Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year !!!

This few weeks quite buzy with the preparation for school reopen, will upload some photos that taken on the Christmas day later. B4 year 2007 end, i wish all of you

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Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Feel at 1 Utama

Yesterday we went to 1 Utama to see their decoration. This year the decoration is quite nice with a very big nutcracker and the little nutcracker around him that play the musical instrument. We also saw the real nutcracker standing there and let the people take photo with him.

We thought to watch Barney at Old Wing near the Jusco but yesterday show was at 5 & 8 pm so we decided to go there on this Sunday. The show time for Barney that for who interested want to go are :

Monday till Thursday : 5 & 8 pm.
Saturday & Sunday : 3, 5 & 8pm

Who interested to let your children take photo and close up with the Barney you can get ticket at the information nearby, it valid for 50 children per session. If not mistaken, I remember this show will end on 25th.

Today I went back to school to learn baked cake with 1 of my colleague. Last time she was a baker, so today she teaching us to make cheese cake & durian cake. My son love the cheese cake very much, I hope I can make 1 if 1 get the new over later. I forgot to bring my camera along so no pic to show the cake look like but it was so delicious.

I meet 1 of the blogger when I at school, her son will join our school next year. Actually I also very long didn’t drop by to her blog and she told me she very less update her blog. She said she recognize my daughters so she asking me whether I know her colleague (my ex-classmate) or not and told me she read my blog. Wow, frighten me that I dunno will meet a blogger here and her son maybe will be my student next year..what a pressure.

At last, I wish all of you :

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


This are the photos that we took on Mid Valley, it very nice but i prefer the last year it much more beautiful than this year decoration.At least last year they had a candy house but this year nothing but just the trees.

The pic below show my son made our bedroom to his music room, he also set a rules b4 we went into his room.

The rules are show as below :

Music Room
9 people can go in
(clock)Would open, (clock)Would close
You can go in but you can not make noise

Monday, December 17, 2007

Shopping at Mid Valley

This morning we went to Mid Valley shopping, actually not shopping we decided to snap some photo there because my friends said the decoration at there was very nice. We reached there around 10.30am and had our breakfast cam lunch at the food court there. Thought to invite Jacss to join us but too bad her helper was cleaning up their house so she couldn't join us.

Thought to go there eat the Portuguese grill fish but the shop hasn’t ready yet. We go order the Chinese fried food. About 11.00am, we still eating and heard the centre court had the Santa photo snapping event had start. After the lunch, we went to the exhibition hall to have a look about the Play-Ex function. We bought a set of 6 small transformers (can make to 1 big robot) as my son Christmas present. The gals present we will buy it later, any idea to get what present for 4 years old girls?

Bought a Strawberry Short cake movie for the gals and b4 we went home we go get their milk powder at a shop at Taman Megah. The first things when we reached home, my son call us to open his 6 little transformers for him.

Next week we will go The Curve to see the decoration there and sent my son to the cookies workshop too.

Yesterday, I had made a musical instrument from the recycle box for my son (guitar). He also gets some idea to make the drum with 2 tins of cookies container and hit with the chopstick. I get 2 emptier yogurt cups to put some red bean inside for the gals to shake. Carter goes make our bedroom to his music room with all the rules listed in front of the door. They hit and shake the musical instrument inside the ..what a sound pollution.


I got this tag by Hazel, I better do it now if not I scared I’ll forgot about it. Sorry Jacss, your tag I’ll do it later still think what to write about ‘the rod’.

Rules :
1. Copy from "Start Copy" until "End of Copy".
2. Before "End of Copy", share your best memories of 2007 include your name and your URL blog.
3. Share this tag to your friends.

As for me this year 2007 not so good for our family but happy to start earn money from the my blog ‘Happy Family”. I get to know more friends from the blog sphere and become to the real world friends.

Many quarrel with the family but we over come all the problem together and from the quarrel we get to know each other more. Hope next year will be a lucky and happy year..Sylvia aka 1+2mom.


