Sunday, March 27, 2005

Toddler sometime so good to parents

My toddler sometime so good to us, let see the conversation below :

1+2dad : “boy, when we go shopping daddy buy toys for you ok?”
Toddler : “daddy dunwan buy toys, house got soooo many toys.”

1+2dad: “wah..boy boy so cleaver. You really dunwan daddy buys toys for you?”
Toddler : “daddy dunwan buy toys, afterward..afterward daddy no money buy McD (Mcdonald).”

1+2dad & 1+2mom*drop their specs* : “I though you so cleaver, dunwan play toys dunno you love McD very much.”
Toddler : “hehehehe..McD also got toys mar.”

1+2dad & 1+2mom *roll their eyes*

Sometime he so cute,

1+2mom : “boy, please dun swing the toys, afterward will hit mei mei.”
Toddler still doing pretend didn’t hear what mommy said.

1+2mom *using loud voice* : “boy, boy, please dun do it again, if not mommy take cane here.”
Toddler : “mommy dun take cane ar.”

1+2mom : “ok, you dunwan mommy bit you then you dun do that again.”
Toddler *with smiling face*: “mommy dun bit boy boy, afterward boy boy bit you ar.”

Other family member smile until wanna fall on the floor liao, 1+2mom face oledi dark.

Another time, toddler run down stair told maid.

Toddler : “kakak, you see boy boy so naughty this poils (spoil) liao.”
He shows the water color to maid, its break into 2 cause inside dry up easily break.

Kakak *smile* : “hehe,why spoil where is mommy?”
Toddler : “boy boy naughty lor.”

Kakak : “afterward mommy come and bit you.”
Toddler : “mommy up stair vacuum.”

Hehehe, sometime he talks so funny. You dunno want to angry him or wanna smile with him.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

My sis little puppy

Last Saturday went back to my father house and get some pic of my sis little puppy.The next day afternoon, 3 out of 4 was sending to the new owner.

Wanna blog about her doggie but dunno when the puppies were born,the sex and the name. So I call my middle sis to ask her about her puppy.

1+2mom : “wei, leng lui sorry to bother you so late.
Just wanna ask about your puppy.”

Sister : “why you wanna know about my puppy?”

1+2mom : “cause I wanna put your little puppy pic on my web lor.
Can show off mah.”

Sister : “ok,ok, what you wanna know?”

1+2mom : “how many months was your puppy now?”
Sister : “they about 7+ weeks.”

1+2mom : “how many male and female are they?”
Sister : “they all female.”

1+2mom : “errrr..what else can you tell me?”
Sister : “their type is calling Miniature Schnauzer.”
Sister : “their name is Louie,Twyekle,Carolbelle and Cloe.”
Sister : “their mother call Abbe and father call……… bla bla bla…”*1+2mom buzy jog down the note*
1+2mom : “ok,ok, enough liao. Thank you ar sis. Bye Bye.”

That all about my sis doggie, some more their grandparents are from Taiwan ler.

Below is my sis little puppy, very cute!

Image hosted by

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Going Nap

Once upon an afternoon, toddler sitting at the bed watching his favorite VCD.

It’s time to nap,

1+2mom : “boy, its time to sleep.”
Toddler : “dunwan, I want to see cat cat.” *point to the tv*

1+2mom : “afterward you weakup mommy play again, ok?”
Toddler : “dunwan, I want see cat cat.” *start to cry*

1+2mom : “ok, ok, this one finish we go oi oi(sleep in hokien) ok?”
Toddler : *with his happy face and nod his head*

Few min later,

Toddler : “mommy, mommy, come come.”
1+2mom : “yes, boy.”

Toddler : “mommy, I want nian nian (milk) oi oi.”
1+2mom : “you really want nian nian oi oi?”

Toddler : *nod his head*
Toddler : “I want put milo.”
1+2mom : “ok, ok.”

1+2mom happy and go make milk for her toddler. She happy cause her son want to go oi oi by himself and no need her to call sooooooo many time then he go nap.

After 1+2mom make the milk and take to her toddler.

1+2mom : “boy, come go nian nian oi oi lor.”
Toddler : “I want drink nian nian here.” (at 1+2mom ILs room, cause the only room got vcd player)

1+2mom : “dunwan. You drink nian nian here, you dunwan go oi oi liao.”
Toddler : “I want see cat cat.”

1+2mom : *in hard* what lar, make me so happy though you want go oi oi. You very cleaver bluff me ar.

1+2mom : “finish nian nian go oi oi.” *start mad*
Toddler : *nod his head*
Toddler : “mommy, I want pillow.”

