Thursday, May 11, 2006

Carter drawing

At first i though my son dun like drawing, so he didnt draw anything to show me just like other same age kids.

Lately he show me what he draw, make me so happy. I just gave him some paper, after that he came and show me he drawing his daddy. That i ask him draw mommy too.

Yesterday saw Maria also post about her twins drawing pic, so today i also post some my son drawing pic.

He said this is his daddy, what you think??

This pic is when he drawing mommy face.

This is what his mommy look like in his heard..hahaha.


maria @ twinsmom said...

LOL... mommy 不是有三头六臂,而是有好多眼睛和鼻子 LOL...

mumsgather said...

How come mommy got so many eyes and mouth? Hahaha. Maybe thats just right. Usually mommies got many eyes (to watch over them closely) and mouth (to scold and nag. ok ok not just the bad but to tell stories and sing as well.) Hahahaha.

khongfamily said...

Daddy's pic looks more like human horr..You must be scold and nag Carter a lot that he draws you with many eyes....hahahah :P

Potential Mom said...

wahhaha... i dunnoe what is that lor... i think he hope mummy can pay more attention to him, so draw many many eyes, so that mummy can see him everyday every minute, every second... ahhaha

AsleyLee said...

Daddy got beard too?

Tracy said...

Waiyo, Carter drew mommy with so many eyes and with a beard too? Very creative or should I say imaginative? Hahaha.

mom2ashley said...

the drawing is hilarious!

1+2mom said...

yalor, dunno what he think of??

yes, he like me to see him do anything include i had to watch TV together with him and i must watch the TV but cant do anything.

thankz for drop by :)
He was very nauthy still i need to follow him 24 hours per day except he sleep. If not maybe he will climp up on the table or pull something out of the drawer.

potential mom,
yalor, he like that so much.

hui sia,
no. i dun like man have beard.

haha..i dunno but as long he can draw us i very happy.


Tracy said...



i like it- very picasso style... lol

michelle said...

Wow, little artist at work. The first picture looks like a SUN with a face.

Allyfeel said...

Carter has powerful drawing strokes. A potential great Artist. :) He must have think u have pretty draw many of them. :D

Zara's Mama said...

Mummy got many eyes (to watch over him and his meimeis) and lots of hair?


Cute the drawing.

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Alicia said...

waa the mommy ada alot of eyes sia..

1+2mom said...

thank you, you remember :)

very happy to see he start drawing something.

i also hope he think like that.

zara's mama,
hehe..he like me to watch over him.

yalor, i got pretty eyes mar..bohohoho.

Sebastian's mommy said...

wah, he draw u as a female lion?

kiro said...

hi, you got a very telented son here.

I've taught many kiddos art, not many kids has such strong stroke as he does.

Prise him and let him draw more. But don't push him to draw whatever you want or like what those older kids do. Just let him draw freely from his heart.

Make sure you make it a point to look closely at his drawing and ask him to tell you his story from the drawing.

PS. I don't engourage in sending kids to art class if that class has a strict and fix topic to draw.