Saturday, February 28, 2009


That day heard some mother talking about the cane with each other while i waiting my son at the gate. Wonder his teachers also bring the cane to the class or not. I didnt hear him talk about the cane at home, so after school in the car i asking him about the cane.

1+2 mom : boy, did your teacher bring any cane to the class?
Carter : nope.
(so happy that he got a nice teachers).

following he answer : but in the cane is in the class so teacher didnt bring any cane to the class.
i'm so shock and reply : didt you get any cane from your teacher?

Carter : of cause yes lar. My class teacher Liew lao shi (teacher in mandarin) beat me.
1+2 mom : Why your teacher beat you? I'm sure you must be very talkative.

Carter : yalor. I get 1 cane on my hand but i didnt cry.
(seem he didnt feel any shameful..hai..that's my son).
1+2 mom : so next time you dun talk in the class lar..see you scare or not.

Carter : of cause lor but i can talk soft soft. (i'm fainted).