1+2mom : “aiya, you want so many thing hor. Go drink nian nian at your room, come.”
Toddler : “I want nian nian here.”

1+2mom : “oklar oklar, mommy go take pillow, wait.”
Toddler : *make the evil laugh*

1+2mom : *I’m the stupid mother, give the son play around. #$*&^%#*

It happens everyday now and on, dunno when will stop. Sometime the toddler will drive you crazy.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Doraemon is here

Just back from Sunway Pyramid for the Doraemon live in Malaysia, my son very enjoys the show. Actually the Doraemon just have a dance and take photo with the children. My son love Doraemon very much, he got the entire Doraemon movie at home and must saw that vcd once a day.

We arrived at Sunway Pyramid about 12 pm, the parking lot quite free maybe it still early. We have our breakfast and lunch at McDonald, my son is playing around at the playground there.

About an hour later, we been to Toy City have a walk. Later we go to the Family Entertainment Park there have a look, we saw few girls playing the ParaParaDance there.

About 45 min more, we go to the stage and wait the show start. While we were waiting, they give out some balloons for the children. We get 3 of it, hehe.. I got 3 children mar!

2pm sharp, the show start! They playing the Doraemon song title and the Doraemon slowly walk to the stage and give us a dance. After that, he takes photo with the children one by one. This poor guy in the Doraemon just stay there about 15 min then he gone, really very hard to be a Doraemon. You can see the photo later, cause my hubby using the other pc(mine one dun have that program, will ask him to set up for me) so I cant download the photo to the computer.

Finally got the photo here.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Wedding photos

As some of the blogger request, I would like to post some other pose of my wedding photos. This is the last, I wont post some more cause scare no more mommies come to my blog liao. I will cry very sad lor :P


Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Pass “me” and Present “me”

Think very long times dunno whether want to post my photos to the blog or not? Very shy to show you all my photos cause much difference from the pass and now (for me and my hubby said).

After got my son, my weight get higher and higher, gain few kgs from the pass. Izzit look very young then my actual age? Many ppl said I’m just look like student and some said me and my son were brother and sister..hehehe.. pai seh (shy) !


Sunday, March 13, 2005

Choose Love

So many ppl like to ask me whether I will choose love between my kids. My answer is I wont ! Cause all of them need me, I cant choose to love either one only and all of them are my children. As a parents shouldnt choose love, if the parents choose love, their kids wont be happy ever after.

My ILs also ask me the same questions, I gave the same answer to her. Why they ask such question? Izzit mother will choose to love one kid only, if yes why she don’t just have one child then get other?

I love all my kids, they are unique no one can replace the other one. They had difference character, reacting, talking, moving and ect..

Between my kid who are snatch the other toy I wont bother it is elder or younger I sure will ask back the toy and give back to whom just playing that toys. I will let the other party know that snatching is a bad habit and should ask b4 you take from the other or wait you turn.

I know my twins still young but they will understand if you repeat and repeat to tell them. My son too, if his sister snatch his toy he will shout for my help and I will get it back to him and if many there I will ask him to share with his sisters. For my girls, they sure used cry to get my attention lar, so I will told my son to give back the toy to her and wait his turn to play.

I know sometime kids will fight, but after that they can play together and happy. If you ask my son whether he want his sisters to give other ppl, he sure will protect his sisters that no one can get from him. For example, if I tell my son ”mommy will leave mei mei at gong gong house, can or not?” he sure will answer with crying face “dunwan, mommy go kelly(carry) mei mei!” Even though they always fight but they love each other, if one missing the other will find. My son always likes to ask where Carol or Carrie is if he dun sees either one.

I know very hard to be good mother, but I will try to not choose love. My ILs family, they choose love between my kids.

FIL : if my son cry he sure will run and see what happen to his grandson but if my daughters he will shout to me why no one hear the baby cry.

MIL : if my son want her to carry, sure she will do that but if my daughters she will tell them “I’m very busy now, marmar(grandmom) carry you later!” then walk away.

SIL : if my son she sure will attend him but my daughters she better cant see or hear them cry.

Haiz! Everyone in the house chooses love, I had told my hubby but my hubby said nvm we can give more love to them and dun border them.

I also know if #2 they get less attention and love from parents. My #2 sister and SIL they always complain about that. I know #1 child in family sure get more attention cause he/she is the first baby born in the family. #2 coming out, #1 wont get less love cause it usually get parents attention oledi. If get another that is #3 out, the #2 sure very charm cause #3 need more attention and #1 and #2 oledi grow can pay less attention so all the love goes to #3 liao.