I am tagging : Jacss, yenlin, papa joneh.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Little update

Yesterday was our 10th registered anniversary; we didn’t go anywhere because I working and no leave to take some more 1+2dad also working. Last Wednesday (5th December), was our 8th wedding anniversary. I almost forgot to update it in my blog, I was in training so this year we didn’t celebrate this occasion.

Wah, from the date above I already married 8 years. It not a very long marriage but between these years we had a lot of quarrel sometime we also mention about divorce. After the big fight, we still stick together I think is because of ‘LOVE’, if not I dun think we still together. We came along so many problems and finally we still in a Happy Family, that why I put this as my blog title I love my family so much. They are my very important family member and my life too. From we meet until we built a family and now with 3 kids, you had done your good job.
"I Love You so much, Darling."

Beside that, our washing machine had ’running our of service’ 4 days ago (it with us about 6 years) so I need to wash all the laundry with so tired. Luckily today the brand new washing machine was in time so tonite I no need wash with my hand.

Economic and Reliable Pressure Washer

Last week my father went to our house, at that moment he steps in to the house he saw my husband washing his car using the pressure washer. He is wonder where we get this pressure washer from and it is so useful. I introduce him to DeWALT Pressure Washer that it is a heavy-duty gas pressure washer and it designed for commercial used.

The DeWALT Pressure Washer come equipped with industrial-grade pumps, heavy-duty engines, 16-gauge steel frames and large, 12-inch tires. This pressure washer is built from the ground up with only quality materials being used and it reliable. It is also suitable for home use like to clean up the wall, car pouch and gate easily. Just a press of button you can do the job fast and clean.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Young looking

Last week I had my training at Puchong, I saw 2 teachers from other center are quite pretty and young looking. When we chatting, I just realize they are going to 50 years old and their kids are from 15-18 years old.

I asked them how they can keep young looking, they said they can keep young looking because of they teach in the kindergarten with those small kids and play with them. The kids make them happy and enjoy the life.

On the last day, I brought along with my son. Some of the teacher ask me weather he is my son, when I said yes they look at me so surprise and told me that I’m just look like 20+ and haven’t married. I laugh and told them I already have 3 children and I 30+ of age.

The year end trip

My father are going to visit my mum at USA end of the month, he would like to celebrate the Christmas there as well. He asking me to check the hotel and the flight to New York online, he wanted to get the best price for this holiday seasons. It reminds me the hotel reservations can get the cheaper price that I had got it for my sister to UK. This time I also will get the best deal for my father to New York so that he can save more money to spend in US to get more gifts for us.

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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Home-made Play Doh

More than 1 week i didnt update my blog, because i having trainning these week. I had learn so much from there, will spend something that i had learned like the title i'll teach you how to make the home-made play doh.

It suitable for the kids and it make from the things that safe for the kids if accidently eat it. The play doh recepie as follow :

4 cups of flour
1 cup of salt
4 cups of water
a little cooking oil
50 gms cream of tartar (you can get it at supermarket-baking section)
food coloring (mix till color you like)
vanilla essence (for nicer smell)

1) Mix flour, salt and cream of tartar.
2) Pour in the water, oil, food coloring and vanilla essence.
3) Cook over low heat until it thicker, stir continously.
4) Knead the play-doh until smooth on the table.

It very easy receipe and the kids like it so much. I just used half of the ingrident can make quite big of the play-doh. It much smoother than the play-doh that you buy outside, somemore it cheap and safe for the kids. Go have a try, it fun and the children will love it.

* Next week will start my open day duty, so will be another 1 week no update but will try to update on weekend.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Funny T-shirt

Yesterday I online drop into this website saw a cute and funny word that wrote on the t-shirt. It was black in the color with white words. The words are something saying the attitude and it would make you so outstanding when you wear on it. I like the pink skulls t-shirt it look so lovely and it just cost $14.99.

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Miracle Makeup

That day I received an e-mail from my friends with the picture below, it so surprise the final look after the makeup. It make the gals so much difference after makeup, the gals look so beautiful and look much more confidence after makeup.

The round face and touchup till can see it look longer, the old looking and ‘color’ till look like young gal. All the gals after makeup look like the artist and it just like when the time we took the wedding photo.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Travel & Vacation

Now was school holiday, did you plan to go any country for vacation? This is the best website that saves you a lot of money and time for booking the hotel and vacations rentals.

