Saturday, June 30, 2007

Merchant Circle – Business owner forums

Those who are business owner got good news here; Merchant Circle had a forum that let those business owners to trade ideas, customers, and network with each other. They also can exchange opinion and meet other business owner online.

They can claims their business page and customize it with picture, blogs, free coupons and new letters. It also can update the new products that their business had launched. It is a service that can let the business owner advertise their product for free. This much like a social network can let all business owners in the country to communicate with each other. Besides posting about the business idea or something related to business, you can also post to ask about some other general things like looking for a marketing firm and sales rep.

It so great that not only can promote your business but also can meet new friends in this forum. Not only that, it is free that can help business owner cut down their expenses cost.

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Friday, June 29, 2007

Nice drawing by Carter

Those who saw my son drawing last time sure know how was he draw his mommy and daddy. If havent see b4 you can go here.

Yesterday while i doing my school work he ask me to give him paper and colour pencils so i take to him. I know he like to write and drawing while he saw me doing work and he nothing to do.

After a while he come and show me this :

He told me this is mommy and daddy, i'm so surprise and happy he can draw us very clear and nice. Then i ask him draw somemore to show me.

This pic after he add on some other drawing and show me. Can you see the 2 long sticks?? He told me is banana people and the 2 little big head it was an apple people. The best part i like the most were the gal eyes, it look so pretty.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Field trip to ‘Sekenjang’

Next Sunday I and my son will have a 1 day field trip to ‘Sekenjang’. This is his Buddha school organize the trip to let the children explore and experience the natural feel and know about other type of life.

They will bring us to visit the Buddha center which located at ‘Sekenjang’, farm, fishing village, fruit farm and ‘皇家山’ (I also dunno what is that place).

It just cost RM 30 per person and include bus fees, lunch, dinner, insurance and entrance fees for the ‘皇家山’. His teacher told me that will have 2 teaches take care of 5 children for this field trip, it quite safe compare to those school field trip.

I hope this field trip he will learn something new and can discover some new things that he never ever see before, include me. I didn’t been to any farm before, not even go to any fish village too. I’m quite exciting to go ‘Sekenjang’ that I never go there before but heard a lot about this place from TV and newspaper. Will take more photos to show you all and post up the feel and my son experience.

New bicycles

Thursday had bought 2 new bicycles for my kids. Actually we decided to buy 1 big (16 inch wheel) and 1 small (12 inch wheel) cause my son old bicycle can give to either one of his sister to ride.

When we reached to the bicycle shop, look around and found 2 bicycle suitable for them but my son said he dunwan the new bicycle he still want to ride his old bicycle ( he scare to ride the higher bicycle). So me and 1+2dad dunno what to do, and end up bought 2 small (12 inch wheel) pink bicycles for both my daughter.

We should buy it earlier but we keep on postpone till that day we brought them to park with my son bicycle, they keep on annoying want to ride but their brother dun let them so the next day we brought them to buy a new bicycle.

Every evening they wanted to ride their new bicycle at front of our house, but we cant bring all the bicycle to park cause no place to keep all 3 bicycle in car boot. We have no choice but just let them play at home. Our near by park need to walk about few min to reach, and some more need to cross road we cannot take care 3 of them in a time so they have to play it at home.

Both of the bicycle same size same colour, kor kor sit behind play his transformer.


Recently i had wrote 5 CREAmaid post and 4 of them been selected, this let me get some opportunity to earn some pocket money with USD. It just about USD 10 but for me i'm so happy with it.

It quite easy to earn money, just write some short post to introduce their product and if been selected then you get paid. No wonder so many blogger keep on writing the PPP, it is quite good income for those Stay At Home Mum.

I feel so sad that i get rejected by PPP cause my low blog traffic. Will try to increase my post, hope can blog it daily and can start earn money from PPP.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hubby PC down

Haiz..hubby pc was black out 2 days ago. Yesterday send to repair said something wrong with the hardware so need to change the motherboard and some other things. Today will bring back the pc dunno how many it cost.

This pc with us almost 4 years, I think it’s time to change. But we thought want to get a laptop so if this one want to change we better get a new laptop. And my pc also got problem dunno what happened it keep on runtime error when went to some blog and my MSN cannot use.

Aiks so many bad things happened to our PC.

Poker league – PokerDIY

Today we talk about poker, I think some of you know what is poker. It like those ppl playing card in the TV, one type of gambling using card by card and sometime they said ‘show hand’. Now you can have it online and no need go up the hill (Genting Highland).

