Monday, November 27, 2006

Up the hill again

Tomorrow up the hill again. This year was the second time we go to Genting. The kids were so happy and exciting about tomorrow trip. What we tell them to do they will do so cause scare us didnt bring them along..haha.

Link below was we been to Genting few months ago.
Genting trip (day 1)
Genting trip (day 2 & 3)

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Twins pic

These few days I go arrange the photos, saw some twins old photos was so cute. I post 2 pics to let your compare, they are not much difference hor.

This pic took 1 year ago on Oct'05

This pic took 2 months ago.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Block & Puzzle

I like to buy block or puzzle for my kids. I just think that kids play with it will have good imagination and creative.

When my son about 1 year old I start buy the puzzle make of wood like cut the fruit and some big block. Later he about 2 years plus I bought him abit smaller block for him.

When he 3 years old I bought him other type of puzzle and block. Like the block made of wood, he need to learn balance when place the block higher.

Now he is 4 years plus, so we bought him a set of 1000 pcs ‘LEGO’ for him. He can make a lot of shape he likes. Those pic below I follow the menu to work it out, some he make I forgot to take photos.

For my glas, we bought them a wood puzzle. They like to take out and mix together but they can put back which was belonging to them. They also like to play with their kor kor block or puzzle too. Now they can fix some of the ‘LEGO’ by themselves after that they will shoe me and tell me what it is (forgot to take photo too).

The below blocks I just bought at nite market (Pasar Malam) near by my house, they are very cheap. The quality almost same as ‘LEGO’, it just cost about RM 8 – RM 28 per set only. 1 set can make at least 3 difference type of model. We will buy it 1 week once for collection, no money to buy so expensive ‘LEGO’.

Art work that we done

This few days we had done some art work. We had our work place so we can do our art and craft at there.

First we had done some hand print, the kids like it so much. I paint their hands and they put on the sugar paper then I help them press and print on the paper. I let them ware my old t-shirt so they wont get dirty on their shirt. They look cute with the big t-shirt.

The next day we do paper cutting and glue it together. Since Carter knows to use scissor so he help me cut the paper too (those square shape only). That book I bought it at Popular Bookshop, he loves it so much (this book I bought again for him due to his requested).

The yellow paper one (I used ‘manila’ cardboard) was I printed from the Canon 3D Papercraft . It had some other type of 3D papercraft, card and seasons craft too like X-mas Tree. I like it so much but need a lot of paper and colour to print out the craft. The papercraft should have colour but my printer out of colour ink so just print it back and white. Later maybe will make a small city for my son, see I got time or not.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Last day to school

Last Friday is my last day to school cause start school holidays and my school headmaster decided to retire so need to close down that kindergarten. We so miss that school, so many parents call the headmaster continue the school but he refuse.

Last week I brought my gals go to school together with me to let them try some school life. They love it so much. Everynite will ask me weather the next day go school or not. I said got, they so happy to hear that.

Yesterday, they asked me again but I told them no more school they fell very sad and cried said want to go school. So I will be a SAHM again maybe for another few months if I cant get another new job.

Today let my kids do some handwork. (Yesterday went to Popular bought so many paper for them to do art work on the school holidays). My son said he wants to go art and craft lesson but I decided to let him stay at home and I’ll be the art teacher for money mar and I can teach myself why wanna pay other ppl for RM 100++ for babysit about 1 hours a week only.

Tomorrow will give them start some lesson already, hope this holiday they can learn more things from me. I also bought some book for him to read and write, and brought some holidays homework from my school for him too cause his school dun have any homework for him. Need to keep him busy so I will teach him by myself.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Most Collectable Items from Paris

My friend e-mail me these rings sometime ago, i like it so much. If can have 1 for the wedding ring are so great but too bad i already married and my hubby not a rich guy.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Happy Birthday to ME !!!

Today is my birthday, yesterday 1+2dad celebrate my birthday with me.
My Mother In Law (MIL) help us takecare our kids so we can go 'pak tor' without the kids.

1+2dad brought me to Bangsar ate dinner. That shop call 'Telawi Street Bistro', the food are great and price are reasonable.

I order the 'Thai Spicy Chicken', it come with rice and the filet chicken. The rice was using Japanese rice and it was green in colour with full of cheese taste..mmmmmmmmm..yummy. 1+2dad order a fish and chip, the fish was so fresh and the fries were so crispy and nice too.

We had a baked potato with pamasen cheese for our side order. It so cheesy and delicious too.

After that we went another nearby shop for our next round.We went there just to have a slide of 'Tiramishu' and a cup of tea. That shop 'tiramishu' were so nice and i so long didnt taste it. I had told 1+2dad sometime ago that if we got a chance, we go there eat that cake. He remember what i said and bring me to there when i birthday..he such a grate hubby!!Thank you and last nite i really have a wonderful time with you.

'Happy Birthday to Me !!!'