That day I help my sister check the cost online that she going to visit her best friend in England. I come across this Hotel Reservations find out that they have a lot of promotion and great discount they offer on world wide destination. You can book online or call toll free for your reservation.

Thy not only offer the hotels, motels, flight or car but they also offer the vacation rentals and packages. You know what is a vacation rental? It very suite for the whole family member been together for vacation. It something like rental a house that has self-catering facilities (wet bar, refrigerator, microwave,etc). It mostly have separate bedrooms, fully equipped kitchens that can le t you cook there. They also have dryer and washer, and sometimes a balcony or patio too. Unlike hotels they will charge you with per person pricing, there is a set price for an entire vacation rental with a maximum number of persons allowed. It is fun that the family member can stay in the same place just like at home even thought you were in vacation.

When you had choose your vacation place, you just need to click on the search hotel around the place you want to visit it will list out all the hotel name, price and some description about the hotel you want to stay. You also can get the special internet rate when you book with them online. This special internet rate will save you a lot of money. They can get the lowest rate because of the large number of lodging reservations; they are able to negotiate special rates with the properties. To secure your reservation on this low rate, they request us to up-front payment with credit card.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Chocolate Factory & Sunway Wild World

Last Wednesday our school field trip went to Beryl’s chocolate factory at Sri Kembangan and Sunway Wild World to play around with the animals.

We went there with 2 buses that day and leave school around 9.00am. 1 place we went to Beryl’s chocolate factory, see how the chocolate make and bought some exported chocolate with extra 5% discount. I didn’t take any photo because they dun allow us to take.

Next destination is Sunway Wild World another word we said patting zoo because it let the children feed and pat the small animals there. The children like the most were they can feed the horses, rabbit, tortoise and some other small animals. They also very enjoy the show that the parrot race for the balls and rings.

After the patting zoo we went to have our lunch at McDonald near Sunway LDP toll. After we reached at school about 2.30pm, it starts heavy rain. Luckily that day morning didn’t raining if not I’m sure it will spoil everyone mood.

The conclusion is I didn’t manage to see any animals properly because scare of my students will lost, keep on counting the number of them. I’m sure will go back 1 day with my own family trip, it quite interesting place children had learn many things from the trip.

Last Friday also our school party; we had it earlier because some of the 6 years old students have orientation week at primary school. We still have 1 more week to go for the Hari Raya replacement (until this Thursday, Friday will be our parents’ teachers’ day).

Children brought many food and snack to share with their friends, I brought along with my twins daughter to have party with them too.

My daughters with a 6 years old twins.

Another 4 years old class they have dancing party.

My class boys with thier hard shape balloons.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Garage Floor

It had been years we are living in this house, and since Chinese New Year is coming soon my husband had decided to give our garage floors a new look. We look some information from the net and drop into, they had many difference type of the garage floors like garage floor tile, garage floor coating, ribbed garage flooring and grated garage flooring. We decided to change our old one to the ribbed garage flooring because it easy to maintain and the best thing is it was oil resistant. My husband car sometime the engine oil will leaking, so it will be great if the garage floors are oil resistant.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Field Trip

Tomorow we having field trip to chocalate factory & petting zoo. My class have 13 students going, will be another tire day. Will bring some money to buy cheap chocalate..muahaha..yummy we like chocalate so much.

Last sunday we do some handwork at home, actually wanted to let my son to do but at the end me and Carol finished the whole job. We doing cut and paste the pic with old magazine and paper. Carol really have so much patient to do that pic, i place the glue she put the paper 1 by 1 to cover all the white place. I also told her about the colour, so she choose the color that we want and place it 1 by 1 to the picture. Carter & Carrie dunno go where already(in the pic Carrie just sit there and see what we do, later she dunno gone where).

Monday, November 12, 2007

Happy Birthday

Yesterday was my no.2 sister birthday and today was my birthday. We celebrate our birthday yesterday with my family (my side) at the restaurance. I had bought a cake for my sis and we sang the birthday song at my father house (cause we ate too full cant take anymore at there).

