Monday, June 27, 2005

Easy Sleep??

That day saw MG blog about to getting a baby and toddler to sleep in the same time very interesting hor. About me, I got a 3 years old boy and a pair of 18 mth twins sound like very hard to get 3 of them sleep together.

At nap time about 1 pm everyday, I will let the girls sleep first cause they just need about 15 min to fall a sleep. They having their milk b4 nap, when the time finish the milk they fall a sleep liao.

How about my son?? Hehehe..He will watch the VCD next door or sometime will stay with my MIL. After the girls slept, I will accompany my son till about 2 pm then I will get him to nap too. Because no one play with him and he wake up early in the morning so he very fast fall a sleep.

The nite time about 10 pm, the girls all go up to sleep. They will have their milk again b4 sleep. This time they quite hard to sleep, dunno why?? After the milk, they will turn here and there to find a good position to sleep. Sometime they will kick each other and I had to separate them again till one of them fall sleep first. How about the other girl?? Because no one play with her or talk with her so she will fall a sleep after the first slept liao.

Where is my son??? Sometime he with his daddy plays online game or watches VCD again or plays at downstairs. After the girls slept I will get him to sleep, but sometime he will follow the girls sleep together.

If my son follow the girls sleep together, all of them have their milk first then I will told my son let mei mei sleep first then he can start talking or singing as he like. The girls dun dare to disturb their kor kor sleep and I sleep between my son and the girls. If they still turn here and there I just keep telling them to sleep. If they still dunwan to sleep I will told them “mummy will go out if you all dunwan to sleep, mummy want to do work”
Hehe..all of them dun dare to make noise and fall sleep very fast.

If I let them talking and laughing, I think I need more then an hour to let them sleep. Sometime I fall sleep first then them, when I a wake I saw all of them slept liao.

Accompany kids sleep sometime feel boring when you want to do something but cant and have to wait the kids slept first. It may take quite a long time just wait them fall sleep and do nothing. It seem wasting a lot of time, but sometime when my son talk so many thing that you haven’t hear b4 and sing some song just for it seems so wonderful. (Cause my son dunwan to sing a song in front of many ppl, sometime ask him to sing a song for my MIL he also dunwan.)

Thursday, June 23, 2005


My girls eat a lot but they seem not grow so much. They now about 18 month old but just about 8.3 kgs nia, Early this month we bring them for jab, I though they weight about nearly 9 kgs gua but when we weight them.. HUH?? Carol is 7.9 kgs and Carrie is 8.1 kgs.

Haiz..dunno what wrong with them?? Everyday they wakeup about 8 am and I let them had 4 oz milk later they get some biscuits. About 10 am I let them bath after that they got some fruit again. Then about 12 pm they had their lunch. At 1 pm they had their milk b4 nap, sometime about 4 oz sometime I just gave 3 oz see how much they ate just now.

After nap about 5 pm, they had their milk again this time is 4 oz. Later they play play a while and have some snack again. We had our dinner at 7 pm, so they eat again. After that about 8 to 9 pm they still get some biscuits or bread. One hour later, they had their milk again b4 sleep it about 5 oz.

1+2dad ask me why he always saw the girls eating but they seem dun grow so much. I said I dunno, they saw ppl eat they will ask some from them. They non stop eating, sometime they will take themselves and ask me to open the food for them.

They not like my son will ‘choose eat’, they eat everything you gave them to eat. Include ice-cream, junk food and many. They drink a lot of water too, and like fruit very much.

Sometime I very happy they like my body shape cause I slim but sometime they make me worry, scare they wont grow properly..mother always worry so much. MIL told me they grow healthy mar ‘ok’ lor..she just ask me keep checking their grow. I ask pead b4, he recommend me let them change milk powder to dunno what brand got gain plus one de but I told him my girls dun like other favor so no choice to continue the recent milk powder.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Happy Birthday To 1+2dad

Dear Darling Hubby,

Tomorrow is your birthday, I know you oledi take leave to accompany us for your birthday (actually we accompany you :P) hope we got a wonderful holiday.

