Thursday, October 25, 2007


Last time I haven’t married I think of having twins quite fun, specially if the 1st pregnancy can get 1 boy and 1 girl so I can ‘close shop’ early. Now when I already had twins daughters, it make me feel like are they really like another person look like her that live in this world? I’m scare 1 day they will ask me why they look alike but their brother or most of the people no. How I’m goanna answer? Is it just telling her that the god gave?

Just now watched a Taiwan show that an elder twins sister blame mother why she gave birth the other sister that look like her and she hate her twin’s sister very much. At the end, we found out that the mother chooses love between them and always makes compare between them so that the other twins feel hurt and hate her.

I hope this wont happened to me. I always ask what happened when incident happened, if both of them wrong I’ll punish together as well as my son. Now the kor kor will call me when both of the sister done wrong and ask me to punish them. If I didn’t do it, I scare my son will punish himself by beating his sister hand (actually he follow what we did..aiks).


chanelwong said...

I don't think it will happen to your worries...

Jacss said...

sylvia: so sad to hear the stories abt the taiwanese twins!

but dun worry too much, i'm sure sensitive mom would handle twins with care like you & me!!

as for the questions, you just have to let them know they are twins & the process of growing up together in d stomach & so on.... they will love each other more hopefully !!!

yenlin said...

quote jacss "...i'm sure sensitive mom would handle twins with care like you & me!! ..."

AND ME! :-)

jazzmint said...

don't think will happen to you, especially now they are so loving :).

1+2mom said...

i hope they dun when they grow up.

jacss, yenlin,
yea..i agree with both of you.

i try to let them love each other from young. Not only to brother & sister but to all of us.

mama bok said...

No lah..! donch be silly.. ! your gals wouldn't be this way lah..!