Friday, June 08, 2007

My son favorite link

Since my son 2.5 years old, I start to teach him play computer. At first of cause need to teach him to use mouse then the keyboard. I teaches him few time, he can managed to move and point the cursor to right place but when need to click it had some problem.

Sometime moving the cursor from one to another place will make him drive up crazy. If I not mistaken, he already spoiled about 4 mouse then he knows how to handle it well. You know how is spoiled the mouse, sure some of you will know. He kept on holding the mouse and hit the table when he cannot get the cursor to the right place.

Finally he can play most of the game from the internet. Now is my gals turn, they start to learn how to use mouse early this year. At first, Carrie was teaches by my lovely son. Cause that time I was in the bathroom, I call my son help me to teach them first.

Then when I came out, Carrie can manage to point the cursor and move around the screen. So this is my turn to teach Carol with another pc. Oh man, they are totally difference although they are twins. I teach Carol so many times she still can understand what I mean, till I very mad and cannot ‘tahan’. I call my son to take my place to teach her, cause he can teach Carrie maybe he got his technique to teach Carol too. At the end, son also keep scolding her. We all stop playing, Carol cry because of we scolded her.

Later few times also like that, till 1 day (about 2 months ago). She so interested when saw Carrie and my son play this game. I warn her, if she dunno how to click and move the mouse she cannot play the game. First few time she still cant manage to get it, when I said ‘you cannot play’ she suddenly know how to managed the mouser correctly. Funny, I think she scare mummy dun let her play so she can get it how to use the mouse very shortly..poor gal.

Now they like to play the online game and learn so many words from there. Below are some of the site they used to play with (thanks to MG that introduce some of the site that her daughter also like to play) :

Story, game,education & rhymes :

Games :
Bob the builder
Thomas and friends
Tiny planets
Playhouse Disney Channel-asia

Games for toddler :


jazzmint said...

wah thx for the links, shall try it out

laundryamah said...

wow you so fast introduce computer games to your kids..i dare not la...

1+2mom said...

your daughter sure love it :)

aiya those are the education game, kids need game to learn and remember. Especially those moving char and activity need them feed back.

CutiePrincessMummy said...

i oso not dare to let my princesses to expose to the pc games, scare they addicted and eyes spoilt! :(

MY Life Zone said...

good.. i got to copy some of the links now, later can show my son when he bigger.. onli scare he addicted later ..

LA My Home said...

thanks for the links. will try it for brandon ... he keeps asking to sit on my lapt when i use the computer.


1+2mom said...

i think you still can manage to control the time for them, right?I think should train them when they young so they will know how to spend time to the computer.

my life zone,
you control the time, i think he wont so addicted lar.

try to let them play, i think he will love it and can learn so much thing in it.