Monday, April 30, 2007

Carter's Birthday Party

Today we having a small party at his school. Carol and Carrie manage to join too (my MIL drop by with them then went for breakfast after that).

Carter very happy and excited about his birthday party, he keep on asking how many days the party will on (start on Friday). He is 'super' happy today.

Here are some of the photos took on this morning.

Birthday boy ~ Carter!!

Carter's birthday cake.

Carter : You all sing so loud.

Carter take photo with Carol and Carrie.

Carter with the boys classmate.

Carter with the gals classmate.

Carter cutting his birthday cake.

Party pack for him and his classmate.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Carter birthday coming soon

Next Wednesday will be Carter 5th birthday, but that day is public holiday so we will have a small party for him on Monday at his school.

Yesterday brought him to buy some party pack and we already order 2 cakes for him. 1 for his school party and another celebrate on his big day. Maybe we will bring him to Petrosains at KLCC on his big day, see how on that day.

This lately we help Carter collect the transformers toys and DVD/VCD. He likes transformers so much. Usually he wont pick up and value his toy, mostly the toy we bought for him he just play few time then will keep a site and seldom will play back. This time we introduce the transformer for him, he like it so much somemore the toy very value to play. He wont get boring easily with 1 of them. Later I will post some of our collection. We look forward the movie on this July, have some preview on the site and youtube there.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Keep fit and on diet

Lately I was on diet and keep fit hope to get slim and body shape like b4 marriage (ahem!!). Working hard about a month got some result, I had slim down about 1.4 kgs and I look abit fit.

Tummy getting smaller and my face also look slimmer. Usually I fat start from my face and tummy, it look ugly(especially after CNY, eat too much :P). B4 start slimming I was 48.8 kgs (so heavy), weight it on last week is 47.4 kgs. Hope I can go till 43 kgs (my target weight).

Below are the pic b4 slimming and after a month working. Happy about the result but still need keep hard working. Especially the tummy, after the twins the tummy cannot go back like sad.