Thursday, April 28, 2005

Toddler Birthday

Next Monday (2nd May) is my son 3 years old birthday, tomorrow will bring a birthday cake to celebrate with his new classmate at school.

Just now about 8.30pm we brought him to King’s bought a chocolate birthday cake with Kitty cat candy add on (this cartoon he choose himself).

This few days he very excited about his birthday, everyday ask 1+2dad go and buy the birthday cake. Just now b4 sleep he said tomorrow go school got birthday cake and blow the candle so he want sleep early.

He like to blow the candle and celebrate birthday very much, at other ppl birthday party he sure wants to blow the candle by himself once again after the birthday girl/boy had blow the candle. hehehe..very the paiseh ler.

This Sunday not yet had any idea where to bring him go, maybe go Zoo or bird park see how first. But we sure will celebrate with him once again in his actual birthday.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Claver Boy

Yesterday is he fifth day without mommy at school, he done very well job.

Yesterday morning at car, he still said dunwan go school.

Toddler : “mommy I dunwan go school.” *with crying face*
Mommy : “mommy will come and get you back when school over.”

Toddler : “mommy I dunwan go school.”
Mommy : “mommy want to go home see mei mei, mei mei cry at home want mommy.”

Toddler *thinking and blink his eyes* : “mommy go home see mei mei, afterward come and fetch boy boy.”
Mommy *I dunno why he suddenly says like that but I’m very happy to hear that* : “wah..cleaver boy.”

When he reach school he follow the teacher go to class, he say bye bye to me.

I promise him will bring him back so I go and fetch him. (cause the day before yesterday my IL go and fetch him, when he back from school to hug me and cried said mommy didn’t go school fetch him. Feel very sorry to hear that, from this case I know must keep promise to the kids).

He is happy to see me and didn’t cry anymore, and teacher said he did done very well job. I’m so happy to hear that and very proud of him, he is very good and claver boy.

That nite, he watches VCD next door and I pamper my daughters sleep. He open the door and said he want oioi (in hokian mean sleep) tomorrow go school, but today is public holiday so I told him tomorrow no school then one more day can go school.

This morning he weak up about 8.15 am and told me he want to go school. I told him again today no school, this is a holiday all kor kor jie jie no go to school. I think he like to go school very much, let me scare of few day dunno how to persuade him go to school.

Note : Yesterday blogspot down so I cant post up this post so the date will have some changes.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Dream Lover

Everyone sure got his/her dream lover, are your dream lover match with your real spouse? What did you expect your dream lover look like? Please share with us.

Mine dream lover is non smoker, alcohol drinker and gambler. I dun care what he look like but must hardworking to have better life for our family. My dream lover was appearing that was my 1+2dad.

He cares about me and loves me so much. He hardworking hope our family have a better life.

He dun like ppl smoke but has to smile the smoke from his boss, customer and friends. He drinks alcohol but not like kaki botol. He also forces to drink so much cause of business entertainment which is needed to give face to customer. Sometime in dinner also need to drink cause friends call. About the gambling, he just play when CNY. If go Genting casino, he just use RM 200 as base if all lose he will stop and if win about RM 100 to 200 he will also stop playing.

Will you disappoint if you’re another one was not as your dream lover?

Thursday, April 14, 2005

First day without mummy at school

Below is my son saying out with his hard, I just type it out on behalf of him.

Today was my third day to nursery, also the first day without mummy accompany me. The first 2 day were just fun and like this school very much, cant wait till the next day morning.

But today, it totally difference form the last 2 days. Mummy just went home and put me in this stranger place without her accompany me. I just start cried when mummy walk out from the class and teacher just catch me and wont let me follow my mummy go home.

Teacher persuades me give me some cookies and let me play outside the classroom. Sometime I join back the class and sometime I just miss my mummy and daddy then I will start cried again. Teacher persuades me again and the kakak there also accompany me to play at outside playground.

Wait..wait..wait till teacher bring all of us waiting mummy at the front door. I saw my mummy and I start cried again, I said bye bye to teacher and friends. Teacher asks me whether tomorrow want to come again I nod my head.

I dunno why I nod my head but I really dunwan go to school again. Tonite must tell mummy I dunwan go to school, I dunwan go kor kor jie jie there tomorrow.

Just now b4 bed, I told mummy I dunwan go school. Mummy asks me why? I told her I want mummy stay with me at school but mummy said all kor kor jie jie there also dun have mummy stay with them, they mummy will get them when school over.

I keep telling mummy dunwan go school, mummy said I naughty cause I always throw things, bit mei mei and dunwan hear mummy say. I told her I dunwan naughty, I dunwan throw things and I dunwan bit mei mei. I will keep all the things and I will listen what mummy tell me. I wont be naughty anymore so mummy wont send me to school again.

Mummy said :
Poor litter darling! Mummy has no choice but have to send you to school. Your daddy wants you to learn something new at the school. I know you got stress till went back from school told me that your stomach pain but just want us to pay attention to you, and you so manja us. If next year start school you will also like that, mummy has to give you go to school earlier cause teacher can pay more attention to you cause just you the only one new at there. Poor darling, mummy not dumps you at school but will pick you up after school over. Maybe let you try few more days then daddy mummy will decide whether give you continue or not. Be patient, just few more days.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Who’s False?

Now a day many young girls get pregnant b4 married, are this human suck or moral suck?? Refer to old old day, where got so many this type of case will happen.

