Thursday, May 31, 2007

Cut hair

Today I brought my gals to cut their long hair. This is their 5th times cut their hair in their whole life. Dun worry, they not cut short their hair but just about 4 inches only.

I forgot to take photo b4 their go cut hair, and haven’t take photo after they cut their hair.

Below is some of the scrap book I had done few weeks ago. I took it quite sometime to make it, but I and my hubby like it so much. I go to photo shop and wash it out to keep in our purse and wallet.

I need to thankz huisia and mom2ashley that teach me some tips and where to download the freebies.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


As promise I post up some of my son collection of the transformer in disguise. The pic below is just part of the collections, other’s I haven’t take photo yet.

The price is from RM 19.90 to RM 189.90 see the size of the robot. We also bought most of all the VCD/DVD about the transformer. Almost everyday my son sure watches 1 or 2 dics of transformer, and everyday talk about the transformer.

His teacher also know about the transformer cause she told me he always talk about the transformer this and that in the class.

Vector prime is 1+2dad favorite, so he kept it on the cupboard. My son dun dare lost any part when he play, and he will said that was daddy transformer must take good care.

Autoboat leader - Optimus Prime

Others transformer :

My sis start blogging

My sis had start her chinese blog on yesterday, today i help her decorated the blog. If got time do pay her a visit..hehe..advertise for her hope she got more visitor too.

The layout as below :

I had change my template to new one. Actually i should make it earlier when my blog 2 years anniversary but i too buzy and had no time to do it. The pic below just want to remind me the old template and new template. I had make alot trial and error, finaly get the new and nice template (cause i like this more then the old one).

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Fun day!!

This morning make some chees stick for my kids to eat. I also make some Oat with corn cream for my daughters. They like it so much.

The chees stick i follow Maria recipes and the oat with corn cream(i forgot to take pic) i follow 1 of the same school teacher recepies.

The recipies you can go to this link below :

and the oat with corn cream recipies as follow :

1. 5 btsp instant Quaker Oat mix with 1 btsp milk powder.

2. then mix with the hot water see you want ticker meal add less water if not you can add more water.

3. after that you can mix with 2 btsp corn cream (tin type) or if you want you can add some raisin too.

Below are the pic i took it that day when i went into the room i saw them sleep the same post.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Strange Conversation

This morning I fetch my son go to Buddha school, on the way :

Carter : mummy, where the people come from??
(This is not the first time he asked me this type of question, I answered till I dunno how to answer then I’ll turn the topic.)
1+2mom : what people?

Carter : we all people lar.
1+2mom : (realize the same question again) oh! The people come from their mummy stomach.

Carter : then where their mummy come from?
1+2mom : their mummy come from their mummy stomach lar.

Carter : then where all their mummy mummy come from?
1+2mom : aiya, I dunno lar. (I really dunno how to answer somemore.)

Then I asked him back the same question see how this little brain will answer me. I like to hear and know what these kids’ imaginations are.

1+2mom : then you know where all these mummy come from?
Carter : aiya, of cause they come from the apple lar.

1+2mom : (very surprise when he answered me like this) how you know?? Your teacher teaches you?
Carter : no, I think by myself.

1+2mom : how you know??
Carter : I think myself lar.

1+2mom : (I continues asked him the same question.) then where is the apple come from?
Carter : from the tree. (it is logic)

1+2mom : then where the tree come from?
Carter : from the seed. (it still reasonable)

1+2mom : then where the seed come from?
Carter : from the flower lor. (still can accept)

1+2mom : then where the flower come from?
Carter : from the stick lar. (why he can think out the answer?)

1+2mom : then where the stick come from?
Carter : of cause the tree lar. (yahor)
1+2mom : (I stop this question cause I know if I keep on answer he will give me back the same answer. You can see the answer go back to the tree.)

Dunno how he knows this kind of thing?? I really didn’t teach him anything about how a tree grows. Some time ago, he asked me another question. He said where the bug, the land, the car, all the building and people come from till I really dunno how to answer him.

Do you have any suggestion or idea to answer him when he asks me this kind of question again? Please dun tell me to call him go ask his teacher, I dun think this is a good answer. I really hope can help him find out the answer.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Little update

Yesyterday Jason send us the Mille Crepe ordered from him, this time i ordered mix and match. I had tried most of the flavoured, yeh!!! But i still like the original flavored it was very nice then next is Rum & Raisin then the cheese, other flavored just so so. Thank you Jason once again.

I had plan some holiday work for my kids, let them study at home too. Like my son his bahasa very weak, need to revise with him and add other extra work for him. My twins gal i planning to teach them do some writing. Reading still continue done as usual everynite b4 sleep.

Talking about the reading, it was so much difference between Carol and Carrie. Carol love reading so much, she will took out the book to reading when ever she want. But Carrie, she like to play so much. She will take out the book to read when it was the reading time or when she saw Carol take the book she also want (Carrie is type of kiasu gal too..haha). Carol very good in reading, she can remember the word i teached just once or twice only. Carrie will need to keep on repeat the same word quite many till i said want to beat her or stop let her read book anymore (sound like i pushing her too much, so now i push the job to 1+2dad to teach her read..kekeke..cleaver me).

They reading their brother school reading book, so the latest update is :

Carter - book 15, Carol - book 7 & Carrie - book 6

Carter like reading nowaday cause 1 of his classmate had read till book 20, so he told me he also want to read till book 20. I said you need to read at home b4 you go school so you can read faster, no need teacher keep on asking you go home reapeat the same page for 2 days or more.

Next week will start for 2 weeks school holidays, will be quite buzy cause need to takecare my kids all by myself. Another noisy holiday, and will having 3th & 4th tearm tranning on 4-7 June. My mother in law will be big head on that few days.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Happy Birthday Carter!!!!

Almost forgot to post it here, today very buzy. Morning doing all the house chore, accompany them (include 1+2dad) to watch Transformer VCD.

In the evening, my sis came over to bring the kids go Midvalley shopping. We having our dinner at KFC (my son want it), after that we went to MPH book shop. My son is king today, he said want to go book shop so we go MPH. We walk and read some book there about an hour then b4 go home we went to Toy 'r' us.

Last, wish my son Carter for his 5 years old birthday today.