Monday, March 26, 2007

Buddha School 佛学班

Yesterday morning sent my son to Buddha school at SS 3. I had ask about the lesson end of last year but they told me was full, so I just leave my phone no. in case they were someone dun want join then my son can slot in.

Yes, they have added extra class so my son can join in and my family was so happy. That morning we(me and my son only) reached there around 9.00am and we gather at the hall for morning pray before go in the individual class. There was so many student and parents there. Most of them are from 5 to 12 years old.

After the morning pray, they had their own class then will follow the teachers to start their lesson. My son group is form from 5 to 6 years old, it was about 50 student and with 5 teachers around them.

At first the teacher will bring them have a tour of the building, so they will know where they are and what the name of the entire place. After that teacher teaches them sing a song and do some movement. She also teaches them how to wish teacher and what to do when see the Buddha statue.

About 11.30am they had their lunch at the canteen. All of them must sing “nan mo ben shi shi jia mo ni fo” (喃摩本师释迦嘸呢佛) when on the way to canteen. When reached canteen they need to pray before they eat and need to call the “shi fu” (师父), teachers (老师), and students (同学们) eat rice. They must finish their meal, if they cant before eat they need to tell teacher what meal they dunwan or cannot finish so they wont waste the food.

After lunch they heading back to class and before go home they need to go back to praying hall to dismiss and say thank you to Buddha and teachers.

It is a very good place to let the children to learn good manner. It just need about RM 170 per annual and it include the meal and lesson. The extra charge just for the T-shirt it cost RM 10 per pc and the pant RM 18 per pc (pant not force to buy). The lesson was every weekend (Sunday) at 9.30am till 12pm except first weekend (Sunday) of the month and public holiday.

My son cried cause the place was very new to him, so he scare. I thought he with his ex-classmate he will be ok but I’m wrong. In between the lesson when teacher bring them to round the building I went to pay his fees so when I back to his class I saw him sit on one of the teacher lap and cried..poor boy. Later he always search me when I walking around the class or walk out the class. Once he didn’t saw me he starts dripping his tear. After back home he said dunwan to go Buddha school again, but I said cannot. It was good for him. But today he told me he want to go..weird boy.