Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I had did some clay project, it make me quite sometime to finish.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Family's Day

Sunday we went to Pyramid for window shopping (actually we bought some stationary in Popular). We had our dinner there. We go tried out the Fullhouse at old wing.

Last time we saw this place and decided to try it one day. So that day we have a tried, the place and the drink were so nice but the food so so.

We didnt bring the camera so the pic below was taken by 1+2dad handphone.

Fullhouse Menu

Tiramisu Blended (RM 9.90)

(L) Watermelon Juice (RM 5.90) (R) Passion Fruit Green Tea (RM 4.90)

Mashed Potato (RM 5.90)

Breaded Chicken Cutlet (RM 16.90)

Smooties Fish (RM 22.90)

Chicken Sausage (RM 11.90)

The next day 1+2dad not working, we went to TM net to complained our line so slow since 4 days ago our line down and back to normal. After that we went to Giant buy some stuff.

Carter saw the Alice in the wonderland advertisment so we decided to watch that movie at nite in GSC Tropicana Mall. It quite nice but Carrie and Carol not that interested.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Kids move from our room

So long didnt update my blog..
Yeah!!Kids had move out from our room!!! The 1st nite Carter and Carol came out the upstair family hall to play the computer. They laught and laught that make 1+2dad heard their voice and came out scold them. The nex day we off the computer and the lamp on the coridoor so they wont come out and play. But..dun be so happy, sometime they still pop out into our room in the middle of the nite.

This is their new room, they move in b4 CNY.

We also renovated our room, will show the pic later.

We are so buzy in these CNY, went to Genting, Tiara Beach Resort and visit friends. Can see our photos in my facebook.

I also went to A'famosa with my colleague (including me 12 ppl) during P.Muhammad birthday. We stayed there 2 days 1 nite. They provided us 4 rooms bangalow with swimming pool inclusive the Safari World and Cowboy Town tickets. It was a fun journey and looking forward to the next trip.