Saturday, July 30, 2005

Genting trip

On Tuesday we had been to Genting for 2 days 1 night, just our family. Yes!! First time our family trip to outstation without friends and maid, just family member ~ 5 of us.

We booking the hotel on Monday, last minute we decide to go Genting. The next day, after my son school over and we had our lunch then right away to the Genting.

We reach there about 3 pm because of they slept in the car, so we go to First World Hotel for a walk. My girls half way walk they fall asleep cause they very excited when reach hotel dunwan continue their nap.

They slept in the stroller and my son continues his ‘jungle tracking’ till about 6pm the girls wakeup and we had our dinner at restaurant there.

After the dinner, we continue our walk to Genting indoor theme park at Genting hotel. The kids had their fun at there, my son scare play the jungle car ride by himself and need Carrie to accompany him. About Carol, I scare she will fall off if she rides her own so just let her play the putting coins airplane. They had a lot of fun there.

About 9pm, we back to hotel have a rest and change the kids. I and 1+2dad watch TV and the kids still play by themselves. About 10pm, I make milk let them sleep. My son very tired, after his milk he fall asleep very fast, but the girls still rolling here and there. I think about 10.30pm their turn fall asleep.

The next day morning about 8 am we all wakeup except my son, he still sleeping. He weak up about 9pm and I clean them go down for our buffet breakfast. This breakfast include in our package and 2 tickets for Outdoor Theme Park for total of RM 118.80 (hotel room too) very the cheap.

After the breakfast we go to Outdoor Theme Park had some fun b4 go back home. About 1.30pm we on our way home to Petaling Jaya and say bye bye to Genting.

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Carter ride moto very ‘yau yeng’ ler.

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They like to play this type of coins toys.

Image hosted by

Carol with the putting coins airplane.

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Carter scare it move so just take photo.

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They tired till slept very kelian to share in one stroller.

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Carter scare and play with Carrie.

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Carol with dinosaur.

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Carter with his ‘leng chai’ look, this day he dun like to take photo.

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Carol play with 1+2dad while we eating McD.

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Carrie had her yummy lunch.

Here is some video clip that Carter and Carrie ride the car.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Bloggers gathering

Yesterday lilian meet us in KLCC food court at 4 pm, I though cant join them cause that time is my kids nap time. They wakeup early about 3.30pm so I ask 1+2dad can fetch us to join the gathering or not, I think we can make it b4 6pm.

I told 1+2dad after the gathering we can bring the kids go the nearby park play. He said if want quick quick pack up and go cause scare traffic jam. On the way to KLCC, I sms Milly cause I scare when I reach there all of them gone liao. She reply me said they will wait us, thankz a lot milly.

When we reach there, I look around the food court and saw lilian hair, her hair style very easy to recognize. We just chat a while and lilian need to go liao, she very rush and maybe I late cant talk too much. Her son’s Matthew so cute, not like my son very shy asked his daddy carry dunwan come down.

After that, Milly and kiasi follow us to the park and they just stay a while and need to go home (I know they very tired cause after school right away come to meet the blogger).

The kids play till about 7pm we went home, but reach home about 8pm liao cause stuck in the traffic jam about 1 hour. The girls had their dinner in the car (drink milk), when reach home cant take anymore rice.

The kids slept about 10.15pm, very fast they fall asleep maybe they play till very tired liao.

Nice to meet Lockee. Other than that I had no time to talk to them, and from MMB Ros nice to meet you too.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Toilet train

I had started the girls for their toilet train when they were 18 months old. Every time b4 they bath when I take off their cloth I just call them go inside the toilet pee.

Sometime they bath with their kor kor, so they know the kor kor ‘style’ pee. Yes, they were standing when they pee. I just want them know if they want to pee need to go inside the toilet and I dunwan to force them pee in the proper way.

Later about 1 week, they know b4 bath they need to go in the toilet to pee. It was successful for the 1st step. Then I teach them the proper way the girls pee.

In the 1st place, they cant do that so continue standing. Few days later, they know what I mean to squat down when want to pee. So now every time I bring them to toilet, Carrie will squat down to pee without I telling her but Carol I must keep remind her to squat down to pee.

