Wednesday, September 21, 2005


One nite, I change my son b4 he go sleep and we usually have some talk while I changing him.

1+2mom : boy boy why you got ku ku jai (bird) and you’re mei mei dun have? *just wandering he know or not and what he will answer me* *bad mommy*
boy boy: got ..mei mei not yet grow big big.

1+2mom : mei mei where got ku ku jai?? Mei mei is gal dun have ku ku jai
Boy boy : got.. mei mei next time grow big big got ku ku jai like boy boy grow big big got.

1+2mom : hehe.
Boy boy : *suddenly he said* like gu gu (sister in law) got hair there next time boy boy grow big big also got hair. (they got take bath together like with me)

1+2mom : *ROFL* how you know?? Who teach you??
Boy boy : yes got na. *give me other answer*

Little Ladies

Wow such a long holidays ..hehe. I come back liao.

Update some of my twin’s photos.

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Got one day my upstairs bathroom basin drop off luckily after my kid’s bath it drop. We all need to bath at downstairs, and I’m very lazy to bring all the stuff to down stair so I just cover them with towel and bring them up. Izzit so cute they with this kind look???

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Haha they look very happy with this rite. “Daddy is a cow for us to rite..yippy”

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Thankz the ‘walls’ got this type of mini ice-cream so my kids wont eat too much.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Temporary stop blogging

To all blogger,

I'll temporary stop blogging till i settle my family problem, thankz for all your support.