Sunday, June 10, 2007

First time at CC

When saw the title, you all would think that why i at CC and why i'm not usuing my home pc??hehe..maybe some of you will guess my link been cut off or down and maybe my home pc got problem.

Tatata..actually today my son got his buddha lesson, and he want me to wait him at the school but it was very boring to wait him at there about 2 hours. I know nearby his school had a CC so today decided to drop by and feel the CC enviroment, somemore dunwan waste time at my son school that do nothing there.

When first time stap in the CC i smile the smoke, aiks dun like it very much.The pc is ok, quite new. Blog hopping, read my mail..ect.

Today, 1 of my best friend will flight to Beijing to live with his husband for about 3 years (company transfer him to there). So as a women sure will follow lar, scare all those 'xiao long nui'小龙女 will 'lure' the husband away. Good luck to her and her family!!

I tried to ask her write blog, so we can know her life at China and we still keep in touch..hehe..hope she got the time. Now she need to handle a 3 years old boy and a few months old baby gal without help, dunno she got time to write blog or not?


huisia said...

ya,must beware those ladies in china, they are very terrible.

jazzmint said...

i agree with u, cc is pretty teruk. so smoky and all the kids saying bad words, goshhh

CutiePrincessMummy said...

CC = Arcades Games for me! :)

shoppingmum said...

pai seh, I have no idea what CC is. :P

Jesslyn said... first i also dunno what is cc ler, after finish reading, baru tahu ler...internet cafe ah? why not call it IC? LOL

MY Life Zone said...

haha.. why call CC ah? ei.. jaga 3 yrs old boy + few mths bb, not a eazy job.. but i so wondering how u take care of yr twin + yr son ah?? me jaga 1 only 'fainted'

1+2mom said...

not only beware them in china but in malaysia too.

haha..luckily that day was in the morning, not many kids there.

muahaha..yea yea.

i thought CC(cyber cafe) is comment word in internet.

i no idea, i thought is cyber cafe not internet cafe cause not only surf net but play link game too.

my life zone,
errrrrrrr..when the time come, you will know what to do..haha.I also dunno how i can do that.