Friday, October 21, 2005

Kepong Blogger's Gathering

Last Saturday we been to Kepong Blogger's Gathering at Milwaukee Steak Corner, it was fun and happy. Happy cause can meet so many blogger and fun cause we celebrate Twinsmom birthday there.

Any detail can see at other blogger’s site like :
egghead , Jason , Twinsmon , willwolf ,zara’s mama and suzette .

Special thankz to Jason, you feed about half bowl of salad to time got chance I spend you back 1 bowl of salad too.(scare to said spend you 1 meal cause egghead said you can eat so much then I can pok gai {bankrupt} liao *joking nia, dun mad pls*).

My son had make a friend with willwolf son, they had a nice chat. I first time saw him so polite with other ppl, sorry Jason my son too active you got to find chance to talk and play with him next time.

For other blogger, I had no time to chat and say hi with them cause very buzy with my gals. Need to feed them and myself, then later need to follow them here and there.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Which part of baby you like the most??

I like baby face, they look very cute when the baby fat fat.. seem like to pinch the face. Like my son now he is 3 years old I still like to kiss his face very hard..haha..sometime he pushes me away.

The other part is hand and leg. Did you notice that baby leg likes the part of lotus so cute and like to bit it?

Last time I saw a ‘siao’ lady pinch a baby face till red color, but the poor baby seems like it so much..hehe..maybe that baby oledi get used to it.

I like to look at my gals face cause they are very small and cute. One of my friend she every time visit me sure said my gals face so so so small, she 1st time saw baby face so small like my gals.

Sometime I look at other baby that smaller then my gals (which sleep facing the ceiling), they seem bigger then them cause they face so big. (my gals sleep tummy facing the bed, so they head like ‘American football’..haha.)

How about you??

Friday, October 07, 2005

What he learn at nursery??

I think so many ppl will ask what 3 years old kids learn at nursery, and why let them start school so early?? This topic I also think of so many times and I also decided to let my kids start about 4 years old but things will change in any time.

My mother in law(MIL) also decided let the kids start later cause she though kids start so early they will get bored and when the time come they will sure know it, but lately cause my son now at nursery she also change her mine..hehe. She also found out my son learn a lot things at nursery.

This week he learns ‘days in a week’ in English and Malay. He counts the days and tells me which day he got school and which day he dun. Now he know to hold the pencil in proper way which I dun have time to teach him. He learns about character building like say ‘no’ to stranger, keep the toys, let share with others, listen to parents and etc (but he never follow *sign* ).

I like him to sing Malay song cause he pronouns the words so cute. When he sing the 'Bangun Pagi’ he can lalala the song some more. Teacher also teach them count one till ten but this he also learn at home and shape, color etc. They also learned some pasting, coloring and art too. About the reading book they had, my son now learned till the book 4. He can recognize some words like ‘the’, ‘like’, ‘me’, ‘I’, ‘play’, ‘am’, etc.

About Carol and Carrie, they learn it at home follow the Astro channel 35 (NHK) every weekday at 12.05pm. It got 15min English program, this few day learned ‘fast’ and ‘slow’. They follow the ppl in the show pronouns the words. B4 that they oledi learned ‘up’ ‘down’,’on’ ‘off’,’big’ ‘small’,’open’ ‘close’,’red’ ‘blue’ and some vegetable. They also will used the word they had learned like when I bring them to toilet, they need the light on they will point the light and say ‘on’. Others like they want open the bottle or cover, they will call me to ‘open’.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Baby boy was here

This morning about 7am plus my youngest sister give birth a 2.9kgs baby boy. This was her second baby and her elder daughter was 2 years old now.

Her due was actually on 2nd October so late about 3 days. She so worry about her baby and talk to him sometime will ask him why dunwan come out to this world..hehe. She start contraction at 1am and start push her baby at 7am plus, just 10min the baby was came out and no need to cut anything. All of us said she so lucky and the baby was so fast come out.

Congratulation to her!!!