Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Rehearsal & Swimming

This morning our school went to Civic Hall for next week concert rehearsal. We depart from school at about 8.45am with 2 buses and when we reached there the other 2 school also just reached.

When it my class turn (4 years old), some of them panic till forgot to change place. Hope that day they will shake more and wont forgot the step. I scared them will cry or panic when saw so many people down the stage. We back to school at about 12.00pm, and it was rainy day luckily the parents helps us to send the children from the bus into the school. It was a tiring day to handle the children (15 of them), was a big responsibility to look after them at outside.

Just now we brought the kids to 1+2dad uncle condo. swimming. At first, Carol very scared because last 2 weeks she drops into water and already had nightmare about it. This time I follow beside her with the pool ring (last time forgot to bring), she shaking and giggle there. She cry for hug her and holding her but I refuse to do it and just hold her hand (bad mommy, but need to give her back some confident to swim).

Later, 1+2dad uncle brought some snack and they eat in the water. Carol feels brave abit and start walking around the pool. Later she can takeoff the pool and walk by herself. Good girl and be brave girl.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket My class students when in the bus.

My sexy daughters with their sexy post.


jazzmint said...

wow it must have not been easy for u, so many kids and gotta jaga them :)

Jacss said...

i salute kindy teacher!! me sure faint looking after so many!!

btw, wah....yr girls damn sexy, don't spread the "electricity shock" so early lar !!!

chanelwong said...

you can handle soo many young kids ar...bravo to you...

1+2mom said...

haiz..bad news for me is there have a field trip coming nov for our school, somemore the whole school take part.

jacss, will be so much difference they show sexy for the little girl and when they grow up.

have to lor because i was a teacher.Somemore at home can handle 3 of them by myself i think the small group is ok for me.