Today get many sms and phone call my friends and family member, i'm so happy. 1 big surprise from an old gamer(guy-married : 1+2dad also know him), he still remember my birthday.

I working today so not really celebrate my birthday, yesterday 1+2dad brought us to KL Pavilion so today not going anywhere but brought the kids to Sri Aman park have a walk. Afternoon after lunch we watch a movie at home (Die Hard 4), later will have a supper with 1+2dad at mamak stall.

To my dearest sis :

"I wish you all the best and your wish may come true."

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Need extra income?

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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Change my Template

I had change my template, actually not the template just the background and the banner. Quite boring to see the old one, somemore new year is at the corner so i make some changes.

Not like Sasha, know to make the character will play hide and seek with you. I like her banner so much and cute.

2 more day i'll be 1 year older, sob sob..when at 18 years old hope can reach 21 years old faster(can go in casino mar, you know i have young look the police sure ask me my i/c). When reached 25 years old hope the time can stop there. Now, 31 years old i hope the time can go back to age 25 again. No children, just married and lots of fun on that age.

Tomorow will celebrate with my No.2 sister, cause her birthday was on 11th and i was on 12th so mostly we will celebrate together. But on my big day, i'm sure can go out with my family but morning i need to work hope night time we have some time for only me and 1+2dad.

My Wish List

Christmas is coming soon; I still haven’t completed my wish list. Today I’m going to get something from the wish list. 1 of them is for my mother in law, she seldom wear jewelry so I hope to get her some nice jewelry when her daughter wedding.

While surf from net what jewelry to get for her I jump into this coupons website, they having clearance sale and it up to 80% off with the Ross-Simons coupons. I saw the pearl jewelry was so suit to her; she will look gorgeous and outstanding if she wears on the wedding dinner.

Another item to get is for my father in law. We decided to get a cell phone for him because his cell phone now using was something wrong. Sometime will automatically off by itself and couldn’t fully charge the battery. Come across to the saw they also on sale now and can safe up to 80% too. If I buy more then $25 and check out with Cell Phone Shop coupons I can get 25% discount.

Come to this website you can get more updated coupons and deals, and when shopping online you can save more money on this occasions so you can use it on other place.

A Small Touching Story

I get this e-mail from my friends this evening, after I read it was so touching. It remind me that I had 1 student with almost the same situation, please read the short story first before I tell my story.

A small touching story mainly for professionals...

A man came home from work late, tired and irritated, to find his 5-year old son waiting for him at the door.

SON: 'Daddy, may I ask you a question?'

DAD: 'Yeah sure, what is it?' replied the man.

SON: 'Daddy, how much do you make an hour?'

DAD: 'That's none of your business. Why do you ask such a thing?'
the man said angrily.

SON: 'I just want to know. Please tell me, how much do you make an hour?'

DAD: 'If you must know, I make Rs.100 an hour.'

SON: 'Oh,' the little boy replied, with his head down.

SON: 'Daddy, may I please borrow Rs.50?'

The father was furious, 'If the only reason you asked that is so you can borrow some money to buy a silly toy or some other nonsense, then you march yourself straight to your room and go to bed. Think about why you are being so selfish. I work hard everyday for such this childish behavior.'

The little boy quietly went to his room and shut the door.

The man sat down and started to get even angrier about the little boy's questions. How dare he ask such questions only to get some money?

After about an hour or so, the man had calmed down, and started to think: Maybe there was something he really needed to buy with that Rs.50 and he really didn't ask for money very often. The man went to the door of the little boy's room and opened he door.

'Are you asleep, son?' He asked.

'No daddy, I'm awake,' replied the boy.

'I've been thinking, maybe I was too hard on you earlier' said the man.

'It's been a long day and I took out my aggravation on you. Here's the Rs.50 you asked for.'

The little boy sat straight up, smiling. 'Oh, thank you daddy!' He yelled.

Then, reaching under his pillow he pulled out some crumpled up bills.The man saw that the boy already had money, started to get angry again. The little boy slowly counted out his money, and then looked up at his father.

