Monday, February 28, 2005

Children ang paw

Reading msau blog regarding the children ang paw, and I would like to blog about my children ang paws too.

I start open my son account since he is 2 month old, really he just 2 month old.. hehe..cause I wanna put his own money for his own account.

First time money in his account is his full moon ang paw money. This is because the ppl gave the ang paw to him for his wishes to my son so we decided to put all his money to his account,and wait till he need the money for his education fund or something else he wanna buy when he grow up (we still pun money to his account each month for his education fund).

The next year, he gets the CNY ang paw and his birthday and paw we also put in to his bank account.

The following year, his sister came out, we decided to bank in all ang paw money together in my son account so can less mah fan. Next time, they grow up we divided the money into 3 set to gave them.

Like msau friend said that, if anything happen to us our kids will get the money after they reach 18 years old if we bank it to the bank, so that time they need the money urgently and cant wait till 18 years old. For my opinion, if they get the big amount money they still young also dunno how to use the money, right? Why not wait till they 18 years old then get the money so they can continue the education or do what ever they want, maybe can pay back his baby-sit education fund too if they trade him like family.

Friday, February 25, 2005

House-hold chore

Now a day so many girls dunno how to cook, some also dunno how to do house-hold chores too.

My auntie she is really a ‘qian jin xiao jie’, that time we have chat she told me when she at secondary school she dunno need to sweep the floor first b4 mop the floor and she didn’t wash her shoes b4 too, it all done by her house maid.

Cause many family had a maid at home so their children didn’t have chance to learn do house chore and parents may told them this is the maid job so they no need to do it.

Remember last time saw the Singapore movie I think call the ‘xiao hai bu ben’ 小孩不笨 inside got 1 rich child got kidnap he call the bad guy do all the thing include make a drink for him and put the kaya to the bread for him. The bad guy asks him you dunno how to do ar? The kid told him my mum said this is the maid job I no need to do it. LOL !This movie really very funny.

When I was at secondary school, I study at girl’s school. At form 3, we had cooking class. All of us really very love the cooking class, after finish the cook we usually share to each other and test the taste of the food. I still remember that time, really very happy to attend the cooking class compare to other class.

I help my mum do the house chore when I still in primary school. Me and my elder sister will help her wash the cloth, dish, vegetable… ect and clean the house. (my mum got 3 daughters – me, the eldest and 2 more younger sister. My elders sister just younger me 364 days cause her birthday 1 day earlier then my birthday – she’s on 11th Nov and mine on 12th Nov, so usually we celebrate our birthday together).
Very thank you to my mum that had train us to do hours chore, so now its no problem to me to handle the house chore after I married to my hubby and his family (HEHE! Cause I stay with them so I married with his family too).

Before having children, I was the chef at home. Now need to take care 3 of them, so I pass the job to my MIL. My MIL told me she rather cooking better then takes care of the kids. She said now a day children very active, she had no energy to chase them follow them up and down.

I sure will train my kid to do house chore no matter is boy or girl, so next time I got so many helper. Specially my son, if next time got wife he also need to help his wife to do all the housework. Because my hubby dunno how to do house work, he all depends on his mum or me. My MIL very regret when my hubby young he didn’t train him to do housework, if not now he can help her and me to do some house work lor.

My MIL now tries to train my son to help her do some house chore like when she cooking, my son like to help her wash the vegetable. After he washes the vegetable, he will pull the water and use broom to sweep the floor. Hope when we grow up he will be a very good helper.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Terrible girl using toilet & toilet paper

Last time my first job was a data entry clerk in a welding firm, I have a colleague she got a very bad habit that she using toilet for more then 10 min each time she going in.

I dunno why she used a toilet for such a long time, I dun think that toilet got very nice smile or gold inside. It just a very simple toilet.

We very scare she go toilet when we need to use it urgently, because need to wait for so long and the other toilet is especially for boss so no other toilet can share.

Some more she can used 2 rolls toilet paper for 3 days by herself, yes only her. My boss wife always ask us why the toilet paper so fast finish, we dun dare to let her know because my colleague is her son girlfriend.

I remember last time we got company trip to Pulau Redang for 3 days 2 night, my supervisor (my boss sister) and another colleague are same room with her got so many complain about her.

She told us at the next day there, she can shower for more then an hour and didn’t border about other for waiting her so long to use the bathroom. My supervisor and colleague stand outside the room just wait her shower and without let they going in the room for an hour and they haven’t shower yet after snookering back and having their buffer lunch.

Wait till she came out all of the male finish and my supervisor just ate biscuit and drink Milo only. She very annoying and let us know she can finish all the toilet paper (each room got 2 rolls for the trip) without left any for them. I just pass 1 roll for her and let her know me and my boyfriend (my hubby now) even can’t finish a roll in a day. I can’t imagine how she used those 2 rolls of the toilet paper?

She is my only friend I meet in my life that have such a terrible habit, dunno why my boss son can tahan her some more now already became his wife.

They care each other

Yesterday Carol accidentally push Carrie fall, then Carrie cry very loud. I quickly carry Carrie and said:”Nevermind, jie jie accidentally push you on the floor dun cry.” I keep telling her not to cry.