PokerDIY is a free service that can let you meet new friends or other poker player and set your own poker leagues. You can start a poker group yourself and managed your own poker leagues. You can view your score or result in your profile too.

Now you can find or join the local poker leagues or play their freeroll poker leagues.

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Everyone can have – Ultra Hal Assistant

Have you ever watch AI (artificial intelligence) movie that the kid in the movie actually was a robot but have feeling like human?? Now you can have chance to communicate with your computer using Ultra Hal Assistant 6.1 by Zabaware.

It like most of the chattabots that at the market, you can chat with your computer and it will give you a response. In other hand, he/she also will remind your appointment, dial phone number for you, your friend’s birthday and anything that you want him/her to remember. It can also run programs and recent documents on command and help you browse the internet.

You can download this assistant free trial version for 30 days or you can just chat with one of their chattabots over the internet before you purchase it. The 3-D artificial human characters so convincing and engaging you that you could swear they look so real. You can choose it be a girl or boy even an animal also can, as long as you like it.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Good News !!

For those like to eat and haven’t tried the Mille Crepe before, now no need wait Jason drop by or travel to Malacca eat. You can get it in Petaling Jaya now.

I saw it on 'Sin Chew Jit Poh' on Sunday newpaper that introduce a nice place to eat, it had a review about a restaurant that a best place to bring father to celebrate father’s day. They introduce some of the food from the restaurant and I saw the mille crepe on the pic too.

You can visit the website : Food Foundry and it had some short description about the mille crepe. I haven’t go try so dunno whether it same taste with Malacca mille crepe or not. It abit expensive compare with Jason bought it from Malacca that charge us extra. You also can see the price list from their website. I'm not promote for them and this is not a sponsor post but just wanted to let some of you that haven’t try it, can have a try that nearest to us.

Online Directory – MerchantCircle

It is good news for the business owners that want to promote their items and extent their business through the internet.MerchantCircle is a best place that let you advertise with coupon, ads, newsletter and blogs.

For those business owner can register as a member after that you can create a blog and post up about the company, list of products, photos of the items and as well as link to other business owner to establish new business relationship. MerchantCirle also provide a Merchant Forum to let the member to share and learn from the other business owner. It also can let the member know the customer feedback and buying ideas.

For the directory user, you can get to the product you want with just a click through the link that provided by MerchantCirle. You can read the customer store review and know better about the store. You can get 1 month unlimited tanning $45.00 (with condition) offer from Caribbean Sun Tanning Center. I can print out or e-mail the coupon to my friends so they won’t miss out this opportunity.

Beside the coupon, you can visit to other side like Wedding Supplies Unlimited for those wanted to get some stuff for their wedding. Or you can go to ARC Carpet Plus to get a nice carpet to light up your house.

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Web Affiliate Creators – webmaster forum

When I just start blog, I wondering where to find answer that how to manage my blog. I searched up and down, asking some blogger friends through e-mail or MSN to get my blog done.

Now, having this webmaster forum from Web Affiliate Creators for those new blogger will no need scratch their head where to find the answer when they face any problem when blogging. This forums also a place that the webmaster to gather and discuss among their website.

They have some other features areas like blog monetization, affiliate marketing and webmaster discussion forum. Those interested topic like link exchange, educate yourself and lots more that can let you learn and discuss from the forum. You also can make friends and exchange knowledge between the webmaster.

Come join the forum that you can share and hopefully profit from the knowledge that you can get from this forum.

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Celebration of 1+2dad birthday

Today is 1+2dad birthday also a father’s day, so we decided to celebrate together.

This morning I send my son to his Buddha school till 12.00pm, after that we went to Puchong Q-jelly shop to buy a cake for 1+2dad. It was a surprise for him.

After we reached home, we brought the cake to upstairs (1+2dad still playing his online game) we sand the birthday song and gave him a birthday card. He was so surprise and very happy. All of us take turn to kiss him after he blew the candles.

After ate the cake, we went to ‘wong kok’ at SS2 to have our lunch. They have promotion that if we join their member we had direct discount 10% on the total bill. We decided to take 1 cause we usually will went there to eat, it worth if you go there quite often.

At nite, we went to ‘Terlawi Street Bistro’ to have our dinner. This one is to celebrate 1+2dad birthday but he the one who pay the bill..haha..why because if I sign credit card he the one will pay the credit card bill so he said no difference that he pay the bill.

