Monday, October 15, 2007

A Ride to KLCC

This morning we brought the gals take a LRT to KLCC, this time my son didnt follow he said wanted to stay at home with his grandmum. After having our breakfast we went home change ourselves and park our car at opposite of Kelana Jaya station and off we go. This is another experience to ride another type of train.

The gals so excited and so happy, they keep on shouting when saw another train pass by our train. After we reached KLCC and have a walk around the shopping mall, we went to the park to take some photo.

Below are some of the photos we took today, they so happy when saw the fountain shoot so high.


Jacss said...

wow...lovely scraps & photos sylvia! good job! i must learn....

aiyo...aunty here also catch train to klcc everyday for boring for aunty edi..hehehe !!

jazzmint said...

that's a lot of scrap u did...very nice!!

yenlin said...

your gals got really loooong hair huh!? @@

chanelwong said...

your girls have long nice hair..not easy for you to maintain but nice...

Anggie's journel said...

heh, i like those wondeful scrap u did, nice, ur girl really sweet with that long hair, nextime if i had a girl, i will keep her hair long too .:)

1+2mom said...

but..but.. this is their first time ride LRT wor.

If got chance i go teach you ar.

i have so much want to learn from you. I like your scrap so much.

i like gal keep long hair, so not really bring them go cut their hair so often. I think i can count with my finger that they very less cut hair.

oklar, not so hard to maintain and they like to tie their hair with so many pattern. My Mother In Law keep on call me go cut their hair short but i push it to 1+2dad that he wanted his daughter keep long hair..kekeke.

anggie's journel,
why suddently so many ppl aim my gal hair ar?? Actually that day not so hot so i didnt tie their hair..haha..they do have a nice hair and i so envy them. Sometime i ask them can give mommy ar??muahaha.

mama bok said...

Nice pictures of the twins.. :)

yeoumai said...

i like your girls smile, very sweet. They look like u now.

1+2mom said...

mama bok,

hehe..most of the ppl also said they look like me :)