Thursday, August 30, 2007

Cheap Flight to Australia

At my time, I dream to go oversea when I’m at secondary school. Even after school I also dream of will travel to oversea one day. Especially Australia, the place so beautiful and I love the activities there.

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For those want to have holidays in Australia, dun waste this opportunity to get cheap flights to Australia. You just need a call and they will fulfill your requirement.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

First time in kitchen

Last Thursday I brought my son to The Curve Marche for the kids Bread Baking Workshop. This was his first time doing bread. I saw this event on Yenlin blog, so I decided to let my son try. Some more it quite near to our house and 1+ 2dad already back from outstation.

I had register my son on Tuesday, that nite my sis came and fetch us to The Curve. This workshop just let 25 persons to participant in a session. I scare when 1+2dad back on Wednesday it will be full.

On that day was raining, we leave our house at 12.50pm and reached there about 1.00pm. We having our lunch at Kenny Roger but wait quite some time and I just had 15min to eat. I send my son to the workshop first mean time 1+2dad continue his meal with my gals.

I reached workshop at about 1.55pm and saw Yenlin and her kids already there. It had quite a number of kids’ participant. They had 2 chefs to teach them do the bread. They had taught them to make 4 types of bread :

- Cheese + sugar bread
- Sausage bread
- Onion bread
- 'Free Style'

Actually most of the bread I help him roll, he dunno the technique to roll the dough to a long roll. It quite tough for him to roll to the shape the chef wants. That shape of Onion bread quite hard for me to roll to the shape too.

Mean while my son was doing his bread, 1+2dad ‘murder’ the film and I busy helping my son so my gals they play by themselves. They crawl on the long bench and running around the workshop like their own home.

Ok, ‘long word short say’ let’s the photo tell you some story.

Roll! Roll! Roll!It's so fun!! I want to come again.

Put on the table cannot roll it long?? Nvm i teach you roll like this.

This is my free style, you know what it this?? Actually we want to do ginger bread man but dunno why mummy make like a star??

This is what i had done on that day. Why not 4?hehe..another one still in oven havent come out yet.

While we waiting for the last bread, they gave me a certificate.

Nothing to do when waiting the last bread, come let us do the funny face together.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

My family look-alike meter

This fun look alike meter i waiting for quite long ago, finally it came out. You guys should go get a try :) Actually it mostly depend what photo you upload to scan..haha.

The result izzit correct?? For me, the result is what I expect..hehe.What you think??

Funny face

Last week my sis came to my house and she took my camera and saw some photo in it. After I came out from bath she shows me some of my son photos.

I’m so surprise it wasn’t took by neither me nor 1+ 2dad and saw my son so many funny faces. At that moment I realize it took by himself, because at behind I still saw some of other photo that wasn’t took by us. Izzit so cute??

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Art and craft

Yesterday was the first day of school holiday, so I decided to let them do some art & craft instate of let them play online game whole day.

I let them do this art & craft that get the idea from mumsgather. I told them let’s play magic art & craft, they are so excited. I gave them a pic of paper for everyone, and let them used crayon to draw a pic on it. Later I help them pain water colour on it.

The best part they like to most is the magic show start. I used a white crayon draw something on it and ask them see anything? They said no then I said start mommy magic show!!! I pain the water colour on it, abit by abit. Once they see something when I pain on the crayon, they were so happy. Later I teach my son the trick, you can see at below. He shows me his plain paper and faster ask me to teach him pain the paper.

Yesterday 1+2dad went to outstation and he will be back on Wednedsay, we all miss him so much. Although he call me and we chat online (he went to internet café), but we all miss each other. My son also chat with him online (I type and read to him), until 1+2dad cannot stand to miss his son voice he call and chat with him..haha..(it was almost 11.30pm at nite ler).

Back dated post : My dad birthday

Last Sunday was my father 60 years old birthday (in Chinese calendar at that day), we celebrated at King Crab restaurant at Kelana Jaya. It also was my father in law birthday (in Chinese calender was the next day). I and my sis bought a cake for my father and the other way my sis in law bought the cake for his father.

Actually both our father was the same birthday (11th August), usually we celebrate together. But this year because of my father 60 years old big day so he wants to celebrate his own birthday. I’m so surprise my sis in law also bought a cake to celebrate his father birthday in the same day which I dunno. For me I’m dun have any problem but dunno how my father feel, I dun dare to ask him.

At here I wish him :

Happy 60th Birthday !!!!

My father cute birthday cake..hehe. All the kids want that 'sau sing kong'.

from right : my youngest sis with her son and daughter, (center) my father with Carol, my 2nd sis with Carrie and (behind) me and my son (i'm the elders daughter in the family).

