Saturday, June 30, 2007

Merchant Circle – Business owner forums

Those who are business owner got good news here; Merchant Circle had a forum that let those business owners to trade ideas, customers, and network with each other. They also can exchange opinion and meet other business owner online.

They can claims their business page and customize it with picture, blogs, free coupons and new letters. It also can update the new products that their business had launched. It is a service that can let the business owner advertise their product for free. This much like a social network can let all business owners in the country to communicate with each other. Besides posting about the business idea or something related to business, you can also post to ask about some other general things like looking for a marketing firm and sales rep.

It so great that not only can promote your business but also can meet new friends in this forum. Not only that, it is free that can help business owner cut down their expenses cost.

This is a sponsors post.