Thank you for loving us and spend more time with us, I really appreciate what you had done to us. You are a good hubby, when I pregnant you spend more time with me and accompany me to every check up no matter how busy you are.

Every occasion you will remember , I’m the worse women that not remember what present I had gave to you, what food you like to eat (I just know some). I just know you like to play game and drink cool drink. I know you dun like house food and soup so I think very hard to use this food to stay you at home but I know I would be a very ‘tai fong’ wife so you can stay with me forever (hehe..not ‘tai fong’ till allow you to get another women :P)

You are a good father too.You will help to take care the children when I’m not free, I know lot of man wont do that. I know you want to got a good relationship with the kids so you have to spend more time with them play with them. They also very like you, especially your son..he will always ask where is daddy?

Hope our relationship will last forever.

“Happy Birthday to you Darling Hubby!!!”

From your Lovely wife,

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Gift for 1+2dad

This set of display toys were my gifts to 1+2dad dunno for what occasion oledi but I know is a present for him. That day I also think of where I put this set of toys liao. Two day b4, my son dunno where he dick out this set of display toys. I was very happy to see this set of toys cause I very like one pair of the toy among those set of toys.

Hehe..actually it is present for me more then 1+2dad. I like it so much still I keep it nicely but dunno where I put after we move to this house. I got so many toys but now all is belong to my kids liao.

Image hosted by

This is the set of display toys I give 1+2dad as a present.

Image hosted by

This is the pair I like the most, isn’t it so cute. I hope we can be like this couple of gong gong popo next time.

Next Friday is 1+2dad birthday, we still not yet planning what to do or how to celebrate his birthday cause the next two day is Father’s Day.

Take this opportunity to wish the entire father out there

Port Dickson Trip

Sorry for late update cause back from PD (Port Dickson) I and 1+2dad were fall sick so didn’t blog for a week.

Last Saturday morning was a rainy day, I though we cant go but 1+2dad said it got difference between 2 places maybe at PD no rain so we just follow our plant to go PD.

Actually we want to depart on 8 am but the kids were slept until 7.45 am so just let it be. I weak up at 7 am and finish the entire house chore about 7.30 am. I went up to see whether all of them weak up or not but they still sleeping include 1+2dad. I weak them up and feed the kids. Later on, I change and clean the kids and 1+2dad look after them then I go pack up the stuff. (Lazy pack last nite :P)

About 9 am we start our journey to PD, but the sky also start raining. On the way to PD quite traffic jam and took us about 2 ½ hours to reach the destination. It still raining but we not so heavy, we just go to beach have a look. Wah..I though not so many ppl there cause still raining mar..but the beach full of ppl.

I change the kids and play near the beach. About ½ an hour rain stop and sun come out but not so hot. The kids so enjoy, they like the sand and seaside so much.

The girls like to play water and they didn’t scare the water so salty. My son he told me he dunwan to swimming cause the water so salty and he just like to play the sand. He still follows 1+2dad go play at the water.

About 1.30 pm we travel back to home. The kids all very tired, they all sleep in the car on the way back to home. We reach home about 3 pm, 1+2dad and my son go sleep together while the girls with me. (cause my son didn’t sleep in the car but the girls and I did)

The next day, I play the movie and photos to show my MIL (mother in law), the kids saw the movie at the part of them playing the water and sand they were so happy. They very enjoy this trip then to Zoo last month.

Some of the photos took at PD.

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The beach full of ppl.

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Still raining so I used the umbrella to cover them but they seem dun like it :(

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Carrie : Mommy you see my hand so dirty.
1+2mom : Honey..dun worry mommy will wash it afterward.

Image hosted by

Carol : My shoe is floating, quick quick get it back.

Image hosted by

Carter : I’m so happy cause my mom wont scold me today. I can play the sand and water as much as I can.