My father cut his cake, you can see my sis son so excited.

My father in law with my father. (behind the green shirt is my mother in law)

Friday, August 17, 2007

Roll Out !!!

Are your child a transformers fans?? Here is a great online game for your child to play. (This is not a sponsor post).

Last few days, I accompany my son watch his favorite channel – Cartoon Network. I saw this advertisement about their website have so many great games, I decided to surf that website but forgot about it until just now.

I tried search it at yahoo about the cartoon network and found the website. They have more than 170 games to play, and all are from the cartoon network character. I saw the ‘optimus prime’ pic at below of the banner, I tried to click. Actually the whole game my son who tried it first, it quite simple and fun. It suitable for the kids that very familiar with the arrow key, if not it’s very hard to play.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Pressure Washer

Our home has 3 cars; if everyday we drive all the car to car wash it cost about RM 15 per car. If one week it cost us about RM 315, if continue to 1 year you can imagine just car wash how much we need to spend.

My husband decided to get a pressure washer so that we can do it ourselves and save cost. So he ask me to surf from the net, I get into this web site found they have electric pressure washers without the maintenance of a gas motor. It save us a lot of space that we just headache don’t know where to put the compressor if we buy the old type pressure washer.

You just need to change the oil and buy gas for the lawnmower some more if you get their electric pressure washer; they provide a year of maintenance free of charge. It is so useful if you keep 1 pressure washer at home. You can clean your gate and clean your car porch with the pressure washer too, some of the dirt can get out easily just a press of the button.

This is a sponsored post.

Geometry magnet set

This is another set of puzzle type of game for my kids. It makes of magnet and many small pieces of geometry set of pic so they can make what they want. Actually I kept it quite a long time, that day my son take it out and play. My youngest daughter saw it she also wants to play.

Below is my son work, some of the pic my son follows my daughter and make.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Lovely Wedding

I and my hubby still have some of our age friends that haven’t married. Remember 8 years ago when we married, we need so much earlier to prepare our wedding ceremony. But now a day, so many shops or at online can get everything in one hand like ‘Little Things Wedding Favors’.

This online website provides more than 2,600 different wedding favor and wedding accessories. They had so many variety of wedding favor because of every wedding is unique and the budget is different, so they let the bride can choose from it.

Now, they are offering 10% off purchase of 50.00 or more with coupon code for their official launch of their expanded wedding favor website. For those wanted and nearly want to marry please feel free to check with it, it had so many thing maybe can’t find in your place but you can get it in the list there.

This is "Fall Memories" Guest Photo Album, is it so lovely if you have one of it?

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Saturday, August 11, 2007


This time blog about my gals (this mommy so naughty, very less blog about us), they like to play block since they very young (because i like to buy block or puzzle for my kids, and they always saw their brother play).

They managed to make something since they about 2 years plus, but most of the things they build dunno what is that. That day when i came back from work, they supprised me with their building block. Did you know what they make? Yes, it is a horse. Sometime they make something with the lego too.I know it was a very small part and not suitable for young kids but they love to play with it because of many shape and very colourful (they wont put it in the mouth, because they know it cannot eat).

Below is my gals dancing when they watch Garfield cat at my MIL(mother in law) room.

Supprised me that i blog hop to whoisbaby blog and saw this baby name widget and tried for my gal's name, they are the same meaning!!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Updated : Twins Festival 2007

Today is twin’s festival day, so this morning we went out at about 8.30. On the way, yenlin & jacss sms me said they also on the way to Amcorp Mall.

We went to register when we reached there. We get 2 goodies bag, 2 umbrellas and 2 set of breakfasts after we had registered. While I register, Jacss saw me and call me. We said meet after registration, we chat a while because Jacss hubby’s friend also brought along a pair of twins so they will stay with them.

While we waiting the opening ceremony, I also saw Yenlin had came. Her twins wear a very cute costume, 1 wear spinderman and another wear superman. Nearly forgot their big jie jie also wear a spiderman costume, mummy and daddy wear 'wonder women' and 'superman sign' that printed on the t-shirt.

About 9 am plus, the opening ceremony was start but that time it just about 150 puls pair of twins it not enough to break the Malaysia book of record. After the procession, at about 9.30 am the amount of twins attend this festival was broke and the record is more than 200 pair of twins were attend.

At first Maria didn’t make it, because Isa had abit of fever. After the opening ceremory, Maria SMS me said she on the way here..haha..she also dunwan to miss out this opportunity to meet so many twins here.

