Tuesday, September 12, 2006

無火??No Fire??

This afternoon in the car, we on the way home after lunch. (1+2dad fetch me and my son back from school together with my daughters).

1+2dad : *on hand free phone call* 我客仔要個货无佐?? (my customer need that goodies no stock??)

1+2dad : *thinking* 无货啊(no stock) ??无货就莫相干啦!!我会同他讲. (no stock then never mind, i will let him know.)

1+2dad off his phone call.

my son : daddy!!!What happend?? Why no fire??

1+2dad & me : huh?? What you mean no fire??

my son : just now daddy said 无货(mou fo) 无货(mou fo), no fire lar!!

1+2dad & me : *just realise and laugh out loud* nolar, is not no fire. "mou fo" mean is no stock.

My son dunno how to speak Cantonese but he can understand what we said but sometime the word too deep he dunno what it mean.

I note down this to remind what he said b4..have a laugh!!