Tuesday, June 12, 2007

New toy / Father's day card

This is the new toy that added to their toy bank. Actually i bought 1 only so they had to share to play.

This is what actually it look like.

This another new transformer added to my son collection - Remjet

This is after transform to robot mode.

This weekend is Father's Day, so i have to do something to let the kids bring home for their daddy. This is what i had did (for sample), something special (envelope holder) that not everytime just card. Will let them paste the leaf and colour the wording by themselve.
Wish all the daddy out there,
"Happy Father's Day !!!"

p/s : this weekend also 1+2dad birthday, still havent think how to celebrate with him..haha..lazy mummy.


恺轩 said...

u r so lazy!!i see u gal. toy carol love it very must,so buy n one more 4 carrie!!!

Jacss said...

wah, if i show d transformer jet/robot to my boys, surely they will bark me to buy.......they love it so much!! can share ahh???

like your envelope holder & that day in my boys' principal's office, i saw the father's day gift that they will be giving to d kids for their daddies.....

Happy Father's Day to all & Advance Happy B'day to 1+2day !!

1+2mom said...

haha..no money, so you know what to do lar??

if my son want to share, i dun mind..hehe.

thankz, i'm sure every school teacher got something for the kids to bring home for daddies.

laundryamah said...

wah birthday n fathers day can celebrate together la! hahaha

huisia said...

Happy Father's Day to your dear hubby!

1+2mom said...

yalor,so we need to celebrate with out fathers 1 day earlier.

same to you.

Annie Q said...

Happy Father's day to ur darling and happy birthday too.
The envelope holder look very nice and very unique too.Very creative!

1+2mom said...

annie q,
i follow the internet only but add on something.