Sunday, June 17, 2007

Milk Powder

Saw the title of New Enfagrow coming soon at huisia blog remind me that day I went to Carefore with my sis to buy some milk power, it had promotion with cheaper price on the Enfagrow packet. My sis bought 2 packets but I didn’t cause we went there by train dun dare to carry so many things.

The promoter show us they had release new product with add in some other nutritious (dunno what name). haiz..every year enfa will change something, it getting more and more expensive. At first when that time they add in the Choline, we decided to change to other brand. At the end, we not only waste the money but also the milk powder.

We bought Anmum brand to let my kids try, my son told me “I dunwan this ‘nen nen’ I want the old ‘nen nen’” when he just drank one slip only. Even my daughters seldom choose food also dunwan that taste. I had tried to smell why my kids dun like it, it really very big difference. It with the heavy corn smell, I also dun like it no wonder my kids dun like it. So the whole tin of milk powder just put there till ‘fat mou’ (expired).

Now we stick back to Enfagrow, dun dare to change other brand. It got it benefit, especially it not sticky and the power very fine. I like the feeling when I pore the milk powder into the bottle it very fine and smooth. That Anmum, not the same feeling I had when I pore into the bottle. I feel it so quite sticky and the color not so nice (yellowiest).

My mother in law also ask me no need change cause nowadays they drink less and eat more on meal. 1 month mostly they just drank 3 to 4 tins (1.8 kgs/tin) only, no so expensive.


jazzmint said...

wahh 4 tins a month!!!

1+2mom said...

too many or too less??haha.