The meal is nice, the environment also good. We so enjoy the meal so do the kids.

“Happy Birthday to you, my sweet heart !!”

Jelly cake for 1+2dad.

Carter kiss his daddy.

Carol turn to kiss her daddy.

Now, is Carrie turn to kiss her daddy. Daddy sure very song.

1+2dad cut the birthday cake.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Pet e-card

This is a good news for the pet lover especially my sister. Big Paw Designs had offer a free E-cards for your pet loving friends and family member with your pet photos on it.

This web site had a new service that can let you post your own pet photos on the E-cards. It very special and you may earn yourself a special coupon code to shop at when you send your pet photos to this e-mail . They have their unique selections of collar charms, pet jewelry, dog jewelry, dog charms, dog gifts, cat gifts, pet lover gifts, earrings, keychains, magnets, picture frames and more that related to your pet.

You can choose from several categories like funny pets, funny pets, breed specific, puppies, cute dogs, cute kitties and rescued pets. Try it now, and have special pet E-cards for your own.

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Milk Powder

Saw the title of New Enfagrow coming soon at huisia blog remind me that day I went to Carefore with my sis to buy some milk power, it had promotion with cheaper price on the Enfagrow packet. My sis bought 2 packets but I didn’t cause we went there by train dun dare to carry so many things.

The promoter show us they had release new product with add in some other nutritious (dunno what name). haiz..every year enfa will change something, it getting more and more expensive. At first when that time they add in the Choline, we decided to change to other brand. At the end, we not only waste the money but also the milk powder.

We bought Anmum brand to let my kids try, my son told me “I dunwan this ‘nen nen’ I want the old ‘nen nen’” when he just drank one slip only. Even my daughters seldom choose food also dunwan that taste. I had tried to smell why my kids dun like it, it really very big difference. It with the heavy corn smell, I also dun like it no wonder my kids dun like it. So the whole tin of milk powder just put there till ‘fat mou’ (expired).

Now we stick back to Enfagrow, dun dare to change other brand. It got it benefit, especially it not sticky and the power very fine. I like the feeling when I pore the milk powder into the bottle it very fine and smooth. That Anmum, not the same feeling I had when I pore into the bottle. I feel it so quite sticky and the color not so nice (yellowiest).

My mother in law also ask me no need change cause nowadays they drink less and eat more on meal. 1 month mostly they just drank 3 to 4 tins (1.8 kgs/tin) only, no so expensive.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Celebrate Fahter's Day

Tomorow we will celebrate our fahter' s day earlier. Both sis in law will celebrate with my parents in law while we will celebrate with my father.

We already plan to eat dinner at Dragon-i, so will share it with my 2 sisters..hehe..this time can order more. We already been there about 2 times, so can taste other special meal there.

Sunday will be 1+2dad's birthday so we had plan to have our dinner at Bangsar, this time will bring along the kids cause mother in law will celebrate father's day with her parents.

Thought to watch a movie with 1+2dad at the morning but i almost forget my son got class..aiks cannot already, so just have dinner with him only. I had plan to buy a cake for him, hope got time to get it.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

New toy / Father's day card

This is the new toy that added to their toy bank. Actually i bought 1 only so they had to share to play.

This is what actually it look like.

This another new transformer added to my son collection - Remjet

This is after transform to robot mode.

This weekend is Father's Day, so i have to do something to let the kids bring home for their daddy. This is what i had did (for sample), something special (envelope holder) that not everytime just card. Will let them paste the leaf and colour the wording by themselve.
Wish all the daddy out there,
"Happy Father's Day !!!"

p/s : this weekend also 1+2dad birthday, still havent think how to celebrate with him..haha..lazy mummy.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

First time at CC

When saw the title, you all would think that why i at CC and why i'm not usuing my home pc??hehe..maybe some of you will guess my link been cut off or down and maybe my home pc got problem.

Tatata..actually today my son got his buddha lesson, and he want me to wait him at the school but it was very boring to wait him at there about 2 hours. I know nearby his school had a CC so today decided to drop by and feel the CC enviroment, somemore dunwan waste time at my son school that do nothing there.

When first time stap in the CC i smile the smoke, aiks dun like it very much.The pc is ok, quite new. Blog hopping, read my mail..ect.