'Why do you want more money if you already have some?' the father grumbled.

'Because I didn't have enough, but now I do,' the little boy replied.

'Daddy, I have Rs.100 now. Can I buy an hour of your time?

Please come home early tomorrow. I would like to have dinner with you.'

The father was crushed. He put his arms around his little son, and he begged for his forgiveness.

It's just a short reminder to all of you working so hard in life. We should not let time slip through our fingers without having spent some time with those who really matter to us, those close to our hearts.

Do remember to share that Rs.100 worth of your time with someone you love.

If we die tomorrow, the company that we are working for could easily replace us in a matter of days.

But the family & friends we leave behind will feel the loss for the rest of their lives. And come to think of it, we pour ourselves more into work than to our family.

How you feel, is it so touching? About my student story, we have reading everyday. This little boy was average boy, he can read if he had revision at home but lately his reading getting poor.

One day, I had reading with him.

1+2mom : Do you read at home?

Boy : *shake his head* nope.

1+2mom : Why didnt do reading at home?

Boy : Mommy watch TV, she have no time to teach me.

1+2mom : *so surprise, this parent ask me to give her son do homework i thought she is a good mom* ask your mommy give you 5 min, just 5 min to teach you.

Boy : *nod his head*ok.

1+2mom : ok, go back your own place.

The next day...

1+2mom : Why you still cannot read?Yesterday night you didnt ask your mommy teach you?

Boy : Mommy said she dun have 5 min for me.

1+2mom : *open eyes big*huh?Your mommy told you dun have 5 min for you?

Boy : yalor, she want to watch TV.

1+2mom : ok,ok, i will call your mommy ask her to teach you. (I didnt call, I dunno how to tell her about it).

From the conversation with the boy, now a day so many parents told us they have no time for their kids. When they back home about 8 or 9 pm, it was so late to accompany the kids do some very short reading. I dunno they will have time to chat with the kids or not, in my mind i think why this parents want to give birth the child but they dun care what they feel and really need.

I wanted to put this short story on my outside noticeboard, when parents-teachers day it can let the parents read while they waiting their turn. It is possible or not to put on this story on the board? Will it feel like show to someone not really take time for thier children?

Monday, November 05, 2007

Online Backgammon

You know what is Backgammon? Backgammon is an interesting board game that needs strategies to win the game. I start playing this game when I saw 1+2dad playing with his buddy. Now this game can get it online and with you expert skill you can earn money with it.

I found this online backgammon not only can earn money but for the beginner you can get the information that the history, the rules , how to play and the strategies of the game. You can download the game so that you can gain experience and improve your game for your next step – real money or scheduled online backgammon tournaments.

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Fun in the Park

Yesterday we brought the kids to Kelana Jaya Park. Actually we went there few times but every time forgot to bring along with the camera but this time I brought it.

The kids have so much fun in the park, especially when they saw the fish in the pond. A lot of people exercise there but also a lot of mosquito there. Carol & 1+2dad get some bits from its. We play until almost 7 pm and went back home for dinner.

These morning we went to Popular at Ikeano, bought a book and 2 set of finger puppets (3 pcs in a set). The girls love it so much (forgot to take photo, I try to get it tomorrow).

Friday, November 02, 2007

A useful safety method

I get this e-mail from my very old college, it was a very useful method that can use it at home.

Fantastic Personal Security Idea

A Simple and Easy Task for our Safety. (tips from Bukit Aman)

Next time you come home for the night and before you put your keys away, think of this :

It's a security alarm system that you probably already have and requires no installation.

Start keeping your car keys next to your bed on the night stand before you go to rest.

If you think someone is trying to get into your house, or if you hear a noise outside your house, just press the alarm button on the remote controller of your car.....

Test it! It should be triggered on almost when you press in
everywhere inside your house and will keep honking until your
battery runs down or until you reset it.

If your car alarm is activated when someone is trying to break in your
house, odds are the burglar or rapist won't stick around.....after a few seconds all the neighbors will be looking out their windows to see who is out there and sure enough the criminal won't want that.

Try yours to make sure it works before you rely on it. Just know that you must press the alarm button again to turn it off.

