Friday, June 30, 2006

I want read story book

Now a day, I’ve been very buzy with my job and my kids. My kids occupied all my time, I need to accompany them all day long
Everyday after school back to home, I need to feed my kids and myself. Accompany them watch TV program and nap. After wake up from nap, play with them. Later after taking dinner I bath them and we have fun with 1+2dad that is our family time whole day long.

Later about 10pm, it is time to sleep. Let them change and brush teeth then had their milk. After that, it is time to read story book for them. They like this section when I start read story for them, so everynite b4 sleep they want me to read story book for them. They learn so much word from there. It worth it to sacrifice my time to do my house work early right after they sleep. I took some time to read some book for them.

So now I less blog and blog hopping cause after I done my house work it about 12am and I need to prepare my lesson plan for my next day work.

Those story books I bought from a company call Grolier. They call me whether I want the book or not and it suitable for my twins. It just cost about RM 16.++ for 2 first steps to reading and 1 for parents guide to read. It cheap so I just ask them sends to me and my kids just love it so much. It was an alphabet story book and contents each alphabet for each book.

Later they call me whether to send the rest of the book, so I said continue and it can pay for 0 interest installment for 12 months. Not bad..hehe.

So everynite after milk they will call : “ mummy!!! I want read story book!!!” My son will count what alphabet we read until yesterday and continue which alphabet today. He start read the story book and tell me some story too. My gals they will told me the word when I point to that pic.

I’m so happy they start like reading, hope will keep this job and I already order few story book for them just need to wait few more weeks.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Happy Birthday to 1+2dad!!!

Today is 1+2dad birthday, but he needed to travel to Ipoh discuses his new business. If success he will open his own business 2 months later.

Just now after dinner, we went to Swensen celebrate his birthday early. My kids were very happy cause can eat so much ice-cream and that is their favorite.

This Sunday is Father’s Day, wish all the father out there “Happy Father’s Day !!!

Dear Darling,

Happy Birthday to you!!! Muaks.


Thursday, June 08, 2006

Genting trip (Day 2 & 3)

As last post we been to Genting, the next day we wake up about 10am..haha..cause the day before we slept at about 12.30am so we wake up late.

After we change up, we have our breakfast at First World Indoor Theam Park. Later we go buy the indoor theam park tickets, we bought the family package (2 adult and 2 children) at RM 85.00 and 1 children ticket for my son at RM 21.00. (Those want to go Genting, please buy it online, it very cheap just only RM 69.00 for Family package and RM 16.00 for children). The family package had some other offer and discount like it had 2 Snow World ticket offer (1 coupon is b4 12 pm and another is the last entry of the day it means at 11.30pm) for only RM 10.00 per entry but just for 1 ticket only.

1+2dad brought my son to the snow world after few round of car ride, and I brought the gals go play others ride. We meet back at Snow World at 12.10pm. My son looks so happy after saw us and told me what he plays in the Snow World.

My gals play the car ride (Ride de Paris) and the ‘marry go round’ non stop, till they wanna fall asleep while playing the ‘marry go round’. I told them they still can play after nap, and at nite. Carol still annoying when we on the way back to hotel, but Carrie very happy she can back to hotel sleep.

While we in the hotel, I let the kids had their milk and the gals fall asleep very fast. But not my son, he still telling me he used the snow to throw his father. He play the slide in the snow house, he fall off because the snow skippy. He told me many things that happened in the Snow World till he cant sleep. I said bring him go down play some more he said want, then me and my son off we go play the indoor game again.

After about an hour, we back to hotel and they still sleeping. It about 4.30pm, we wake them up and rest a while at about 5pm we went down to the park again. Let them play the car ride again and again we having our buffet dinner at Resort Café (we go try another hotel buffet, whether it same or not). The kids like it but it not much choice compare to the First World Café.

After the dinner, we back to First World Indoor Theam Park continue the ride. I think my kids go for the car ride and marry go round more then 20 times. If not buy the unlimited ride I think I will ‘backrup’ cause per ride it charge at RM 4.00, for 3 kids is already RM 12.00 per round. If 20 times ..hahaha..dun think about it.

We go for the monorial before they close, having a nite scene in the outdoor theam park. After that, we brought the kids for the river boot ride (Rio Float). My son wanna throw the coins into the container wish that set long the way to boot pass by.

After that they go for the car ride again, and I said wanna try the 4d motion master. It makes me head spinning and not so excited. I told 1+2dad no need to try, it nothing special. After the motion master it about 10.30pm, I go find them at McD. We thought back to hotel sleep but the kids still want to play. We let them play last round but my son want to go Snow World see again. After that, 1+2dad told me our son wants to go to the Snow World again. 1+2dad scare he will fall sick again, decided not go in but my son fell very sad after he dad said that and he said he will eat medicine if he fall sick again. Kids want to play, ask them do anything also can. They went to the Snow World again, and I bring the gals go play other ride again.

At 12.20am, I and the gals still wait our turn to ride the Ferris Wheel. When is our turn to go up, 1+2dad and my son got in time to ride with us. After the ride, it about 12.45am. It was really a very happy day for the kids. Carter and Carol still said want to play while we back to hotel. We said the park nearly want to close, and we all so tired need to go back hotel sleep.

After change them, it nearly about 1am plus. After we slept, 1+2dad head to Casino to try luck but lost about RM 400.

The next day morning, we had our breakfast at hotel it was ‘Instance Mee Noddle’..haha. After check out, we go to Theam Park Hotel back side park took some photo and back to our home.

On the way back, we asked them whether want to come again?? They all said : " Want!!!"

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Genting trip (Day 1)

We been to Genting on last Sunday (3 days 2 nite), almost everyday my son said want to go Genting and keep asking me when we wanna go. He count and count and said why sleep so many still haven’t go Genting?? It was a nice trip and they want to go again and dunwan to go home when the day we went back home.

Day 1 (28/5/06)

Weak up to do all the house work and pack up some stuff leave out yesterday.

Weak all the kids and 1+2dad up, let the kid had milk and change them. We prepare and off we go to eat breakfast.

We having our breakfast at India shop, after that we heading up to hill.

About 11.00am
We reached at Genting, and get the parking at First World Hotel. (1+2dad said we need to go early cause need quite a long time to check in at First World Hotel). We wait about 80 plus ppl till out turn to check in to the hotel.

Carter, Carol & Carrie took photo at lobby First World Hotel.

About 12.00pm
It is our turn to check in the room and our room no. is 16 772. I book it online and it is a package about RM179.00 with 2 buffet breakfast/lunch/dinner. It is a standard room view that the room is facing to the outdoor team park. My kids like it so much.

We having our lunch at McD. When the kids saw the playground at Indoor Team Park they want to play right away, but we said need to wait till tomorrow. They can play whole day at the team park. We went to Genting Resort Hotel too, there had other theam park inside. We let the kids have some fun there.

Back to hotel have a nap.

We went to have buffet dinner at First World Café. There had quite many choice of food there, the taste not bad.

Have a walk at First World Hotel, my son saw the SnowWorld he said wanna go in but we said had to wait till tomorrow. We bought a lightning mini fan for him and 2 lightning whistle for the gals, they like it so much.

We went back to hotel sleep and watch tv. All of us slept at about 12.30am that nite. We bought along the queen size air mattress so we could have more space to sleep. My kids like to sleep on that air mattress, so they all sleep together. I and 1+2dad can sleep together without the kids beside us.

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Note : Day 2 and day 3 will be coming up soon.