Today, 1 of my best friend will flight to Beijing to live with his husband for about 3 years (company transfer him to there). So as a women sure will follow lar, scare all those 'xiao long nui'小龙女 will 'lure' the husband away. Good luck to her and her family!!

I tried to ask her write blog, so we can know her life at China and we still keep in touch..hehe..hope she got the time. Now she need to handle a 3 years old boy and a few months old baby gal without help, dunno she got time to write blog or not?

Friday, June 08, 2007

My son favorite link

Since my son 2.5 years old, I start to teach him play computer. At first of cause need to teach him to use mouse then the keyboard. I teaches him few time, he can managed to move and point the cursor to right place but when need to click it had some problem.

Sometime moving the cursor from one to another place will make him drive up crazy. If I not mistaken, he already spoiled about 4 mouse then he knows how to handle it well. You know how is spoiled the mouse, sure some of you will know. He kept on holding the mouse and hit the table when he cannot get the cursor to the right place.

Finally he can play most of the game from the internet. Now is my gals turn, they start to learn how to use mouse early this year. At first, Carrie was teaches by my lovely son. Cause that time I was in the bathroom, I call my son help me to teach them first.

Then when I came out, Carrie can manage to point the cursor and move around the screen. So this is my turn to teach Carol with another pc. Oh man, they are totally difference although they are twins. I teach Carol so many times she still can understand what I mean, till I very mad and cannot ‘tahan’. I call my son to take my place to teach her, cause he can teach Carrie maybe he got his technique to teach Carol too. At the end, son also keep scolding her. We all stop playing, Carol cry because of we scolded her.

Later few times also like that, till 1 day (about 2 months ago). She so interested when saw Carrie and my son play this game. I warn her, if she dunno how to click and move the mouse she cannot play the game. First few time she still cant manage to get it, when I said ‘you cannot play’ she suddenly know how to managed the mouser correctly. Funny, I think she scare mummy dun let her play so she can get it how to use the mouse very shortly..poor gal.

Now they like to play the online game and learn so many words from there. Below are some of the site they used to play with (thanks to MG that introduce some of the site that her daughter also like to play) :

Story, game,education & rhymes :

Games :
Bob the builder
Thomas and friends
Tiny planets
Playhouse Disney Channel-asia

Games for toddler :

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Online Games

These few days(at nite), my son and I play with this online game. It was fun but need to scratch the head and kill most of the brain cell to get the higher place. It worth when you see the cute ending. If you done wrong, it still got some other scene come out. This is the low lv (Grow ver.1), suitable for the small kids to play.

Starting with this, choose 1 of the box to click.

This is the correct ending, the bar below will goes to max.

If you want to go higher lv(Grow ver.2,3,RPG & cute), you can click on the side bar on your left then you can get to that lv.

This one got 2 ending, the good and the evil. It also cute, but I just scroll down and copy the other player answer. It very hard, but it was very cute. Dunno how they can do it, if me I think I couldn’t get till the end.

Starting with this pic, you can click on any char on the pic. But which one 1st and it will effect the final result.

This is the good ending, if you want evil ending you can click on the black ball when the angel let you choose the gold ball or balck ball.


Yesterday start my training for the 3rd and 4th term lesson. 1st day was the English, Art & craft and Music. It quite interesting and enjoy the entire lesson, but because of air-con room in and out I was getting headache at the end. I feel better after went back taking the ‘panadol’ and have a nap.

Today we having Math and Science, it was very very very boring and sleepy. The lecturer keep on referring to the booklet and follow all the teacher guide so we all feel that was so boring and sleepy. Luckily today can went back early, so I can have a rest early too. Tomorrow have training for Bahasa and Gym, I heard the Gym lesson is so enjoy and interesting.

The pics below are the back dated post. My son school sport day on 5th May, all the students must take part. My son class also takes part on the performance on the opening. At first he said dunwan to go sport day, after the sport day is over. He told me he wants another sport’s day, and he wants to play the games again. He said it was fun today and got trophy too.

This is my gals went to my school for the 1st term school holiday party. It was nearly Chinese New Year, so i let them wear 'cheongsam'. .are they cute?? Behind is my school swimming pool.

Monday, June 04, 2007

First time ride train

This morning brought my kids go ride train with my sister’s kids. Yesterday nite 1+2dad told them mommy will brought them to ride train so they need to sleep early and cannot make some more noise, they all shout happily and fall asleep quite fast than usual day.

