Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Good News !!

For those like to eat and haven’t tried the Mille Crepe before, now no need wait Jason drop by or travel to Malacca eat. You can get it in Petaling Jaya now.

I saw it on 'Sin Chew Jit Poh' on Sunday newpaper that introduce a nice place to eat, it had a review about a restaurant that a best place to bring father to celebrate father’s day. They introduce some of the food from the restaurant and I saw the mille crepe on the pic too.

You can visit the website : Food Foundry and it had some short description about the mille crepe. I haven’t go try so dunno whether it same taste with Malacca mille crepe or not. It abit expensive compare with Jason bought it from Malacca that charge us extra. You also can see the price list from their website. I'm not promote for them and this is not a sponsor post but just wanted to let some of you that haven’t try it, can have a try that nearest to us.


huisia said...

you also start blogging for money ? good go..

come and visit my new home : -

1+2mom said...

hehe..get some extra pocket money :P

wah, you also go .com dunno when will be my turn??

Grace said...

ai yoyo, the Mille Crepe shop so nearby my house also never try :P

Jacss said...

i am going to try it out this weekend......been tempted so long, thanks to u sylvia!!

1+2mom said...

wah, then next time i go i call you out and meet there lor.

no problem, we all share our news mar.

Tracy said...

I heard of dat but I oso heard the Mille Crepe's not as good as what Jason ordered for us. Maybe should give it a try and make a comparison to see which is better hor?