Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Home Office Furniture

My hubby starts his own business few months ago, and his office located at home. Just because he has so many business documents and scare of the kids will lost his things, we decided to make a space for his furniture home office set.

Because of insufficient space at home so this L shaped desk with hutch is so much suitable for his home office use. This desk made of solid wood, the multi-functional Home Office and Bookcase Wall can let hubby put his document and some of my kid’s story book. It had 2 built in file cabinets and a pull out shelf for a laptop or keyboard. A very special design is the laptop plug-in ports are provided in desk’s top.

Beside that, we also help my sister in law to have a look for her bedroom furniture and the living room furniture. She will be moving in to her new house soon.

This is a sponsored post.