We meet at my #2 sis home (also my father home-she not married and I was the #1 daughter in the family) at about 11 – 11.30am. I reached my father home early and need to wait the youngest sis and her kids to arrive. Meanwhile waiting my youngest sis I teach my #2 some blogging and upload photos.

About 11.30am my youngest sis reached, we go to Petaling KTM station with my car..haha..8 ppl in a car, geng ler!! We parked the car near the station and bought through and flow ticket to Midvalley. Adult is RM2.20 and kids over 4 years old is Rm1.10. We took some photo at the station then I noticed my camera was low battery, and I forgot to charged my standby battery too..aiks luckily my sis handphone got camera function so still wont miss the moment they in the train. They so happy in the train, and keep on asking when will reached the next station, what at outside so and so.

Inside the train, sis #2 told us needs to change train at KL central to Midvalley. My youngest sis said no need, so they start argue there. Luckily a lady beside us and a very nice lady that leave a sit for our kids said we need to change train at KL Central cause she also going to Midvalley.

We reached at Midvalley about 12.30pm ++ and we having our lunch at top floor Jusco. Both my sis like to eat ‘Laksa’ at there, I think is very special and delicious gua (but not my favorite). After that we hang around the Midvalley (got Thomas and friend promotion counter at canter court, we took some pic too) and b4 go home my youngest sis went to Carrefour to buy some mile powder.

At Carrefour we saw the ‘pet pet’ promotion counter and had 4 animal puppets surrounding with many children. They so happy see this entire puppet, and run towards them. They go and touch, shake hand and took some photo with them.

After all the photo session and buy things session we all want to go home. We reached my father home about 4.30pm. I let my gals slept at my father room, while my son and me stay in my #2 sis room to help her do some upload photos. My youngest sis went home after we reached at my father home cause her son and daughter need to go home take nap.

About 6.30pm, I weak my gals up and went back to fetch 1+2dad to eat dinner (1+2dad didn’t follow us cause he said this is sister shopping trip, he dunwan join us). My #2 sis also join us to eat dinner.

My son still asking me want to ride train again, and this time he want to ride the one on higher train (it was LRT cause he saw it in the train).

Tomorrow will start my training, my son wanted to follow me but sorry boy mommy cannot bring you along cause this a course that the entire adult can go only. Mommy promise will bring you and your sisters to ride the train again.

Today is a very tired day (cause bring this kids to ride a crowed train and change station) but when saw their happy face and so excited to explain what happened there are worth it. They had learned a lesson that it cannot get and feel from the book.

p/s : some pic still in my #2 sis handphone, will ask from her later.

Sunday, June 03, 2007


Today we went to Ikano Power Centre at about 8pm, thought to go see the Barbie Elina but we are too late. My gals like Barbie so much, especially the ‘bibble’ in the movie.

We are having our dinner at Uncle Lim's Cafe. We like to eat the ‘roti bakar’ cause it using traditional roti slices to toast over electric toasters till golden brown, my kids love it so much. We usually ordered at least 2 set when everytime we went there.

After the dinner we went to ‘Popular’ bookstore. B4 we head to 'Popular', at ground floor my son saw so many kids play around there. He so excited when saw the touch wire with sound, so he q-up to play. He got a present(sticker book) althought he touch the wire and make the sound but he was so happy. All the games are sponsored by Wyeth, they got roadshow there. But my kids didnt used their products, so dunno got what promotion there.

My kids like Ikano Popular cause it had a place to let the kids take the book and read there. I almost finish read a ‘Barney’ book for my gals. My son run here and there like his own home, he likes this place very much. So much he can explore and fun there.

p/s : Tomorow morning will bring the kids go sit KTM to Midvelly with my sister and her kids, will post it their feeling and pic tomorow.

Saturday, June 02, 2007


Today let my gals do handwork that I found it at internet. I printed out this paper finger puppet to let my gals color after that I cut it out for them. This site had lots of handwork can do with the kids, it easy and nice.

My son dunwan cause he playing his online game (i call it game cause it let the kids click this and click that to follow up,actually is education game). Later I finished cutting the puppets for my gals and wanted to take photo my son come and join us. You can see his face in the pic too.

This afternoon I also make the ‘agar-agar’ for my kids. I forgot to let them eat cause they had nap in the afternoon and after wake up is nearly dinner time. Somemore my sis come join us eat supper at nite, till I forgot take out to let them try.