I know them still young to start toilet train but I just let them know when pee should go in the toilet. Sometime I forgot to bring them to toilet, they still pee in the nappy.

About the poo..hehe..very lazy mommy, still let them do in the nappy or diaper. Will start that soon, cause I know must let them know to poo in the potty or toilet bowl first then I can let them start wear nice nice pant. If not, they will poo every way when wear the pants *cause I try that b4, need to clean the floor again and again*

Hope the toilet train successful soon, cause my son I start train him when he was 6 months old *cause that time very free just takecare 1 baby, so can do many things* and totally he managed to tell me he want to go toilet when he is about 2 years old. I claver liao, start late then can success soon..muahaha.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Carrie talk

One afternoon, Carrie walk walk toward me..

Carrie : drin..drin..drin..(drink) *holding an empty bottle*
1+2mom : oh!! No more water, mommy fills the water for you.
*take the bottle and fill for her*

After refill the water, I gave back to her.

Carrie : ta..dum
1+2mom : huh??? What you want??

Carrie : ta..dum *said again*
1+2mom : What is tadum?? Where izzit?? *I though is lizard*

Carrie : ta..dum *said again facing me with her lovely smile*
1+2mom : *just realize* oh…is thank you!!! You are welcome.

This day, Carol & Carrie like to follow what we said. Some they able to follow but some dunno what they say. They know to said star, ice, meow (cat), wow wow (dog), morning, bear, bird, eye and many more.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Family Day photos

Below are some of the Family Day photos took on last Saturday.

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Too many ppl till no place to eat, so we have our lunch beside the road.

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Carrie buzy drink her orange juice,so just 3 of us facing the camera.

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Carol & Carrie like to drink those drink so much.

Image hosted by

Carol & Carrie : got so many yummy.

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Carter : oiii..face the camera, what so intresting there??

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Carrie so cute when holding the cup, she wont let me take away the drink.


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My son told me this is a horse, what would you think??? (he arrange it)

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Funny conversation

The day b4 yesterday my son had conversation with my SIL while he eating ice-cream, they speck in Mandarin but I translate to English.

SIL : boy boy gu gu want eat ice-cream wor.
Carter : gu gu dunwan eat ice-cream. (eating the ice-cream)

SIL : gu gu hungry wor.
Carter : gu gu go buy ice-cream lar. (still eating ice-cream)

SIL : gu gu no money to buy ice-cream.
Carter : gu gu afterward got money to buy ice-cream. (look so yummy!!!)

SIL : gu gu where got money to buy ice-cream??
Carter : mar mar (MIL) got money, gu gu go ask mar mar buy lar. (happy eating ice-cream)

Another conversation with his mei mei, while my MIL just bring him out to buy something last nite.

MIL : mei mei cant go with mar mar, mei mei still small. (Carol & Carrie with their tear on their face)
Carter : mei mei dun go, tomorrow I bring you go gong gong house ar.

Carol & Carrie stop crying liao just because they heard their kor kor will bring them to gong gong house tomorrow..hehe..very funny.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Family & Charity Day

My son school got Family & Charity Day on this Saturday (2nd July 2005), 1+2dad oledi take leave bring us to join that family day. Yeah!!!

We decided to bring all of them to go, so wish we have lot of fun there. We got the schedule of that day got so many food and game, sound so interesting.

It using coupons matted so need to buy coupons, I ask the teacher they said got sell on that day too. (need to purchased at any Q-dees centre) I think it open to public, can bring along the kids to enjoy if you want.

Date : 2nd July 2005
Time : 9 am – 5 pm
Venue : Taman Keluarga, Bukit Jalil

All the KL Q-dees branches will join together at that day, I think maybe that fun fair quite big. Will take some photos and put in the blog after we came back from that Family Day.

We will go on the morning maybe about 10am cause the kids need nap at the afternoon so 1+2dad need to take leave so we can go on the morning (such a waist cause just half day work but need to take 1 day leave, but no choice).

Who want to go maybe we can meet there :P

p/s : can meet, greet and capture some exciting moments with mascot-captain Q-dees, Cloony the Clown, and many more.