Sunday, June 17, 2007

Pet e-card

This is a good news for the pet lover especially my sister. Big Paw Designs had offer a free E-cards for your pet loving friends and family member with your pet photos on it.

This web site had a new service that can let you post your own pet photos on the E-cards. It very special and you may earn yourself a special coupon code to shop at when you send your pet photos to this e-mail . They have their unique selections of collar charms, pet jewelry, dog jewelry, dog charms, dog gifts, cat gifts, pet lover gifts, earrings, keychains, magnets, picture frames and more that related to your pet.

You can choose from several categories like funny pets, funny pets, breed specific, puppies, cute dogs, cute kitties and rescued pets. Try it now, and have special pet E-cards for your own.

This is sponsor post.