Sunday, June 03, 2007


Today we went to Ikano Power Centre at about 8pm, thought to go see the Barbie Elina but we are too late. My gals like Barbie so much, especially the ‘bibble’ in the movie.

We are having our dinner at Uncle Lim's Cafe. We like to eat the ‘roti bakar’ cause it using traditional roti slices to toast over electric toasters till golden brown, my kids love it so much. We usually ordered at least 2 set when everytime we went there.

After the dinner we went to ‘Popular’ bookstore. B4 we head to 'Popular', at ground floor my son saw so many kids play around there. He so excited when saw the touch wire with sound, so he q-up to play. He got a present(sticker book) althought he touch the wire and make the sound but he was so happy. All the games are sponsored by Wyeth, they got roadshow there. But my kids didnt used their products, so dunno got what promotion there.

My kids like Ikano Popular cause it had a place to let the kids take the book and read there. I almost finish read a ‘Barney’ book for my gals. My son run here and there like his own home, he likes this place very much. So much he can explore and fun there.

p/s : Tomorow morning will bring the kids go sit KTM to Midvelly with my sister and her kids, will post it their feeling and pic tomorow.


huisia said...

i heard now Ikano very outstanding,right?that time Ikano still very "ulu" when i was still in KL

Allyfeel said...

I like roti bakar also...hehe, I always buy the roti myself to toast at home. Must buy the typical Hainanese roti. :)

1+2mom said...

lol..i dunno it still 'ulu' or not but it do change alot.

wah, so hardworking mummy. I very lazy to toast cause need to take out just toast few slice then put back the toaster..haha.