Saturday, June 16, 2007

Celebrate Fahter's Day

Tomorow we will celebrate our fahter' s day earlier. Both sis in law will celebrate with my parents in law while we will celebrate with my father.

We already plan to eat dinner at Dragon-i, so will share it with my 2 sisters..hehe..this time can order more. We already been there about 2 times, so can taste other special meal there.

Sunday will be 1+2dad's birthday so we had plan to have our dinner at Bangsar, this time will bring along the kids cause mother in law will celebrate father's day with her parents.

Thought to watch a movie with 1+2dad at the morning but i almost forget my son got class..aiks cannot already, so just have dinner with him only. I had plan to buy a cake for him, hope got time to get it.


huisia said...

happy birthday and happy father's day to your hubby!

1+2mom said...

thank you :)