Monday, June 04, 2007

First time ride train

This morning brought my kids go ride train with my sister’s kids. Yesterday nite 1+2dad told them mommy will brought them to ride train so they need to sleep early and cannot make some more noise, they all shout happily and fall asleep quite fast than usual day.

We meet at my #2 sis home (also my father home-she not married and I was the #1 daughter in the family) at about 11 – 11.30am. I reached my father home early and need to wait the youngest sis and her kids to arrive. Meanwhile waiting my youngest sis I teach my #2 some blogging and upload photos.

About 11.30am my youngest sis reached, we go to Petaling KTM station with my car..haha..8 ppl in a car, geng ler!! We parked the car near the station and bought through and flow ticket to Midvalley. Adult is RM2.20 and kids over 4 years old is Rm1.10. We took some photo at the station then I noticed my camera was low battery, and I forgot to charged my standby battery too..aiks luckily my sis handphone got camera function so still wont miss the moment they in the train. They so happy in the train, and keep on asking when will reached the next station, what at outside so and so.

Inside the train, sis #2 told us needs to change train at KL central to Midvalley. My youngest sis said no need, so they start argue there. Luckily a lady beside us and a very nice lady that leave a sit for our kids said we need to change train at KL Central cause she also going to Midvalley.

We reached at Midvalley about 12.30pm ++ and we having our lunch at top floor Jusco. Both my sis like to eat ‘Laksa’ at there, I think is very special and delicious gua (but not my favorite). After that we hang around the Midvalley (got Thomas and friend promotion counter at canter court, we took some pic too) and b4 go home my youngest sis went to Carrefour to buy some mile powder.

At Carrefour we saw the ‘pet pet’ promotion counter and had 4 animal puppets surrounding with many children. They so happy see this entire puppet, and run towards them. They go and touch, shake hand and took some photo with them.

After all the photo session and buy things session we all want to go home. We reached my father home about 4.30pm. I let my gals slept at my father room, while my son and me stay in my #2 sis room to help her do some upload photos. My youngest sis went home after we reached at my father home cause her son and daughter need to go home take nap.

About 6.30pm, I weak my gals up and went back to fetch 1+2dad to eat dinner (1+2dad didn’t follow us cause he said this is sister shopping trip, he dunwan join us). My #2 sis also join us to eat dinner.

My son still asking me want to ride train again, and this time he want to ride the one on higher train (it was LRT cause he saw it in the train).

Tomorrow will start my training, my son wanted to follow me but sorry boy mommy cannot bring you along cause this a course that the entire adult can go only. Mommy promise will bring you and your sisters to ride the train again.

Today is a very tired day (cause bring this kids to ride a crowed train and change station) but when saw their happy face and so excited to explain what happened there are worth it. They had learned a lesson that it cannot get and feel from the book.

p/s : some pic still in my #2 sis handphone, will ask from her later.


Grace said...

hmm....hope I can bring my kids for train ride one day.

huisia said...

i miss those ride..:)

Allyfeel said...

Hello...nice new home.:)

Sounds like a fun day, the kids look so happy, worth it!

Hey, I just moved to a new home as well, do visit us at

CutiePrincessMummy said...

I plan to bring my princesses to hv a ride too! They r very excited whenever seeing the train pass by! :)

1+2mom said...

it was great, find 1 day go with them.

when come to KL bring your son and baby go try :) need on weekday oh if not it will be so crowded.

thankz :)

they feel so happy and want to go again.

I had visit your blog, it was so warm and nice.

it was great, i think your princesses will jump up shout hurray when you tell them you want to bring them have a ride.

Jesslyn said...

har? first time ah? me not KL lang but already brought Wien for few times lor! LOL

Lyon till now still asking me to bring her to sit train!

1+2mom said...

it because we are KL lang, got car why want to go squeeze with other ppl??haha..
Bring her come again and we go sit together.

jazzmint said...

wah wah..nice experience hehe..i guess kids love it. wait till when train is empty..they even love it more :P