Sunday, June 24, 2007

New bicycles

Thursday had bought 2 new bicycles for my kids. Actually we decided to buy 1 big (16 inch wheel) and 1 small (12 inch wheel) cause my son old bicycle can give to either one of his sister to ride.

When we reached to the bicycle shop, look around and found 2 bicycle suitable for them but my son said he dunwan the new bicycle he still want to ride his old bicycle ( he scare to ride the higher bicycle). So me and 1+2dad dunno what to do, and end up bought 2 small (12 inch wheel) pink bicycles for both my daughter.

We should buy it earlier but we keep on postpone till that day we brought them to park with my son bicycle, they keep on annoying want to ride but their brother dun let them so the next day we brought them to buy a new bicycle.

Every evening they wanted to ride their new bicycle at front of our house, but we cant bring all the bicycle to park cause no place to keep all 3 bicycle in car boot. We have no choice but just let them play at home. Our near by park need to walk about few min to reach, and some more need to cross road we cannot take care 3 of them in a time so they have to play it at home.

Both of the bicycle same size same colour, kor kor sit behind play his transformer.


荦怡 said...

nice bike. how much?

jazzmint said...

nice bike

1+2mom said...

thankz, it cost RM 150/bike.

thankz, yesterday a gal at park saw my gals bike she also want..haha..she keep on calling her mommmy to buy one for her.

Jacss said...

mumy of twins tend to spend more because everything has to be double, huh???
but nevermind....double joy ma!!

sweet bike ya........RM150 each quite expensive huh!!