Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year !!!

This few weeks quite buzy with the preparation for school reopen, will upload some photos that taken on the Christmas day later. B4 year 2007 end, i wish all of you

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Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Feel at 1 Utama

Yesterday we went to 1 Utama to see their decoration. This year the decoration is quite nice with a very big nutcracker and the little nutcracker around him that play the musical instrument. We also saw the real nutcracker standing there and let the people take photo with him.

We thought to watch Barney at Old Wing near the Jusco but yesterday show was at 5 & 8 pm so we decided to go there on this Sunday. The show time for Barney that for who interested want to go are :

Monday till Thursday : 5 & 8 pm.
Saturday & Sunday : 3, 5 & 8pm

Who interested to let your children take photo and close up with the Barney you can get ticket at the information nearby, it valid for 50 children per session. If not mistaken, I remember this show will end on 25th.

Today I went back to school to learn baked cake with 1 of my colleague. Last time she was a baker, so today she teaching us to make cheese cake & durian cake. My son love the cheese cake very much, I hope I can make 1 if 1 get the new over later. I forgot to bring my camera along so no pic to show the cake look like but it was so delicious.

I meet 1 of the blogger when I at school, her son will join our school next year. Actually I also very long didn’t drop by to her blog and she told me she very less update her blog. She said she recognize my daughters so she asking me whether I know her colleague (my ex-classmate) or not and told me she read my blog. Wow, frighten me that I dunno will meet a blogger here and her son maybe will be my student next year..what a pressure.

At last, I wish all of you :

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


This are the photos that we took on Mid Valley, it very nice but i prefer the last year it much more beautiful than this year decoration.At least last year they had a candy house but this year nothing but just the trees.

The pic below show my son made our bedroom to his music room, he also set a rules b4 we went into his room.

The rules are show as below :

Music Room
9 people can go in
(clock)Would open, (clock)Would close
You can go in but you can not make noise

Monday, December 17, 2007

Shopping at Mid Valley

This morning we went to Mid Valley shopping, actually not shopping we decided to snap some photo there because my friends said the decoration at there was very nice. We reached there around 10.30am and had our breakfast cam lunch at the food court there. Thought to invite Jacss to join us but too bad her helper was cleaning up their house so she couldn't join us.

Thought to go there eat the Portuguese grill fish but the shop hasn’t ready yet. We go order the Chinese fried food. About 11.00am, we still eating and heard the centre court had the Santa photo snapping event had start. After the lunch, we went to the exhibition hall to have a look about the Play-Ex function. We bought a set of 6 small transformers (can make to 1 big robot) as my son Christmas present. The gals present we will buy it later, any idea to get what present for 4 years old girls?

Bought a Strawberry Short cake movie for the gals and b4 we went home we go get their milk powder at a shop at Taman Megah. The first things when we reached home, my son call us to open his 6 little transformers for him.

Next week we will go The Curve to see the decoration there and sent my son to the cookies workshop too.

Yesterday, I had made a musical instrument from the recycle box for my son (guitar). He also gets some idea to make the drum with 2 tins of cookies container and hit with the chopstick. I get 2 emptier yogurt cups to put some red bean inside for the gals to shake. Carter goes make our bedroom to his music room with all the rules listed in front of the door. They hit and shake the musical instrument inside the ..what a sound pollution.


I got this tag by Hazel, I better do it now if not I scared I’ll forgot about it. Sorry Jacss, your tag I’ll do it later still think what to write about ‘the rod’.

Rules :
1. Copy from "Start Copy" until "End of Copy".
2. Before "End of Copy", share your best memories of 2007 include your name and your URL blog.
3. Share this tag to your friends.

As for me this year 2007 not so good for our family but happy to start earn money from the my blog ‘Happy Family”. I get to know more friends from the blog sphere and become to the real world friends.

Many quarrel with the family but we over come all the problem together and from the quarrel we get to know each other more. Hope next year will be a lucky and happy year..Sylvia aka 1+2mom.


I am tagging : Jacss, yenlin, papa joneh.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Little update

Yesterday was our 10th registered anniversary; we didn’t go anywhere because I working and no leave to take some more 1+2dad also working. Last Wednesday (5th December), was our 8th wedding anniversary. I almost forgot to update it in my blog, I was in training so this year we didn’t celebrate this occasion.

Wah, from the date above I already married 8 years. It not a very long marriage but between these years we had a lot of quarrel sometime we also mention about divorce. After the big fight, we still stick together I think is because of ‘LOVE’, if not I dun think we still together. We came along so many problems and finally we still in a Happy Family, that why I put this as my blog title I love my family so much. They are my very important family member and my life too. From we meet until we built a family and now with 3 kids, you had done your good job.
"I Love You so much, Darling."

Beside that, our washing machine had ’running our of service’ 4 days ago (it with us about 6 years) so I need to wash all the laundry with so tired. Luckily today the brand new washing machine was in time so tonite I no need wash with my hand.

Economic and Reliable Pressure Washer

Last week my father went to our house, at that moment he steps in to the house he saw my husband washing his car using the pressure washer. He is wonder where we get this pressure washer from and it is so useful. I introduce him to DeWALT Pressure Washer that it is a heavy-duty gas pressure washer and it designed for commercial used.

The DeWALT Pressure Washer come equipped with industrial-grade pumps, heavy-duty engines, 16-gauge steel frames and large, 12-inch tires. This pressure washer is built from the ground up with only quality materials being used and it reliable. It is also suitable for home use like to clean up the wall, car pouch and gate easily. Just a press of button you can do the job fast and clean.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Young looking

Last week I had my training at Puchong, I saw 2 teachers from other center are quite pretty and young looking. When we chatting, I just realize they are going to 50 years old and their kids are from 15-18 years old.

I asked them how they can keep young looking, they said they can keep young looking because of they teach in the kindergarten with those small kids and play with them. The kids make them happy and enjoy the life.

On the last day, I brought along with my son. Some of the teacher ask me weather he is my son, when I said yes they look at me so surprise and told me that I’m just look like 20+ and haven’t married. I laugh and told them I already have 3 children and I 30+ of age.

The year end trip

My father are going to visit my mum at USA end of the month, he would like to celebrate the Christmas there as well. He asking me to check the hotel and the flight to New York online, he wanted to get the best price for this holiday seasons. It reminds me the hotel reservations can get the cheaper price that I had got it for my sister to UK. This time I also will get the best deal for my father to New York so that he can save more money to spend in US to get more gifts for us.

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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Home-made Play Doh

More than 1 week i didnt update my blog, because i having trainning these week. I had learn so much from there, will spend something that i had learned like the title i'll teach you how to make the home-made play doh.

It suitable for the kids and it make from the things that safe for the kids if accidently eat it. The play doh recepie as follow :

4 cups of flour
1 cup of salt
4 cups of water
a little cooking oil
50 gms cream of tartar (you can get it at supermarket-baking section)
food coloring (mix till color you like)
vanilla essence (for nicer smell)

1) Mix flour, salt and cream of tartar.
2) Pour in the water, oil, food coloring and vanilla essence.
3) Cook over low heat until it thicker, stir continously.
4) Knead the play-doh until smooth on the table.

It very easy receipe and the kids like it so much. I just used half of the ingrident can make quite big of the play-doh. It much smoother than the play-doh that you buy outside, somemore it cheap and safe for the kids. Go have a try, it fun and the children will love it.

* Next week will start my open day duty, so will be another 1 week no update but will try to update on weekend.