Saturday, July 29, 2006

Thumb and pacifier sucking

Saw Zara’s mama post about weaning Zara from thumb sucking. I’m very lucky that I dun have this type of problem. They dun have this type of bad habit, but they like to dick nose (hope can wean them off this habit too).

My son case, because of he is breastfeed baby (6 months) so he dun like to suck pacifier. I try so many type of pacifier but fail to let him suck, cause 1 of my friend told me that if dun let him suck pacifier he will suck his thumb. Later his thumb will be not nice and very hard to wean off. If using pacifier, you can just throw the pacifier but if suck finger you cant cut off the finger.

Everytime i saw my son put his finger into his mouth I’ll pull it out and tell him dun do that, it was very dirty to put finger inside the mouth. I just keep on pull out his finger till he dun like to suck finger. Sometime I just let it be cause he will keep changing suck his all finger, if he keep on sucking the same finger I’ll pull it out.

For my twins, I’ll let them use pacifier (cause I breastfeed them just 2 months plus). Sometime they suck till the next morning when they just few months old. So I decided to wean off when they about 9 months old. First few days were tough, after that they can sleep without it. In my opinion, if can wean off b4 1 year old are grate cause they still young cant ask you for the pacifier so can wean off easily.

So do the same, I start let them sleep by their own when they turn 1 year old (I mean no need to cuddle or hug them), it work for 3 of them. After 1 year old, when they finished their milk they will play awhile and fall asleep by their own. If I dun do that, I dunno how to carry 3 of them sleep in the same time..haha.

I dun like to see my kids like other kids at shopping center, they sucking their pacifier just like at home. I saw some of the kids suck pacifier or thumb too much till their teeth no nice. My friends show me their kid’s thumb which was so flat and their front teeth come out. She the one at first call me dun give baby suck pacifier, cause the same reason teeth no nice. Later, she told me better let baby suck pacifier cause very hard to wean off..haha..i didn’t follow what she said. I try my method, it work.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Pity child

I so pity one of my class students. His mother not even cares about him, anything all dump to his father. He is 6 years old now, but he haven’t brush any teeth b4. How we know?? Cause last few month we having teeth check at school, so all the student need to bring their toothbrush and mug to school. The nurse will come and teach them proper way to brush teeth and check their teeth.

The next day we told all the parents to bring their toothbrush, his father told us his son dun had any toothbrush at home. My college asks his father to buy one for him. Wow!! What a parent were they?? They know their kids didn’t brush teeth still dunwan to teach them. I notice this type of parent’s very irresponsibility. A small kind of thing also can’t do it.

Somemore, my college babysits him when he just 5 years old. She told me that he not even know how to chew meat cause his last babysitter just feed him porridge no any rice or meat for him. When meal time he need to take about 2 hours to finish his meal. Now getting better, just need about 1 hour. You know not easy to feed a children eat rice, we need to wait the kids chew and swallow then feed another feed. If porridge very easy, just need to wait they swallow then feed again no need wait for them chew. 1+2dad also very lazy to feed the kids, I said that is not easy job. Somemore I need to feed 3 of them everyday.

He almost 365 days flu, when running nose he not even bother to wipe it off. Sometime we saw it, we will ask him why not ask us take tissue paper for him. He just looks at us. My college told me when meal time he sneezing wont cover his mouth so the dish are full of his yuck!! They teach him so many times but he still does the same.

One more thing, I dunno what his mother do?? Why she want to have kids but dunwan to bother him. On Saturday, she bring her son to my college house for babysit. My college ask him whether he having his breakfast or not (they didn’t include breakfast, just 2 meal). What he told my college was no. My college asks him why not having his breakfast b4 you come and your mommy didn’t buy any bread for you?? What he answer was :” my mommy said no time to buy bread for me cause her college want to go home.” What the hell of this mother said?? Didn’t her son more important then to send a college home?? She can just drop by a bread shop to buy bread, I dun think need to take more then 10 min??

I so pity this kid, he is a very smart kid. If his parents good educate him, I sure his is a grate kid but this irresponsibly parents spoiled him.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Learn Chinese

My son dun like to talk Manderin nowadays. Dunno why but he wont let both of us talk Manderin with him too. He said we just can talk English with him but mar mar can talk Manderin with him. I said why you didn’t answer Manderin with her?? He just smiles and walks away.

I was a Manderin teacher for kiddy so I decided to teach him Manderin by myself early. (His school no Manderin lesson at the moment, they will start when 5 years old). He can remember the words I teach him just one time, so I teach the gals together too.

I just start let them learn三字经”(san zi jing) they can pick up so fast. Now they almost can remember all the words at the 1st topic. If I not working as a teacher, I think I’ll be lazy to let them learn 三字经”(san zi jing) cause few months ago I want to start but lazy till I notice my son start dun like Manderin so I teach him and my gals together.

I notice the kids start late to learn Manderin they will very hard to pick up. Some of my 6 years old students didn’t remember some simple words like (cow), (goat), (cat), (dog). They dunno which is which. (those at home just speak English and mother father didn’t let them revision at home). For my opinion, if want to go Chinese school, the kids must be hardworking cause they have a lot of writing to write. It not like English or bahasa just needs to rearrange 26 alphabets only, but Manderin need so many lines to be a words.

Hope my kids wont tell me they dun like Manderin. My class got 2 students told me they dun like Chinese, but they have to go Chinese school next year so poor of them. They dun like the Chinese till they dunwan do homework ler. Somemore both of them are Indian Mix, but their sibling all are in Chinese school now.