Suddenly Carol used her hand and sayang Carrie head then Carrie stop crying and rolling her eye looks what her sister doing. When I saw this moment it very touch my heard that what ever they fight each other but they still love each other.

Today afternoon, Carol cry for no reason then Carrie put some biscuit in her mouth. Carol stops crying and ate the biscuit then Carrie keep giving her biscuit. It so funny that they so young still know to take care each other.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Yeah ! Carrie knows how to walk liao !

Carrie – my younger twins daughter know how to walk liao ! I’m very happy and would like to share with you all.

She try to walk very hard this whole week, finally she can walk without anyone help.

On the other hand, Carol – the elder twins just not yet walks but learn to walk for 2 steps forward. She abit slow then her younger sister, but try very hard to learn. Last time she start crawl also later then her sister.

Carol: I also want to walk like her!

You see! I also can dance too.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Premier toilet in KLCC. RM2 for a Pee ??

This also my friend e-mails me the photo show that needs RM 2.00 for a pee what an expensive pee!!

If me I won’t go for it, save the money can buy many things to my kids!

Ever wonder what is so special inside? Here u are.....

Sign board


Toilet view

Basin view


My friend sends me an e-mail that show me someone got sixtuplet, so wanna share with you all. They were so cute but I got a pair of twins know it very hard to manage but dunno how this parents can manage them ??

They are very cute !!!

They with their elder twin’s sisters!

What a wonderful family !!!

They can get the triplet stroller ler!!

Thursday, February 03, 2005

My toddler son

This time I wanna blog about my son. He is 2 yrs 9 mth now, and loves his pair of twin’s sisters very much. He wont let any stranger to carry his sisters, maybe he scare no one will play with him when his pair of twins sisters gone.

Remember when my first time pregnant, our family very happy cause I hard to get pregnant even thought we had married about 1 yr plus. Then few month later we know it was a baby boy, we feel happier (my dh is the only son in his family).

Look back to his photo album, found out he really got so many photo. The time he bathing, eating, breastfeeding, crawling, etc… Check back to my twins girls, so poor that miss so many moment didn’t take it down something like breastfeeding, massage for them and their hands too. Maybe because of first time mummy likes to note down the entire baby milestone and take so many photos to keep in the memory.

My son milestone :

3 ½ month - know to turn back
4 month - crawling like worm and learn to sit
5 ½ month - know to crawl and learn to stand
5 ¾ month - claim the staircase and open hand need ppl carry
6 month - know to stand and start toilet train
6 ½ month - know to hold the sofa and walk
7 month - teething and sit steel
8 ½ month - know to come down from the bed by himself and know to
call "ma ma"
9 month - start teething for teeth no.5
9 ½ month - know singing, call “ba ba”, said ‘nian nian” and push the
small box to claim to sofa
10 month - know to walk 2 steps without holding his hand
11 month - start teething for teeth no. 7 & 8
11 ½ month - know to stand up and walk
12 month - understand what you want him to take

When he is baby I talk to my hubby” ahh... dunno when our son will play with us and talk to us like other toddler ler?” My hubby answers me”the time will come very soon.” I said “You can imagine that 3 of us can play together and talk together, it was a very funny and happy thing in my life.” Yap, now my son can talk 2 type of language which is mandarin and English. He will talk to me, hubby and his sisters in English but to my in-law he will talk mandarin. Sometime both of us will fight each other, the thing I dun give him play he can say so many excuse to me. Like yesterday I show him the clock can singing when put the batteries inside because of the clock put in the bedroom and it will sing each hours so I take off the batteries. After his nap, he wants the clock singing but I let him know the clock no sound and spoiled. He answer me said “ just now the clock singing, got sound lar” I reply “no more sound, just now spoiled already” my son said again “put batti inside got sound lar, clock can singing.” You see, when he dunno how to talk, you are so worry. Now he know how to talk make me headache.

This is my son one month old hand.

This is my son 2 yrs old hand.

This is he 2 months old photo,still a little baby.

This is he 2 yrs old photo,handsome boy oledi lor.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Best Friend and I

I meet my best friend (I call her Cheah) at secondary school but we just were 3 yrs class mate but we still keep contact each other. After we leave school, we have our life each other. I got boy friend first then she is. I married earlier then her about half a year.

Few months later, we are pregnant together but our baby is half month difference. We share our pregnancy together too, each time she had checkup she will call me about her update so do I (cause we checkup at difference hospital). Till I deliver my baby boy with one week earlier then my due date and she deliver her baby girl with one week later then her due date, so both of our baby just difference one month. When both of our baby born , we also share our baby milestone

One year later, I had pregnant again. I ask my husband :”this time dunno who else will pregnant together with me ler? Cause last time my best friend accompany me mar!” I told the good news to my best friend, she congratulate me. Half month later she calls me and told me she had pregnant too, wow both of us very happy. My other best friend too (I all her Ng) call me she also had pregnant. 3 of us many thing very ngam, all of us husband are the same age and also same age with us, Cheah mother also same age with my mom. Now we pregnant in the same time and our baby due date are at the same month, but this time I got twins girls but my other 2 friends got baby boy.

We are same age, pregnant in the same time but check back to the Chinese Boy Or Girl Chat we should having baby girl but why my friends got baby boy so I 100% sure that the chat not so accurate.