Sunday, March 16, 2008

Unlucky Holidays

This was our unlucky holiday for our family. At first, Carol starts sick on last Friday. She had high fever and vomiting, so that day she didn’t went to school. That day, 1 of her classmate couldn’t saw her so he go and disturb Carrie. He sits with Carrie and chat with her. If Carol there, she won’t allow him go near her so I dunno that boy really know that is Carol or Carrie. Her class teacher told me that the boy like to kiss and disturb Carol but that day he sits with Carrie and Carrie like to chat with I think next time they grow up will be more story to tell.

The next day Carol was better after visit the doctor but after nap Carrie start vomiting. Later b4 go sleep Carter start vomiting. So both of them keep on vomit on and off until the next morning. At nite, 1+2dad ask me go rest so he wills take care the kids but at midnite about 2am I heard he the one start vomiting. So I need to look after 3 sick babies in the next day. Luckily it was school holiday at the following week if not I think Carter will miss out so many lessons at school.

Carter fully recover on Wednesday, poor boy few days didn’t eat he slim down so much. I also start vomiting on Tuesday but it not so serious like my other family member.

Actually we had planed to go to Zoo on that Sunday, but need to postpone to other days. This weekend need to rest at home but maybe will bring them go shopping mall for a walk.

Yesterday we had attended our 2nd time gathering at 1 of the member house at Pusat Bandar Puchong. We had some chat, the kids play around. It was an interesting meet with some other internet friends that we never meet b4. We stay until 6pm and off we go to my father house to have our dinner. I didn’t take any photo so no photo to show this time.