it’s gone, especially when you shopping abroad. Everyday health and beauty

5. Don't care what brands they are, as long as they look good on me i will buy it, even is cheap stuff. http://annie-Q.blogspot.com

6. I’ll just buy the thing when I need, usually is late minute shopping. http://sylviahoo.blogspot.com

~ End copy ~

Here i want to pass it to....


New Home

1 of my best friend recently had bought a new house, and she decided to take some opinion from me how to furnish her sweet home.

Since she saw my living room furniture and addicted to it, and from her request we went to a popular home furniture store to get her favors. Just after few minute searching around we saw a wonderful set of dining room furniture which my friend has fall in love to it. My friend said this Storage Counter Height Table set she look for so long, without a minute of thinking my friends had place an order.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Today we went to KLCC again, yes! Again with LTR some more, but this time we whole family go. 1+2dad decided to bring us to visit Petrosains, so off we go again.
My son didn’t follow us that day so today he wanted to ride train too.

We reached there about 12.10pm, and we straight away head to Petrosains without wasting any time. I went to bought entry ticket for 2 adult and 1 kid total cost RM 26 (kids below 3 years old is free, and I forgot how much it charge). They have a combo include the petrosains speed, it was at the other side and all related to F1, and it takes about 45min to look around. We just went to Petrosains because just that only place it already takes us about 4 hours to finish.

It had lots of fun, my kids’ love it so much and they said wants to come again. We reached home about 6pm. We are so lucky when we ride the train back home it was not crowded, my kids all fall asleep in the train.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

p/s : chanel, i really cannot comment in your blog and i cant contect you too, if you see this meassage can i get approvel to comment in your blog?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Christmas is on the way

Christmas is around the corner, I do have a list to get a gift for my love one especially my family. One way to get cheap and save your money is online shopping. It easy and just a click you can buy what you want and no need to peck with other people in shopping center.

This coupons site can get the updated coupon code and discount. My elder sister was working in a pet shop, she was work as a groomer. She also will groom her doggie by her own self, so I decided to get a set of grooming tool for her. I can use 1800PetMeds coupons & deals so that I can get the best discount from it.

This holiday season I want to pamper myself, so I decided to get a very nice pair of shoes for myself. From the range in my shoes collection, I found out that I didn’t have any pair of boot. I wanted to get 1 pair for my self from ShoeBuy.com deals and with ShoeBuy.com coupons I can get a very cheap and lovely boots that I have chosen.

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Twins - Are they look alike?

That day we were on the way to shopping center, I always like to bully my son. I ask him :

1+2 mom : boy, our school got 2 same face jie jie (twins). Do you recognize them?
Carter : Nope, I dunno who is who.

1+2 mom : then your mei mei is same face or not?
Carter : No, they were got same face. 1 is Carol and 1 is Carrie.

1+2 mom : but they are twins, people said they same face.
Carter : No, mei mei not same face.

For him, his sisters are not look like twins for him but the school twins sister he said they are same face and dunno who is who.

Garage Organization

Seeing my father in law storeroom was so messy, we decided to get a garage organization for him to keep up all his power tools. We come across to this website and we found out that it had various types of garage cabinets.

This kind of garage organization can let my father in law store his things in proper order. With this we no need see him to get all his things out from the storeroom just to find a tiny little thing that he want to use.

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Monday, October 15, 2007

A Ride to KLCC

This morning we brought the gals take a LRT to KLCC, this time my son didnt follow he said wanted to stay at home with his grandmum. After having our breakfast we went home change ourselves and park our car at opposite of Kelana Jaya station and off we go. This is another experience to ride another type of train.

The gals so excited and so happy, they keep on shouting when saw another train pass by our train. After we reached KLCC and have a walk around the shopping mall, we went to the park to take some photo.

Below are some of the photos we took today, they so happy when saw the fountain shoot so high.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Holiday season is coming

Christmas is just a few months away; did you all get ready your wish list for your family and friends on your hand? If not, you can count on couponchief.com to get some idea what to get for your love one.

This website not only let you get the idea but will also let you save your cost to buy the gift for your love one. They provide coupon deal and discount for the site visitors and they also providing up to date coupon codes and promotional deals and discount so that you won’t miss out all the best offer.

Kids like to play game so I’ll get some deals and steals on kid’s games and fun stuff for my kids with AreYouGame.com coupons. For 1+2dad I’ll get him some Nike t-shirt because he likes this brand shirt so much and love to wear t-shirt whenever he goes. I can safe up to 50% on Man’s apparel with Nike coupon codes.

Don't wait go get a wish list before the occasion come.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Buzy & lazy

Thought can escape from update my blog but someone write e-mail to me and show how she support me let me feel so guilty that didn’t update my blog so often (joking).

Actually I feel lazy to update my blog, really wanted to write but when sit in front of the computer I had blank and dunno what to type. So I go play with the scrapbook and find some nice freebie to download.

Last weekend, I had made 2 bracelets for my little gals. I follow the book that I borrow it from my collage. It was a simple pattern and very easy to make. I like the colour and will try some other pattern when I’m free.

This is some of the scrap that i had done.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Home Office Furniture

My hubby starts his own business few months ago, and his office located at home. Just because he has so many business documents and scare of the kids will lost his things, we decided to make a space for his furniture home office set.

Because of insufficient space at home so this L shaped desk with hutch is so much suitable for his home office use. This desk made of solid wood, the multi-functional Home Office and Bookcase Wall can let hubby put his document and some of my kid’s story book. It had 2 built in file cabinets and a pull out shelf for a laptop or keyboard. A very special design is the laptop plug-in ports are provided in desk’s top.

Beside that, we also help my sister in law to have a look for her bedroom furniture and the living room furniture. She will be moving in to her new house soon.

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

My latest update

So long didn’t update my blog, so buzy these 2 weeks.Sorry that I really have no time to blog hopping but will try to read some blog maybe I didn’t leave any comment.

Nearly year end, I think most of the kiddy teacher will be very buzy with their own school concert. Last Wednesday went to shopping at Petaling Street with the principle and another college to buy the dance costumes. It was a very tired day, cant believe can walk about 5 -6 hours without rest..mad man. That nite sleep very early, the kids dump to 1+2dad to handle. The next day after work and had the lunch (2pm) I also sleep untill 6pm.

I had my hair cut last week, I cut it short cause when practice the dance it sweat a lot and no so comfortable after that.

My mum had sends me and my family some cloth and shoes from USA. I like my gals cloth so much, I didn’t take my son cloth photo cause my son dun like the singlet. I forgot to take my hubby polo shirt too cause my mum bought about 15 pcs of it, and very hard to arrange and take photos..hehe..actually lazy.

These are my gals own made puzzle idea. They force me to take photo for their work because they always saw me take photo for my son’s hand work, so they also want too. Carol I dunno what is that but she told me is bird. Carrie was made a flower pot but I saw it just like a castle.

Yesterday, we brought the kids to 1+2dad uncle condo to swim (actually more for play water). Carol cannot stand properly in the water so she slept into the water, I quickly pick her up but she had drunk some water. She said dunwan to play anymore, I scare she will scare to swim anymore so I said I accompany her by her side. She was ok after that but she wont go any further to the pool. Hope she wont scare after this, I’ll try to bring her more often to swim.