And remember to carry your keys while walking to your car at the carpark in the evening or while you are alone. The alarm can work the same way there.....

This is something that should really be shared with everyone.

Maybe it could save a life or from a sex abuse.

So put those car keys & remote controller on the night table now!
Or if you're at work, forward this message to your home so that you will remember to do this tonight when you get home. Let the rest of the family know about this too.

And then, forward this to everyone you know.*

Idol Exclusive

It is good news for those idol fans that you can chat and discus about your idol on net. This Idol Exclusive is a new networking for all the idol fans and is the site for everything about the idol. The member can communicate in the forums, blog about their lovely idol; upload the pictures (you can show off that you had taken photo with your idol) and video.

The best things are the member also can read the latest and updated idol news on the site or from their cell phone. Another advantage is by joining groups, members are able to express themselves about their idol to another fans. At the home page you will know everything or updated news about the members too like what are they blogging about and chat about in the forum without go into the site.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

School Concert

Yesterday was our (me & my son) school concert, it was so successful (the hq ppl said). In the morning at about 8am my colleague fetch to school and off we went (the whole school teachers) to Civik Hall for the decoration with another 2 school teachers. We took about 1and a half hours to finish the decoration and we went for lunch.

Reached home at about 12.30pm, had some rest and start to make some tuna sandwiches for the teachers snack at hall there. The days before the concert my youngest sister promise to help me do make up for my class student and she reached at my home at 2.35pm.

My sis fetched us to school at about 2.50pm, some teachers and students were already there. I brought my sis to my class and wait a while some students came. Luckily I had 2 parents helped me to change the kids and I need to tie the long hair girls. 1 of the girl refused to change, I need to pursue her and she keeps on crying and at the end she wanted her mummy to follow with her to the hall. Her mother changed her and done the entire make up. She brought her daughter back to change herself and sent her to the hall by herself.

Depart from the school at 5pm sharp, reached at the hall I busy touch up their make up. You know the kids, they keep on rubbing off the make up and there had a photo section for the kids. Not only that, after one b one taking all the photo they had another photo section for the class photo..oh my god!!I need to touch up the kids again. Some more the principal said the kids no need bring along with their tumbler so I need to feed them 1 by 1 (they provide mineral water in the cup, you know how soft was the cup? Just a press all the water came out and wet the floor and how the kids sit?).

Keep on ask them keep quite, feed them water and food. I tell you, that whole day from 3 pm till 9.3pm I not even can sit down so until now I still feel my whole body pain. Hope next year 3 & 4 years old didn’t take part so we can help the 5 & 6 years old teachers to control the class.

Back to the concert, it starts sharp at 7.30pm. Once the principal and the children finished their opening speech the concert was start. The first item was our school 6 years old class with ‘Muhibbah Dances’, following by the 3 years old. Then from Andalas they had ‘Manchurian Dance’. (we whole school take part but the other school just 6 years old take part). After that is our school another 4 years old class, they perform ‘Chicken Little Dance’ (the costume not look like chicken little cause we think of they can wear out next time). Next will be from PRMM they perform ‘Rain’, and after that will be my class they perform japaness dance.

Once my class finished their preferment will be my son turn. Their class performs ‘Joget Pahang’ I was so happy that he can dance very well on that day. Every time I saw him practice at school or the rehearsal day he still cannot dance properly (usually he dreaming there). Good job son!!

Later is from Andals too with Hawaian dance then is our school another 5 years old class with Jeneffer Lopez ‘Let’s Get Loud’. After that continues with Andalas too, with 3 items from 6 years old. (they had 6 class of 6 years old : 3 morning session and 3 afternoon session).
The concert end with all the teachers and children on the stage sang the ‘Negaragu, Q-dees, Fliptec@Q & En-Gedi with Love song. The children will release class by class to the parents. Back home at about 10.30pm and we go had a dinner behind my house. It was another busy and tired day.

At last thanks for daddy help that he took so many photo for the whole concert. My girls didnt followed cause my in law brought them to templer for pray.

Below the slide is for my school classes that take part.Some other classes no chance to take so just part of it.

This one is my son class.