Monday, April 28, 2008

Diapers Free!

My son was diapers free from now on. Feel shy to say it but need to record down that he step on another mile stone. It was a very nice gift for both of us as his 6th birthday coming soon on next week.

Thought to let him diapers free by his own but seem it not work so i force him to wake up in midnite between 2-3 hours to pee for past 2 weeks. First 3 nite, accident happend but after that it seem ok and last 3 days he managed to wake up by himself.

Bravo boy!!

Now is my 2 girls turn to diapers off. Hope in this 2 weeks can success. Still let them wear diapers but last few days they didnt wet their diapers but did accident once or twice. 1+2dad ask me to train them when school holiday so i can have time to rest but i hope my son can diaper off b4 he turn 6. After the son, now think of together 1 go with the sisters too so i can save more money for their education fund.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Carol & Carrie reading

Just for my own record.They can read better then their brother at their age. Last time my son at their age dun like to read, he told me that this reader can read at school only so i didnt teach him at home at all. Luckily he can recognize the words and his teacher told me his reading is no at big problem.

Below is Carol read her school reader until book 10.

This one is Carrie, same book as Carol too.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Amazing animals

Yesterday went i was iron the cloth it came into my mind to serch a lyre bird (i know this bird from 1 of the book from my son buddha school library). I wanted to know how they copy the sound of other animal. It's amazing that this video clip show that this bird really can do many sound eventhought the human cutting tree, it also can copy.

Lyre Bird - Imitating Sounds - David Attenborough

From the youtube i also found some other bird can talk like a human. It was so cute.

Super Funny Bird Talking

Riley The Amazing Talking Bird


Another amazing animal is this dog know how to count the maths.

Amazing Dog Trainer

This video clip just for keeping only but its funny. I think most of you had watch this short clip.

Hippo & Dog - The Lion Sleeps Tonight

!!SUPER FUNNY!! Pixar - Karate Cow - Kung Pow

Saturday, April 05, 2008

My daughters

So long didnt update..hehe.

Today lets talk about my girls. Teacher told me that they are very good in class, as long they didnt run everywhere and they were fast learner. Now they read their reader until book 9, remember all the words that teach at school (i didnt teach them at home althought i was 4 years old teacher, accept i do reading with them every nite). Accept 1 thing, they are too close to reach other.

The teacher told me that she ask them who was their good friend but they point to their sister. Teacher told them they are not friend but sister, they seem not understand. Another classmate said Carrie was his good friend, Carol scold that boy said cannot Carrie was her sister cannot be his good friend. I'm so scare they will too close until they cant be separate. They will jealous to each other when only 1 of them have something or doing something. They want exactly the same for both of them.

Who sit with daddy, the other also want. But brother they wont bother about him if the brother play with daddy or have some other thing. Both of us or family member carry 1 of them, the other also want. So their reader also at the same page. How many pages 'jie jie' read as well as 'mei mei'. Maybe i'll start separate them when they std. 1. Let them stay in difference class, so they have difference friends and wont so depend to each other.

Dunno other twins will be the same or not?