Luckily I got #1 son we all love him and his is first son, grandson and great grandson in the family, sure get manja liao. And #2 #3 was a pair of twins so they are youngest in the family, I and hubby sure will love them too.

How about you all, if #2 in the family please give your opinion about your felling?

Thursday, March 10, 2005

First time be a mother (Part I)

My son very cleaver he came out on the 2nd of May, cause 1st of May was Labour Day the hospital got sur-charge on the hospitalize fees and he help me save a lot.

On 1st of May morning, me, hubby and MIL on the way back from breakfast,

1+2mom : dunno when our son will come out ler? My due date is on 9th.
1+2dad : hehe..maybe will come out tomoro, whose know?

1+2mom : I still got something to buy ler, the beg not yet ready pack up.
1+2dad : tonite we go shopping lar, ok?

So, that hole evening I and hubby sit in frond of the pc play game, I tell him my stomach dunno what happen not so normal.

Nite time, we go One Utama shopping to buy the breast pad and some baby stuff.

About 2 something midnite, I feel abit not well but I still go back to sleep.

3 more hours later, I feel my stomach got a bit pain then I go toilet feels like to go poo but just pass some water but I know it not pee. Then I go back lay down on the bed, cant go back to sleep cause I feel my stomach very pain. I sit up and push my hubby weakup to let him know my stomach pain.

1+2mom : wei..weakup ! I got stomach pain. (hold the stomach)
1+2dad : are you going to deliver?
1+2mom : I dunno?

1+2dad : how doctor told you when you need to admit to hospital?
1+2mom : doctor said if the contraction more often about 5 min once then you can go hospital.

1+2dad : then now how you feel?
1+2mom : I not yet count wor. It feels like 15 min once only. Izzit need to go hospital?

1+2dad : I dunno, as you like. You count first lar. *go back sleep*
1+2mom *counting the contraction on and off*

2 hours later…

1+2dad : how is your contraction?
1+2mom : I dunno? Suddenly got then stop about half an hour then start again, dunno whether izzit?

1+2dad : then you want go hospital or not?
1+2mom : I dunno ler, you go office first then I call doctor ask whether I need to see him or not?

About 8.30am I call to clinic ask whether I need to admit to hospital or not? The nurse told me can admit to labor wad to wait delivery.

Then I quickly call my hubby back, on phone call

1+2mom : you come back now, the nurse said admit now maybe can deliver today wor.
1+2dad : aiya..why you dun call earlier, I nearly reach office liao and traffic very jam. Never mine, I come back now. You have your breakfast yet?

1+2mom : not yet, I am going to have Milo afterward. I still packing some stuff, you come back first.
1+2dad : ok, ok.

At 9.30am, hubby back and we go to hospital. I admit hospital at 10am.

On part II, going to blog about how I deliver my son. It is very exciting when the time is coming. We dunno what to do when we wanna be father mother. I dunno when to admit, cause I heard my friend said her sister got abit stomach pain then admit to hospital but the time not reach yet so the doctor kick her back, then few day later she admit again and back again. I very scare it is not the time yet, so I ‘san xin liang yi’ 三心两意 (think twice) dunno whether wanna admit or not? Hehe.. really very funny when wanna be a first time mum.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Carol first time say 2 pronouns word

Wah! Very happy Carol can say 2 pronouns word.

Every Saturday or Sunday I will back to my father house to visit him. I’ll bring along with the children so the grandfather can play with the grandchildren once a week, same as my younger sister. (My mum still at US so just leave my father and the elder sister at home, my younger sister she had married with one 17 months daughter).

My nephew just elder my daughters 3 months old, she know to pronouns ‘apple’. My father, sister and my son like to call her to speck that word.

Maybe Carol always heard they speck the word ‘apple’, last Sunday she try to follow my nephew.

The next day, we try to pursuit her to speck that word. Wow! Suddenly she can speck loud and clear. Now, if you as her follow you speck the word ‘apple’, she will follow you.

Hehe! Hope she can learn more word from her nephew and us so can like twinsmom house baby talk very funny.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

My son new bicycle

Last Sunday we went to Toy ‘R’ Us to brought a new bicycle to him, cause saw him so poor still ride a small tricycle so we decided to brought him a bigger one.

This 3 days evening I bring him and twins to our nearest park to play his bicycle. He follows the big kor kor and jie jie so I can stay with my twins and let them try to play the swing. They look so happy and love it very much.

My son new bicycle.

Carter with his new bicycle.