Thursday, January 26, 2006

Happy Doggie Year!!!

To : All my blogger friends,

Happy Doggie Year to you all !!! May all your wish come true, and happy holidays !!!!



Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A ‘4’ me.

I've been tagged by Alicia and Two Little Fellas.

The Meme of "Four"

*4 Jobs I’ve Had In My Life:
- Promoter
- Data Entry Clerk
- Office Assistence
- Stay At Home Mum

*4 Movies I Could Watch Over and Over:
- Doraemon the Movie Series
- Garfield the Movie
- Mr Bean
- seldome watch movie just accompany my son watch his favarite movie

*4 TV Shows I Love(d) To Watch:
- TVB drama
- Cartoons
- no more

*4 Places I’ve Lived :
I've been staying in Malaysia all the while
- Kuala Lumpur
- Petaling Jaya
- No more-

*4 Places I’ve Been On Vacation To:
- UK
- Hong Kong
- Singapore
- Malaysia

*4 Places I Would Rather Be In:
- home
- playland with my kids and hubby
- go holiday with my family
- gathering with friends

*4 Of My Favourite Foods:
- Seafood
- Yong Tau Foo
- Bak Kut Teh
- All the food that my mum cook

*4 Of My Favourite Beverages:
- Ice Cream
- Cold drink
- Ice Blanded
- Tea

*4 Websites I Visit Daily:
- My blog :)
- Friends' Blogs
- Yahoo Mail
- Online news

*4 Unfortunate Souls Tagged:
- No one to be unfortunate

Hope you all know me more since got 2 tagged about ‘ME’.


My son got lots of toys, include the free gift from Happy Meal from McD. Almost every week we bought 1 toy for him, if we didn’t buy he still got his free toys from McD.

His toys are every where, you can found it even at bathroom or in his daddy car. I kept his toys till everyday I argue with him who to keep toys. Finally I found 1 solution that I play a game with him see who can keep the toys faster. So from now on, every time keep toys need to keep with him and sometime I lazy help him keep together still got argument with him.

1+2dad always said why I so annoying when ask son keep the toys, why not let him play till at nite he slept then I go keep. I said I dun like the place massy, so need him keep the toys after he had play and can make it a good habit.

I also ask 1+2dad go keep toys if he play the toys with his son and his son dunwan to keep. Let him know not easy to keep toys form morning till nite.

Now the gals grow up and will fight for the same toys, we need to buy 3 set of the same toys for them. If 1 missing they fight for it, I will keep the toys if they dun wanna share each other or play together.

The old toys they didn’t play actually I need to keep but when I keep the toys my son saw it he said he still wanna play, or someday he remember he will ask me find out for him. So the toys still in the living hall, and mass up together keep in the corner.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Getting to know more about

Not again!!! Joking!!Wow, this time I got tagged by 2 ppl in the same title. I’m so popular mer??haha. Need to do my homework now.

The Rules: Remove the blog in the top spot from the following list and bump everyone up one place. Then add your blog to the bottom spot.
1. My All
2. All About Zara
3. Double Happiness and My Feelings
4. Snippets of Life and Tracy's Nest
5. Happy Family

Then you select five people to pass the love on to:
1. Omamori
2. Kampungkai
3. Some1’s Voice out There
4. NIL
5. NIL

What were you doing ten years ago?

10 years ago, I just start work at a welding company as Data Entry Clerk.

What were you doing 1 year ago?

1 year ago? My gals just 1 year old still learned how to walk.

Five super fatty and high cholesterol snacks you enjoy:

1. Junk food (I eat together with my kids)
2. Ice cream (my favorite)
3. Fries things (like fries chicken, French fries)
4. Roti tisu and Nan
5. 葱油饼 (English dunno call what just remember ‘Taiwan bla bla bla’

Five songs to which you know all the lyrics off your head right now:

1. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
2. Eensy Weensy Spider
3. Five Little Monkey Jumping On The Bed
4. I Love You (from Barney)
5. I’m Little Teapot

These are some nursery rhymes sing along with my kids, very long didn’t hear the popular music. If you ask me sing again the old song, sorry I already forgot all the lyrics.

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire billionaire:

1. Travel around the world.
2. Charity.
3. Buy a land builds my own design house.
4. Allocate education fund for my kids.
5. Ask my father mother and father mother in law retire.