We hang around there till about 12pm plus after the cuties twins contest. I thought the result was out at 4pm (as told by the DJ) so we went to eat and back home to let the girl take a nap and go back again. But I called Yenlin (she still stay there till around 2pm) she told me that at 1.30pm they had collected the prize so I no need go back again at 4pm. Me and Maria saw her and her twins was interview by a reporter, dunno what media is that hope to see her in the newspaper.

This festival quit intresting, somemore those drink and food are free (from sponsor only, but the stall at there no free of charge). I saw the most twins that sit beside us are 4 twins. They had 3 boys and 1 girl. They just about 7 months old (malay family) and they just take care by only 1 babysitter. Wow, cant imagine how she can look after 4 of them in the same time.

Below is some of the photo we took in the festival.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Warehouse Sales

Yesterday went to ‘Mydin’ at Subang Jaya (behind Giant) with 1 of my colleague (we scare go on weekend). Actually the day before yesterday she went there with my principle, they told us it had very cheap sale for toddle cloth. The price from RM 1.90 to 5.90 per piece only. Some more it quite a good material, of cause not the branded lar. So that colleague want to go back there buy another cloth for herself because that day they ‘dig’ the cloth till short of time to buy other things.

Below is some of my girls’ cloth, I didn’t buy any for my son because he said he dunwan. If I buy for him, he still wont wear accept the one he said want to buy. It need to dig and flip to find the nice cloth, so it really take time to get it.

Price from left to right : 1.90/pc and 5.90/pc
Center : 1.90/pc
from left to right : 3.90/pc and also 3.90/pc

Tomorrow 'Twins Festival'

Yea! Tomorrow is the Twins Festival day will meet Yenlin, Maria and Jacss in person and also their family too. I’m so excited to attend tomorrow faction. Today went to register but all the form was taken so tomorrow will need to go there early to register on the spot. I meet another twin’s boy (about 20 years old) went to register too but 3 of us cannot get it some more ask us to go here and there to get the form.

At first, I had reached A & W to ask for the form but they told me to get it form their office at dunno what hotel name nearby. When I went up there, the lady told me their form was finished, ask me go to Amcorp Mall to take. At that time I meet the twins. They said follow me from the A & W till there. So we went to Amcrop Mall reception to ask for the form.

After that, I drove my car and get the parking they told me they are not sponsor so they dun have any form there so I should register it on the spot the next day. I thought dun waste the parking ticket so I go to Popular to see some book. Meanwhile I was reading the book, the twins came to me. They are very nice , they saw me in the book shop and came in told me that we just need to register on the spot tomorrow morning about 8am. I dunno they purposely come and find me or really pass by to find something and saw me, because I saw their friend was waiting them in the car at outside.

I saw it also having a concert there, and some competition about the twins. See you guys tomorrow.

p/s : still dunno annie q will go or not, hope can meet her and her twins too.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

China Doll 小龙女

Do you think if government let the china girl come here be maid will be fine? For my opinion I dun think so because I really scare 1 day my hubby will run away with this ‘china doll’.

You know lar some of the man really cannot ‘tahan’ (stand) those girl with soft and listen type girl close to them, they sure will fall in love with them. Some more those girls from China and they have no problem to communicate us. I saw an article about some of the women family broken because of this kind of girl stay into their house. Their husband were a very nice man, they can change to an evil man just because of this girl stay into their house be a maid.

I’m so pity those women, but my hubby said it sure the women problem till husband will go find other girl. I said dun just point finger to the women when the things happened, sometime the man should be responsibility.

Those ‘china doll’ talk so soft and they need money sure will listen what the man want lar. Nowaday most of our Malaysian women are working, sometime very hard to be a soft soft type girl to pamper husband everyday, right? Somemore most of the china doll are so pretty, skin so fair, very good in pamper people and they can do anything that man ask them to do but I think some of us will not like most of the women will ask hubby help to do house work, etc.

I’m very sure to tell my hubby that I wont want China maid to help us, I’m not they type of pamper girl so I scare those ‘china doll’ will seduce him. After married about 8 years, I know some time man need wife to pamper and concerned them. I notice 1+2dad like that kind of girl to whine him like that day I saw my girls call him with very soft voice “daddy!daddy!”, 1+2dad very happy and melt his hard into it. So I start to learn from my girls, take sometime when just both of us I call him like know what he said? He asks me why today you so ‘hao’, I said cannot ar? He said no ar, and like it wor. I said I want to learn from your daughter that I saw you very happy when your daughters call you like that. You will always said “so sweet” when your girls call you “daddy!daddy!” like that.

Luckily I got 2 daughter can control my know if daughter call daddy why he so late home, daddy sure will answer and come back very fast. If the other way round, wife whose call husband I’m sure the wife will get scolding that are she checking him, right? So who said got daughter no good, it also a type of weapon for a women to control husband..kekeke.