This girls very young get pregnant and the father dun have any economy support, how they alive. They sure will fight about the money every month, who to take care the baby?

Cause they still young dun have enough fun then got family liao, both of them sure argue who to go out with friend who to stay at home to take care the child.

One of them is my younger sister, she married on age of 19 yo. After married within a year we hear that she argue with her husband about the financial. Her husband changes so many jobs, every job he work on it within a month. My sis so headache about her husband dunwan find a job work properly.

Our family very headache about her, and we just give her advice that this husband she like so much and dunwan play safe till got baby now please dun blame so much. This husband even though we didn’t saw b4 then she got married liao. She just break with her boyfriend that we know about a month after that she told us she pregnant liao.

She got so many problems with her husband but they still dunwan play safe till got another baby. They still got financial problem, if got another baby they will surfer so much but she cant let this baby go.

For my opinion, girls should be like a piece of paper b4 married. I know some of the guy dun mine but will they really dun mine about his wife not so clean?? I dun think so. Maybe few years later when the time got arguing will it be a part of the reason?

Guys maybe can have sex with girlfriend but if wife they sure want the clean one lar. I dunno how about the guy opinion?

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Maid back to Indonesia

My maid will go home next Monday, she been with us about 15 months only. She still have contract with us (2 years) but her family got some problem so she need to go home settle it, she wont come back afterward.

So start from next week onward, I got no time to blog and read blog. I must week up early to do the house chore, than need to take care the kids all by myself.

Actually, on Feb she said she wants to go home, but later she calls her family than decided to stay till middle of Oct. By the time, my girls can understand what we want. If without any maid I still can look after them all by myself, but now it very hard to do that.

My girls just know to walk, so need to pay more attention to them. Maybe will send my son to nursery just for the morning section then when he back to home that time can sleep together with my girls.

Hope all the thing can be done by me without any help. I just scare my son will go disturb my MIL to do her work (MIL is a WAHM ‘work at home mom’), she cant help me to look after him.

My main problem is my toddler son, he is a very active child. He got lots of energy to spend. He just need about half to 1 hours nap then can continue his fun till nite about 11pm to 12am.

I’m so sad cause I’m not a good mother. I got no time to spend with my twin daughters all the while. My son he too sticks to me and sometime he dun wan to play with his sisters. He just wan me to play with him and need all my attention to him.

All this while my maid help me to take care my daughters, I just look after them only. Sometime I feel my daughters are not my daughters, they still close to me but I feel like got a gap between them. I feel like that cause I take care of my son all by myself, but my daughters usually with my maid. I just can fully pay attention to them by the time they sleep with me at nite.

Sometime I feel so guilty so I take some time play with my daughters, but my son will go disturb my MIL till she cant do anything. So my MIL will ask him to go find me or call me to bring him away from her.

Any suggestion that the toddler can play together with the baby, so I can have less stress to get my son away from my MIL and I can feel relax when look after them without any help?

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Golden Bread

Refer to Loc Kee he blog about the Golden Bread shop, we try it on Saturday nite. It really a golden bread, we wait about an hour then can taste it.

Last Saturday, 1+2dad back from Shanghai and reach home about 10.45pm by cab. So me and my son decided to accompany this poor daddy go have his dinner (my girls slept liao). My son said wants eat yau za guai so we go for this Golden Bread at SS 2 branch to taste it.

We reach there about 11pm quite many ppl there and there have up stair and down stair, so we get a sit at down stair cause I told 1+2dad we need pay money first then can get the food better sit down stair so we can get it faster.

The waitress pass us the menu and a piece of paper with the pencil then walk away, I’m not so mad cause oledi know this type of service. We look at the menu and choose our food.

1+2mom order : yau za guai with kaya (RM 1.80)
1+2dad order : spaghetti (RM 5.80) and a glass of juice dunno what name liao (RM 5.50)
Toddler order : yau za guai with chocolate (RM1.80) and a cup of hot Milo (RM 2.50)

The drinks come first. WTF ! This Milo can call Milo ar? I make better then them, it just a size of a cup of coffee only but the Milo I think they just put 1 teaspoon cant taste the Milo and the dunno what name of the drink really very small cup.

Nvm, we wait for the other food. Waiting, waiting the spaghetti come and 1+2dad finish the spaghetti the yao za guai still not yet come.

We waiting about 30 min my son ask me where is he yao za guai? I told him : “you take this paper go ask that jie jie where is your yau za guai, ok?” My son didn’t answer me but he still sit on his place.

About 20 min later, finally the yau za guai came so we fast fast finish our food then rush home cause I scare my girls will wakeup to find me.

1+2dad dun dare to order the other drink cause it really wait for so long and we scare they follow the queue then dunno wait for how long to get the other drink.

This is the first time and the last time I go for their food! It damn expensive and not worth to eat, some more wasting time to eat the not so special yao za guai. The yau za guai with kaya cost RM 1.80/pc 1+2dad said can buy a cup of home made kaya put on it also not cost so much wor.

I highly recommend dun go for a try too. You can make it at home, they just put some jam on the yau za guai only. The special yau za guai very expensive and the potion very small, 2 or 3 bit no more liao and it cost RM 4 and above.

Haiz..tomoro 1+2dad wanna outstation again. This time he goes to Sandakan for 2 days 1 nite, he will be back on Wednesday. So sinz..end of this month maybe will go to Jakarta too.