Five bad habits:

1. Forgetful.
2. Lazy.
3. Impatient.
4. Stubborn.
5. dunno.

Five things you like doing:

1. Traveling.
2. Read Novel.
3. Watch TV.
4. Day dreaming.
5. Shopping.

Five things you would never wear, buy, or get new again:

1. Tide shirt. (Tummy to big, paiseh to ware tide shirt)
2. High heel. (Need to run around with the kids, cant wear high heel anymore)
3. NIL.
4. NIL.
5. NIL.

Cant think at the moment, seldom buy things for myself after got children.

Five favorite “toys”:

1. My children.
2. Online game.
3. My blog.
4. Handphone. (set alarm everyday, play some game and ringtone)
5. Dictionary. (my English very bad, need dictionary when I write blog)

That’s all. Did you know me more enough?

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Why I like to go shopping??

Zara’s mama comment :

Shopping again? *slap head*You really kaki shopping! :P But the kids really love the 1U fish pond hor? Zara also loves it.

This is one of her comment about me, why I always bring the kids go shopping??
Every Sunday is our family day, if we just stay at home 1+2dad will just sit in front of the pc play his game rather then take some time for the kids or just watch his TV while the kids play beside him.

Instead of just let the kids play by themselves, why not I ask 1+2dad bring us out then he can concentrate the kids and we have time to ‘pak tor’ too, right? Daytime weather so hot, cant go any place so just go for shopping centre and there got free air-condition..not bad what?

If I ask him accompany the kids at home, sometime he will show his black face to me. If at outside, he no choice but have to help me run with the kids..hehe. Clever me !!!

Some more 1 week stay at home they also very bored why not let them run at a big space like at shopping center. At nite, we will bring the kids back to my home to visit my father.

We got no time at Sunday nite for shopping, but we will bring the kids go nearby park every Saturday evening let them join with other kids for fun.

Barbie Doll

I think most of the gal like Barbie doll, so do I. When I was young I hope I can have one but at my age the Barbie doll so expensive I think is about RM 100 plus. My mom wont buy so expensive toys for us, she said not worth it.

Later when I start work, one day I go shopping saw Barbie doll so cheap it cost about RM 20. I bought it with some cloth for changing (very paiseh to say out because so big still play Barbie doll).

That Barbie doll is my only one Barbie doll, till my gals born and them about 1 year plus I take out and let them play. Actually my son who play the most, and the part of the doll almost separate from each other.

Now I got 2 big Barbie doll can play, I like to tide their hair. When go out for shopping, I like make them nice and pretty. This 2 Barbie doll cloth no so expensive compare to those tiny little Barbie doll cloth cost more then my gal’s cloth.

When they grow up if they want to play Barbie doll I think I will buy for them cause now a day Barbie doll so cheap.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

New Year eve party

We having a New Year eve party at 1+2dad uncle house and we celebrate the gals 2nd birthday at the party too.

The whole day was a rainy day, luckily when we get ready to go 1+2dad uncle house the rain become small. We reached 1+2dad uncle house at Subang Jaya about 7.30pm, the traffic not so traffic maybe we went out early.

When we reached there, some 1+2dad uncle and auntie already start the buffet dinner. We took some food, feed the kids and ourselves. Later the kids have some fun with 1+2dad cousin (she is about 12 or 13 years old).

1+2dad grandma and grandpa with his cousin late because of traffic jam (they came from Kepong jam at 1 Utama), they reached here about 9.30pm. We wait them had their dinner then we had a birthday party at about 10.30pm.

We sing birthday song for the gals, Carter look more excited then his sisters. He gets ready to blow the candle but his cousin faster then him to blow off the candle. The gals still blur what we doing..haha.. I think they dunwan so fast to grow up.

Tomorrow will be the gals 2 years old birthday, I think we wont celebrate their birthday again since we had their birthday party at 1+2dad uncle there.

This are some of the photo took at 1+2dad uncle house.

Image hosted by

Carol eats fruit by herself.

Image hosted by

Some photos took at 1+2dad uncle house.

Image hosted by

Carter look more excited then the gals when we sing the birthday song.

Image hosted by

This is their birthday cheese cake with 2 little angle just like them.

Image hosted by

This photo took at home.

Image hosted by

They look so happy when I took photos for them.