Monday, June 18, 2007

Celebration of 1+2dad birthday

Today is 1+2dad birthday also a father’s day, so we decided to celebrate together.

This morning I send my son to his Buddha school till 12.00pm, after that we went to Puchong Q-jelly shop to buy a cake for 1+2dad. It was a surprise for him.

After we reached home, we brought the cake to upstairs (1+2dad still playing his online game) we sand the birthday song and gave him a birthday card. He was so surprise and very happy. All of us take turn to kiss him after he blew the candles.

After ate the cake, we went to ‘wong kok’ at SS2 to have our lunch. They have promotion that if we join their member we had direct discount 10% on the total bill. We decided to take 1 cause we usually will went there to eat, it worth if you go there quite often.

At nite, we went to ‘Terlawi Street Bistro’ to have our dinner. This one is to celebrate 1+2dad birthday but he the one who pay the bill..haha..why because if I sign credit card he the one will pay the credit card bill so he said no difference that he pay the bill.

The meal is nice, the environment also good. We so enjoy the meal so do the kids.

“Happy Birthday to you, my sweet heart !!”

Jelly cake for 1+2dad.

Carter kiss his daddy.

Carol turn to kiss her daddy.

Now, is Carrie turn to kiss her daddy. Daddy sure very song.

1+2dad cut the birthday cake.


Grace said...

the jelly cake look delicious, Happy Birthday to your lou kong!

1+2mom said...

yea, it very colour and the taste is good too.

Sasha said...

Happy Belated birthday 1+2 DAD!

jazzmint said...

happy bday!!!

1+2mom said...

thank you very much.

Jacss said...

happy belated b'day to 1+2dad !!
good that u tried out the jelly cake ya....d kids would love it d most!!

btw, i recv yr msn that day but i wan't around coz i usually left my msn on in my office laptop.
anything i can help??

Anonymous said...

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