Saturday, May 20, 2006

This week this and that

Wah so long didn’t blog, very busy week. Below is some short break about this week this and that

Sunday (14/5/06)
Today is mother’s day but we didn’t celebrate cause Carrie turn fall sick, so I went for hair rebonding for my mother’s day present. Carter gave me his hand work for me a very nice lollipop pattern card.

Monday (15/5/06)
Nothing special just another day goes through.

Tuesday (16/5/06)
Today is teacher’s day, I get so many present from my student. First time get present from the small one, very happy. Some student very shy when give us present. I get a small carrot cake, a small perfume bag, fruits, biscuits, chocolates, a tiny little flower with vase and own drawing card.

Wednesday (17/5/06)
Today my class student Chinese spelling about 10 ppl (all of them 14 ppl in the class) got all correct, I’m so happy that they got improvement. Tonite I went to Popular buy some sharpeners for their present.

Thursday (18/5/06)
My student so happy that get those present, I think the most happy is the one that he study very hard to get all correct and he got teacher praise him cause the next day his mother told me that he very happy that get present from teacher and tell everyone he spelling all correct.

Friday (19/5/06)
Today is one of my class student birthday, bought him a big pencil for his birthday present. His mother brings some food and cake to celebrate his birthday at school.

Saturday (20/5/06)
Tonite need to attend a full moon party, my friend get a baby boy last month. So fast another month pass, will see her 1st baby tonite.

One more Next week start 2 weeks school holiday, I’ll have more time to blog and to catch up those blog I no time to read. On Sunday we’ll bring the kids to Genting for 3 days 2 nites holiday, they already got the mood to holiday cause lastnite we bring them to shopping buy some food to eat at there.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Carter drawing

At first i though my son dun like drawing, so he didnt draw anything to show me just like other same age kids.

Lately he show me what he draw, make me so happy. I just gave him some paper, after that he came and show me he drawing his daddy. That i ask him draw mommy too.

Yesterday saw Maria also post about her twins drawing pic, so today i also post some my son drawing pic.

He said this is his daddy, what you think??

This pic is when he drawing mommy face.

This is what his mommy look like in his heard..hahaha.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Carter birthday photos

Below is some of Carter birthday photos.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Happy Birthday To My Boy

2nd of May was Carter big day, so late to post up cause this few day very busy :)

He having his birthday party at his school, he seem very happy. I'll post up his photos later, no time for me to modify the photos.

He was sick yesterday, to day will bring him to see doctor. Got to go work, bye bye!!

Happy Belated Birthday To My 4 years old Carter !!!